Appalachian Mountains
Proclamation the 1763 prohibited homesteaders from relocating west that the...

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Patrick HenryWho encouraged the residence of Burgesses come take action against the rubber stamp Act?
source the fundsThe king and Parliament regarded American nests as a...
Olive Branch PetitionThe colonists expressed your desire for peace in the...
Declaratory ActWhich act offered the British conference the ideal to tax and make decisions because that the nests "in all cases whatsoever?"
John AdamsGeorge Washington was chosen commander of the Continental army upon the recommendation of who?
propagandaColonial leaders offered the Boston Massacre killings together what?
Writ the AssistanceTo search a colonist's house, what did the British personalizeds officer present?
Sugar ActThe British federal government tried to stop smuggling v this "Act."
smugglersGeorge Grenville's very first action in the colonies was come take activity agains who?
Stamp ActWhat "Act" taxed practically all printed material in the colonies?
Thomas PaineI wrote "Common Sense."
Lexington and Concord"the shooting heard 'round the world" describes the actions of the minutement where?
PatriotsColonists who wanted to fight the British because that American independence.
Crispus AttucksVictim in the Boston Massacre.
William HoweRedcoat Leader
Committees of CorrespondenceUnited protesters protest to brothers rule.
Ethan AllenLeader of the eco-friendly Mountain Boys
Benjamin FranklinRan the 1st postoffice created by the 2nd Continental Congress.
Paul RevereShouted "The regulars are out!"
William PrescottPatriout Leader
LoyalistsColonists who did not consider unfair count a an excellent reason to rebel.
George IIIOpposed any compromise with the American colonies.
Abigail AdamsAdvocate the women's rights.
Sam AdamsGeorge Washington was favored commander the the Continental military upon the recommendation of who?
Intolerable ActsPrevented offers from gift shipped to Boston.

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Thomas JeffersonWrote the explanation of Independence.