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Shmuel is a fairly timid individual. He stays in constant fear of being beaten by the Nazi guards, and also he is skeptical to disobey your orders. He tells Bruno that if the guards see him sit by the fence, he"ll get in trouble. Shmuel mentions come Bruno that the Nazi...

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Shmuel is a fairly timid individual. He stays in continuous fear of gift beaten through the Nazi guards, and he is doubtful to disobey your orders. He tells Bruno that if the guards watch him sit by the fence, he"ll obtain in trouble. Shmuel mentions come Bruno the the Nazi safety are negative people and also tells him that Lieutenant Kotler scares him. When he is provided the task of washing shoot glasses in ~ Bruno"s house, Bruno uses him a piece of chicken. Shmuel is hesitant to accept the chicken since he fears Lieutenant Kotler will find out. Unfortunately, Kotler accuses Shmuel the stealing from the fridge and punishes him.

Shmuel can additionally be explained as melancholy. Bruno mentions the Shmuel frequently has a look of sorrow on his face and rarely smiles. Shmuel is defined as having actually "an massive pair of sad eyes," and also Bruno thinks that he has never checked out a skinnier or "sadder boy" in his life (Boyne 107). On number of occasions, Shmuel describes difficult, dissatisfied situations, such as leaving Poland and also being bullied. That mentions to Bruno that he walk not gain living behind the fence and also wishes that he can leave.

Shmuel is also a forgiving individual. In chapter 15, Bruno lies come Lieutenant Kotler and also claims the he go not recognize Shmuel. Bruno additionally tells Kotler the he has never viewed Shmuel before in his life. Shmuel end up gift beaten through Kotler due to the fact that Bruno lied. After virtually a week passes by, Bruno finally sees Shmuel and also asks Shmuel if he will certainly forgive him.

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Shmuel conveniently tells Bruno the it is all right and also smiles to represent that he has actually forgiven Bruno.