What is the Income an introduction Account?

The income an introduction account is a short-lived account used to store revenue statement account balances, revenue and also expense accounts, throughout the close up door entry step of the accounting cycle. In other words, the income an overview account is simply a placeholder because that account balances at the end of the accounting duration while closeup of the door entries space being made.

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At the end of each bookkeeping period, all of the temporary accounts are closed. You can have heard civilization call this “closing the books.” short-term accounts favor income and expenses accounts save track the transactions for a specific duration and obtain closed or reset at the end of the period. This means each accounting duration starts v a zero balance in every the short-lived accounts, for this reason revenues and also expenses are only recorded for present years.

How come Close an Account into earnings Summary

There space two means to close momentary accounts. You can either close these accounts straight to the retained income account or near them come the income an overview account.

Closing short-term accounts come the income review account does take it an extra step, yet it also provides and also an audit trail reflecting the revenues, expenses, and net income for the year.

Once the temporary accounts room closed come the income an introduction account, the balances are organized there until final closing entries are made. This offers a valuable check for errors. Once all the short-lived accounts room closed, the balance in the income an introduction account need to be equal to the net earnings of the firm for the year.

Then the income review account is zeroed out and transfers the balance come the retained revenue (for corporations) or capital accounts (for partnerships). This move the earnings or loss indigenous an revenue statement account come a balance paper account. This is the just time the the income an overview account is used. Because that the rest of the year, the income an introduction account maintains a zero balance.


After Paul’s etc Shop prepares its closing entries, the income review account has actually a balance same to that is net earnings for the year. This balance is then transferred to the retained revenue account in a journal entry choose this.


After this entry is made, all momentary accounts, including the income review account, should have actually a zero balance.

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Now that Paul’s books are totally closed for the year, he deserve to prepare the post closeup of the door trial balance and reopen his books with reversing entries in the next actions of the accounting cycle.