Esri announced the publication of Cartography., a comprehensive, crisply design compendium the information about what constitutes great map design. Created by award-winning cartographer Kenneth Field, Cartography. Is a concise, beautifully depicted reference guide to map architecture rather 보다 a linear tutorial top top mapmaking or a deep-dive discourse on underlying theory. The publication grounds reader in the science and also art of cartography and also features an ext than 250 topics extending cartographic concepts and practices. Readers will certainly learn about traditional topographic and also thematic cartography, digital mapping, democratized mapping, fantasy mapping, and new mapping mediums.

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The publication includes maps and illustrations by Field and also his Esri partner Wesley Jones and also John Nelson, with additional contributions from dozens of academics and cartography practitioners. The cover art is a an option of maps the artist Angela Andorrer painted onto the palms of people’s hand while at an international Cartographic Conference in Europe. 

Field stated he largely wrote the book for world without an academic background in cartography however who are called upon to do maps as part of your jobs. This consists of many experts who work-related with geographical information system (GIS) modern technology on a day-to-day basis. His goal is to impart the principles, processes, techniques, and also best practices of cartography to help them author maps that connect information clearly, scientifically, and also artfully.

“Cartography doesn’t must be hard, and more than anything, this publication is about encouraging thought,” ar wrote in the book’s preface. “There’s lot of of what might be referred to as rules, yet these are just guidelines for cartography emerged from decades of practice and also people working out what works and why. Maps need to be objective and also have clinical rigor, however there’s lot of of scope because that creativity.” that is this thinking that is crucial to the approach of the book and also which cd driver smarter mapmaking.

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Field stop a phd in GIS and a bachelor the science degree in cartography and also geography. Prior to joining Esri 7 years back as a senior cartographic product engineer, he to be director the GIS courses at Kingston University and the university of Northampton in the united Kingdom. Cartography. Is a culmination of the knowledge gained from nearly 30 years’ research and work inside and outside the academia.

This mix of academic and commercial suffer gives ar a distinctive perspective on contemporary cartography—what works, what doesn’t work, and also what have the right to be shared to support everyone’s need for making good maps that inspire and, crucially, communicate. Cartography. Is educational and aspirational. The book’s foreword was penned by roger Anson, Field’s mentor and former head that cartography in ~ Oxford Brooks college in the joined Kingdom, who said Cartography. Should be compelled reading for cartography students and also anyone who requirements to do a map. “It’s no a traditional textbook. It’s a wonderful collection of all the Ken has actually learnt and also the thinking he’s occurred along his cartographic trip so far.”

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“This book is boldly intended as a one-stop shop because that cartography. It’s the book for aspiring mapmakers that can act as a guide and also a grounding in the ideas that support far better mapping,” ar said. “It’s likewise the handy referral for those an ext experienced, a reminder and a forward-thinking sage.” 

Cartography. Is obtainable in soft-cover (ISBN: 9781589484399, 576 pages, US$94.99) and in hardcover (ISBN: 9781589485020, 576 pages, US$129.99). Both editions can be derived from many online retailers worldwide.