“Teach Me How to Dougie” is the initially single by the Cali Swag District… however even more importantly, this is the song that popularized the Dougie in the mainstream.The dance move is… Read More 

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They be choose "Smoove (what?) Can you teach me exactly how to Dougie?"You know why? Causage all the bitches love meAll I need is a beat that's super-bumpin'And for you, you, and you to earlier it up and dump itPlaced your arms out front, lean side-to-sideThey gonna be on you as soon as they watch you hit that Dougie, rightAin't nobody fuckin' through my bro from MorningsideHe go by Bubba and he hit that dance like thunderI ain't from Dallas however I D-Town boogieI display my moves off currently everybody tryna to execute meI leave the features and also all the women tryna to screw meNow you just do you and I'mma do meNiggas love to hate so they attempt to screw meBitches be stuck to me, I think they attempt to glue meI make the party shine bright as soon as it started boomin'This beat was bubblegum, so I had actually to chew itTeach me exactly how to Dougie, teach me-teach me just how to DougieAll my bitches love me, all my-all my bitches love meAll my bitches love me, you ain't fuckin' via my DougieThe name is Yung for them dudes who don't know meI understand I'm from the West but I have the right to teach you how to DougieI action up in the club and all these bitches bug meOn a nigga dancin' and also none recognize meI hear this crowd screamin' favor, aye obtain it BrodieSo I'm relocate my shoulders and I take it actual lowThey choose, how he execute thatHe deserve to Dougie on the flowAnd once that nigga stop they choose, Dougie some moI'm favor, a nigga kinda tired then I pass it to the broM-Bone, show these cats exactly how to perform thatDown South dance that we learned a lil' as well fastAnd lugged it to the hood and, acquired the entirety crew cash

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Teach me exactly how to Dougie, teach me-teach me how to DougieAll my bitches love me, all my-all my bitches love meAll my bitches love me, you ain't fuckin' with my DougieBack of the party, I don't really choose to boogieI'm just tryin' to acquire bent and meet a thick redboneShe do her Dougie and all them bitches hatin'But I'm about to escape via a bitch and head homeShe obtained her frifinish so it's a 2 guy andI run it, run it also if her legs longShe prefer, you hubbyI think she love meBut I adjust the topic and I execute my DougieCause I don't give a fuck, blow trees, get moneyMe, Smoove, Heff in the ago through Playboy bunniesWe gonna make em perform the Dougie in the middle of the bedAnd as soon as I asked for some head the bitch looked at me funnyDuh, bitch you can't tell me nothin'Starr made the beat, I simply took it out the ovenI simply see the Dougie once everybody clubbin'And I hate skinny jeans cause the burner store rubbin'