You’ve finally taken the plunge and also have gotten your dream piercing. The an excellent news is that the bulk of belly button piercings heal very well v no symptom as lengthy as you take treatment of lock in the first weeks and also months of your life.

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For many people, it will certainly take 3 to six months because that the belly switch piercing to heal every the way through, and for part people, that procedure can in reality take approximately a year.

Belly button Piercing Care

Caring for your brand-new piercing do not do it be too difficult. The hardest component of the process is trying come adhere to the clean schedule. Apart from that, things should be plain sailing once you get the hang of things.

Before you begin cleaning her piercing, you must use a Q-tip dipped in warmth water come cautiously remove any crust. A an excellent goal come shoot for cleaning your piercing is approximately two-to-four times a day. You should make certain you use a sea salt systems two the those times.

You can make that by mixing one-fourth teaspoon of sea salt into 8 ounces of cooled boiled water. The water doesn’t need to be every the method cooled – it can be heat still, simply make certain you deserve to touch the comfortably.


If you’d quite not make your very own solution, there space plenty that ready-made ones easily accessible on the market.

The ideal aftercare productI’ve personally supplied is theAfter Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. Not just is it vegan, yet it’s also fully alcohol and also additive-free. The systems works well on all skin types including perceptible skin, and also it comes in a generously-sized mist-spraying party for straightforward application. When using that from the an extremely start the the heal process, the spray help to to decrease healing times and aims to eliminate anylingering ache or soreness.

Sea salt helps heal wounds. Yet you shouldn’t take a saltwater bathtub in your tub because you can unknowingly present bacteria and also other undesirables into your wound from sit in a pool of water. Instead, there are going to be a the majority of showers in the near future.

What you’ll want to do instead of a bathtub to soak your wound is this. Placed some that the salt water into a Dixie cup or a small glass friend have. Bend over and also let your belly press completely against the rim of the glass. Do a seal versus your skin and press hard versus it as you lay down on a couch or a bed.

Let the water remain on your belly switch area for at least 10 minutes. You should do it once that first day. ~ that, aim for twice a work – when in the morning and also once in the evening before bed. The saltwater will help malfunction the crust the may type over the area that has been pierced. Plus, that a an excellent cleanser and also natural healer.

For the first month ~ you gain your belly button pierced, friend should proceed doing her saltwater rinses twice a day. Continue to select your wardrobe carefully. Any tight clothing that rub up against your piercing or pull and also tug in ~ it, will set your recovery back a bit.

A quick video guide to cleaning a brand-new piercing:

What no To Do

Don’t Play with Your Piercing

It’s tough for skin come heal once it is constantly being poked and prodded. The best thing you deserve to do to assist your navel cure is come let the be, even when you want to mess with it.

You should proceed to stop baths and also public swimming pools because that the first couple of months or so, simply to be on the safe side. Friend don’t want to introduce any kind of germs into your piercing after ~ you’ve been so careful up come this point.

Don’t Sleep On your Stomach

If you’ve always been a stomach sleeper, you’ll want to readjust your means for the next couple of months. Resting on your belly will placed too lot pressure top top your new piercing and also will reason unnecessary discomfort for you. Sleep on your side or back instead.

Stay far From Creams and Liquid Soap

While some well-meaning human being in your life could tell you to use hydrogen peroxide on your wound, girlfriend shouldn’t. It’s no necessary and it won’t help anyway. Hydrogen peroxide works to kill germs in a dirty wound, yet for a clean wound, it will only delay healing.

Some civilization may additionally tell friend to usage liquid anti-bacterial soap, however this isn’t a essential step. Fluid soap deserve to be too excessive for a piercing – remember, you have to gently clean it. Antibacterial soaps don’t only remove the bad bacteria her body come in contact with, however it likewise removes the good, beneficial bacteria the your human body needs.

Avoid Tanning

One an ext thing you should organize off on while her navel heals is tanning, especially tanning beds. You don’t desire to hazard overdoing it and also ending up v a peeling and also itchy sunburn ~ above your belly while you still healing from your new piercing.

Because the sun, lakes and also public pools must be avoided when you have actually a new belly button piercing, an ideal time to have your navel pierced is in the winter months.



It can be an overwhelming to recognize when things have taken a revolve for the worse with your piercing, specifically in the first few days. During this time, you’ll have some redness, swelling, and discharge in and also around her wound. It is to be expected.

It’s straightforward to get lugged away and also envision the worst-case scenario could be happening to you. After ~ all, most civilization fair yes, really well after your body piercing and don’t have any kind of complications if they very closely stick through the aftercare instructions. But how carry out you know when things have actually taken a revolve for the worse?

If friend touch her reddened skin and also it feels much hotter 보다 the neighboring skin, you might want to consider having a doctor take a look, together this can be a authorize of infection. Other potential indications of infection incorporate a farming amount of discharge the smells poor or starts to adjust from clean to eco-friendly or yellow, raising levels of pain, and flu-like symptoms.

If you notice any of this changes, head come a doctor as shortly as possible. It’s constantly best to record infections as quickly as you can. If friend don’t, you riskpermanent scarring roughly the piercing, or even worse.

Belly switch piercing rejectionis additionally a possibility, so be careful and also be top top the lookout because that this concern throughout the heal process, too.

When have the right to I avoid Cleaning mine Piercing?

After around a month of clean your brand-new belly switch piercing at the very least two-to-four time a day, you deserve to stop doing the if things seem to it is in going well. If you’ve had actually complications, you might want to save doing the for an additional week or two.

When have the right to I eliminate My Jewelry?

To determine if you’re ready to readjust out her jewelry, try to move the jewelry you already have in. Wiggle and also slide it around. Walk your ship hurt? Does that still feel sore or tender? If that does, friend aren’t prepared yet.

You have to leave your body jewelry in for about 4 months prior to you consider transforming it, and it can take longer than that if you nothing take good care that it. Ensure you knowhow to readjust your belly switch jewelry correctly, too.


It have the right to be difficult to it is in patient during the lengthy recovery times, however making certain you don’t reduced corners top top your care is important. Preventing complications is worth the few minutes a work you’ll dedicate to cleaning and also rinsing her piercing.

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The time will certainly go how amazing quickly, and also it i will not ~ be long prior to you’re out and about showing turn off your brand-new belly switch jewelry.