Coming off a unstable year, Taco Bell is ditching its old “Think exterior the Bun” motto for a brand-new slogan: Live Mas.

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The Irvine chain to plan to make a huge show out of the switch, starting with a television advertisement airing throughout NBA All-Star occasions this weekend.

Mas is Spanish for “more,” emphasizing food together an experience rather of fuel, according to the company.

The Mexican-style restaurant chain’s revamp is part of an ongoing effort to recapture customers.

critical year, a sue — at some point dropped — end the contents of the chain’s jar beef pour it until it is full hurt sales. And also earlier this month, the agency was attached to a multi-state salmonella outbreak that emerged in the fall.

In enhancement to the brand-new slogan, Taco Bell has actually launched a string of initiatives. The chain newly debuted a an initial Meal breakfast lineup, and also it started testing a an ext health-conscious Cantina Bell menu, which might position Taco Bell together a stronger competitor to newer Mexican chain such together Chipotle.

In early March, Taco Bell will start offering its Doritos Locos tacos — made with the renowned snack chips.

The chain, owned by Yum brands Inc., is much from alone in going v marketing changes.

citizens King freshly dethroned that is eccentric King mascot and replaced the with pictures of fresh produce and also sizzling meat.

McDonald’s Ronald McDonald clown has actually been missing from ads because that a while as the chain lugged its farm and ranch service providers to the fore.


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