When her Swiss military watch demands quality care and also repair, us are right here to administer it. Our process makes it basic to place your order, for this reason you deserve to mail your watch to our authorized watchmakers.

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An Easy, digital Mail-In procedure for Swiss army Watch Repair

Our procedure makes it basic for our customers to gain the skilled Swiss military watch repair they need. Our system offers shipping and also contact info, for this reason you have the right to print your packing slip, choose the ideal insurance for your Victorinox, then load your repair. Girlfriend can also arrange because that USPS courier pick up if you don’t desire to leave your home. We incorporate tracking for transparency and also peace that mind.

Common Victorinox clock Repair Services

We repair all species of Victorinox Timepieces

Men’s and Women’s Watches, service watches, Divemaster, Pilot, Mechanical, Chronographs, Infantry, Airboss, I.N.O.X., Aeronautical watches, we have the expertise to service and repair lock all.


Your neighborhood shop might already be using united state for Swiss military watch repair. My Jewelry repair performs over 500,000 repair annually, and our numbers grow every year. Restoring memories is our motto and we have developed our business approximately making that happen.

Access to actual Swiss military Parts

We have a professional Parts Sourcing Team in place with the sole objective of detect accurate and also Genuine parts. Since of our long history within the industry, we have actually been given access to Victorinox parts straight native the manufacturer.

No Stranger to Switzerland

My jewelry Repair sends out its certified watch technicians overseas for training in Switzerland because that WOSTEP (Watchmakers the Switzerland Training and Educational Program) certification. Outside of simply the Swiss certifications, us constantly recruit and further train our watchmakers for this reason they remain ready for anything.

Our team of knowledgeable Watchmakers have numerous Certifications, including:


In 1989 Victorinox gone into the timepiece organization in the United says under the brand surname Swiss Army; ever due to the fact that they’ve been associated with precision and a particular rugged elegance.

Victorinox is a watch the promises:Wear-resistant mechanisms -- fabricated rubies are provided in the watch movement, which stays clear of what renders your watch tick from put on down.Signature scratch-proof -- Crystal-coated, hardened to at least 2x the sector standard (450 Vickers come Victorinox hardened mineral crystals which price at 900 through sapphire crystals that rate at 1,200).Trusted accuracy -- Victorinox actually manufactures their very own movements, i beg your pardon is why they put a stamp on your line that watches and also their ability to tell time.

The prominence of precision engineering and also ultimate clarity during life’s adventures is a part of Swiss Army, and also we’ll assist you save yours ticking faithfully because that years come come in ~ ubraintv-jp.com. Think of us as soon as you need routine Swiss military watch maintenance or finish overhauls.

What If My watch Is still Under the Manufacturer"s Warranty?" >What If My clock Is tho Under the Manufacturer"s Warranty?

If your item has actually a warranty indigenous Victorinox Swiss Army, you re welcome enclose a legible original or star chep of your Proof that Purchase, together with any various other pertinent documenation listed by the manufacturer. We will certainly take it from there!

How lot Does Victorinox Swiss military Watch repair Cost?" >How much Does Victorinox Swiss military Watch fix Cost?
the all depends on what her watch needs. A Battery replacement by itself is pretty simple. However something favor a crystal replacement can acquire a little complex depending if it"s cracked, or shattered and glass fragments have damaged the movement. Because that a expense breakdown, please visit our Pricing List.

Watch fix Pricing

Pricing chart for costs linked with some usual watch fix services. Pricing may vary for specific brands, deluxe and/or vintage watches.ServicePrice
Battery instead of (includes push test)$39.99
Leather tape Repair/Replacement$49.99
Crystal Replacement$59.99
Stem & Crown$69.99
Movement Clean & review - Quartz$129.99
Movement Clean & review - Mechanical$249.99
See Full: Pricing List

"Where have the right to I discover Swiss army Watch Repair close to Me?"" >"Where can I uncover Swiss military Watch Repair near Me?"
with ubraintv-jp.com... Anywhere!

When you discover your self asking whereby to go, you"ll it is in glad to understand we can provide services from almost everywhere in the country! We have locations on both coasts and offer complimentary standard shipping - also from Alaska and also Hawaii.

From brand-new York come Los Angeles, Cincinatti to Houston, our services are not restricted by location. We deserve to serve you all over in the United claims with free Standard Shipping. Definition you can gain the highest quality in clock repair without restrictions.

This will count on the sort of watch repair company you will need. A an easy battery replacement can be processed by our Certified Watchmakers under a week. A swiss motion overhaul ~ above the other hand can be very variable, and is subject to accessibility of parts.

For a more complete breakdown, you re welcome visit: typical Repair Timelines

Our Commitment come Quality

My Jewelry fix has established a culture based on the desire to carry out the highest possible caliber jewelry and also watch repair possible for our partners and also customers, alike. Through experience, innovation, and also a clear focus placed on improving every day, we will continue to perform what we perform best, Restoring Memories.

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To learn much more about our history, you re welcome visit our around Us page.

GET STARTEDFor information on just how we store your item safe and also protected, you re welcome visit: Security