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AnonymousClay from Henagar, both nirvana and also stp room awesome bands, and also kurt"s lyrics space deeper 보다 the seaLink from West VirginiaUsed in the crow movie too.Desiree native Kentuckyseen and also old SNL present from method back in 1993 ..Stp.guest..we all were therefore young..RIPCaleb indigenous Kansas City KansasI constantly thought the song was about a guy who to be betrayed by someone he love (probably girl friend or wife) and also his/their friends that tries come cope v it.Chad indigenous Austin, TxThis is a great song and also it"s about a shoplifter under home arrest. He"s trying to stop and also looking for assist anywhere the can. His old lady thinks he"s a creep. Robert is the one with the gun.Clay from Henagar, AlGreat tune by stp yet it pisses me off since everybody points this track is through nirvana. Curt Kobain never ever wrote anything this nice or through such meaning.Kenne native Phoenix, AzThis track was in reality released in 1992, but wasn"t released as a solitary until 1993.Epiphany indigenous Rp, IlThis is a an excellent song the will always be a an excellent part the grunge,or "Generation X". Ns love STP. :)see much more comments
AbracadabraSteve Miller band

"Abracadabra" was inspired by Diana Ross and also The Supremes. Steve Miller very first met the girl group when lock performed with each other on NBC"s Hullabaloo in 1966, and also he composed the lyrics after spotting Diana Ross skiing in the hills years later.

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new York, new YorkFrank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was 64 as soon as he had actually his critical hit: "New York, brand-new York." The tune pegged that to new York City, leaving las Vegas to Elvis.

Wild ThingTone-Loc

Tone-Loc"s "Wild Thing" samples Eddie van Halen"s guitar riff from "Jaime"s Cryin"."

No an ext DramaMary J. Blige

The mary J. Blige tune "No more Drama" samples the design template to the as necessary dramatic soap opera The Young and The Restless.

KashmirLed Zeppelin

"Kashmir" is the only Led Zeppelin tune to use external musicians, together it essential strings and horns.

only The great Die YoungBilly Joel

"Virginia" in "Only The an excellent Die Young" is called after a actual girl Billy Joel was trying to impress.

director Wes Edwards ("Drunk top top a Plane")Song composing

Wes Edwards takes us behind the scenes of videos that shot because that Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and also Chase Bryant. The train was real - the aircraft was not.

Al KooperSongwriter Interviews

Kooper produced Lynyrd Skynyrd, played with Dylan and the Stones, and formed BS&T.

Michael W. SmithSongwriter Interviews

Smith division down some of his praise tracks and his tendency hits, consisting of "I will certainly Be right here For You" and also "A place In This World."

coin Ford the Snap!Songwriter Interviews

The initial voice the Snap! this story is filled through angry drag queens, video clip impersonators and also Chaka Khan.

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SugarlandSongwriter Interviews

Meet the "sassy basket" through the best voice in nation music.

Amy GrantSongwriter Interviews

The top modern Christian artist of every time on tune inspirations and also what she learned from Johnny Carson.