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Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed II is one action-adventure game developed and also published by LucasArts in 2010. You take on the duty of the clone Starkiller, Darth Vader"s secret apprentice, together he searches for hints to his identity and seeks come reunite v his one true love, Juno Eclipse. Taking on the realm is never ever easy, however we"re below to help. The complying with cheat codes and achievements are accessible for the Xbox 360 console.


This overview is particularly for Star Wars: The force Unleashed II ~ above Xbox 360. A PS3 guide is likewise available.

Star Wars: The force Unleashed II Xbox 360 Cheat password

To enter the listed below cheats in-game, go to Options > Cheat Codes.

Cheat CodeEffect
MANDALOREUnlocks Boba Fett costume.
VENTRESSUnlocks Dark Apprentice costume.
LIBOUnlocks Dark eco-friendly Lightsaber decision (Healing).
NOMIUnlocks speculative Jedi Armor costume.
MAREKUnlocks force Repulse.
RAHMUnlocks basic Kota costume.
AJP400Unlocks run Trooper costume.
TRAYAUnlocks Lightsaber Throw.
YARAELUnlocks Mindtrick.
GUNRAYUnlocks Nemoidian costume.
SPECFORCEUnlocks Rebel Commando costume.
REBELSCUMUnlocks Rebel Trooper costume.
MORGUKAIUnlocks Saber safety costume.
HARPERUnlocks scout Trooper costume.
HAAZENUnlocks Sith Acolyte costume.
HOLODROIDUnlocks Sith maintain Droid costume.
TK421Unlocks Stormtrooper costume.
SHADOWUnlocks Terror Trooper costume.
SOLARIUnlocks White Lightsaber decision (Wisdom).

Star Wars: The force Unleashed II Xbox 360 success

You can earn the following success in Star Wars: The pressure Unleashed II on the Xbox 360.

"No match for a an excellent blaster..."Kill 10 enemies using the turbolasers on the Kamino Drill Grounds.10
A measure up of MercyComplete the game and choose the Light side ending.20
AmplifiedKill 10 adversaries with the lightning towers.10
ArachnophobiaDestroy 200 Terror Spider Droids.20
Awww Yeah…Perform every combat relocate in the video game (excluding combos that call for Rank 3 Saber).30
Betrayed through RageComplete the game and choose the Dark side ending.20
Break the BankSmash increase 10 game machines.10
Bring under the GiantDefeat the Gorog.20
ChallengerComplete one an obstacle and obtain at the very least a copper medal.10
ChampionComplete the first 10 challenges with at least a yellow medal in each.30
CompetitorGet a silver medal on any five challenges.20
Crack the SkyDestroy the Star Destroyer.20
Droid RageControl the Terror Walker and also destroy every the Terror Biodroids.10
Enjoy The pilgrimage See You next FallCause 50 enemies to autumn to your deaths.10
Escape indigenous KaminoEscape Kamino in Vader's TIE Advanced.20
Fully ChargedUse an entire bar of pressure power on a Lightning attack.10
Hat TrickGet a gold medal on any three challenges.30
Holocron HunterFind every holocron.40
Imperial PainballThrow 10 opponents into the Kamino generators.10
It Burns!Disintegrate 15 enemies by throwing them into red pressure fields.20
Jedi Bomb SquadRemove every one of the Terror Spider Bombs on the Salvation.10
Jedi grand MasterComplete the video game on Unleashed difficulty.50
Jedi KnightComplete the game on medium difficulty.50
Jedi MasterComplete the video game on tough difficulty.50
KamfettiKill five adversaries with the fans on Kamino.10
Lucky StreakDefeat 300 consecutive enemies without dying.20
Master of DisasterBreak all of the coolant tanks plank the Salvation without dying.10
Maxed OutUpgrade all pressure Powers to rank 3.30
Meeting that the JediReunite through Kota.20
PadawanComplete the video game on easy difficulty.50
Passive AggressiveParry and counter 10 melee attacks.20
Pied PiperEntice 10 Stormtroopers come leap to their deaths v Mind Trick.20
PlatinumGet a Platinum medal on any challenge.30
Poor BobForce grip a stormtrooper, impale him, zap him through lightning, then throw him right into an object.10
Return come SenderKill an AT-MP by gripping its own missiles and throwing castle back.20
RookieComplete the first 10 challenges with at the very least a bronze medal in each.30
ShatteredShatter 10 opponents frozen in carbonite.10
Sky KillerDestroy 15 TIE Fighters.20
SpecialistUpgrade one power to rank 3.10
Stakross Medal the ExcellenceDestroy 12 lightning pylons on the Kamino dive.10
Stay ~ above Target…Get to the fall Gorog there is no crashing into any debris.10
Strike!Kill three opponents with a single "bowling'"ball.10
The ExterminatorDefeat the Terror Walker.20
The Nemesis in FlamesDestroy the Gunship.20
To the Face!Reflect 20 missiles earlier at AT-MPs.20
Top that the WorldReach the optimal of the Spire there is no falling once.10
UnleashedActivate force Fury 10 times.10
Up, Up and also AwayOverload 20 Jumptrooper jet packs.20
Use the Force, LukeComplete any type of combat level using only force Powers.

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ValetUse Vader's TIE progressed to ruin the AT-MP.10