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Cheat Mode
Select "Options" at the key menu, then the "Enter Code" option. Go into one the the complying with codes come activate the matching cheat function.SPEEDER - 1,000,000 force Points.VERGENCE - Infinite force powers.COUNTDOOKU - all combos maxed.KATARN - All pressure Powers Unlocked and Maxed.LIGHTSABER - magnified Damage.COOSIS - sponsor the Apprentice invincibility.EXARKUN - Maximum pressure Push (this code disables saves and also may block part unlockables!)MANDALORE - Unlock general Rahm Kota.LEGION - Unlock 501st Legion Clone Trooper.SECURA - Unlock Aalya Secura.AAYLA - Unlock Aalya Secura.ITSATWAP - Unlock Admiral Ackbar.GRANDMOFF - Unlock all costumes.TYRANUS - Unlock all pressure powers.CHOSENONE - Unlock Anakin Skywalker.ACOLYTE - Unlock Asajj Ventress.NOTIMO - Unlock Chop"aa Notimo.TK421 - Unlock classic Stormtrooper.SERENNO - Unlock count Dooku.PAUAN - Unlock Darth Desolus.ZABRAK - Unlock Darth Maul.HIDDENFEAR - Unlock Darth Phobos.SITHLORD - Unlock Darth Vader.DREXLROOSH - Unlock Drexl Roosh.COOSIS - Unlock God mode.SHOCKTROOP - Unlock hefty Trooper.ECLIPSE - Unlock Juno Eclipse.KLEEF - Unlock Kleef.SCOUNDREL - Unlock Lando Calrissian.T16WOMPRAT - Unlock Luke Skywalker.YELLOWJACKT - Unlock Luke Skywalker (Yavin).JEDIMASTER - Unlock Mace Windu.MARAJADE - Unlock Mara Jade.MARISBROOD - Unlock Maris Brood.STORMTROOP - Unlock marine Stormtrooper.BENKENOBI - Unlock Obi-Wan Kenobi.PALPATINE - Unlock Palpatine.HOLOGRAM - Unlock PROXY.MAVERICK - Unlock Qui-Gon Jinn.TOGRUTA - Unlock Shaak Ti.INTHEDARK - Unlock ShadowtrooperDANTOOINE - Unlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes.HOLOCRON - Unlock Jedi Adventure Robes.WOOKIEE - Unlock Kento"s Robes.KORRIBAN - Unlock the Sith Stalker Armor.

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Complete every of the following accomplishments below to get the allotted gamerscore:Apprentice (75) - finish Game in ~ Apprentice difficulty.Sith Warrior (100) - complete Game at Sith Warrior difficulty.Sith lord (100) - complete Game in ~ Sith mr difficulty.Sith grasp (100) - finish Game at Sith understand difficulty.Pushed (5) - loss 100 enemies with pressure Push.Launched (20) - defeat 100 opponents with Aerial Ambush juggle combos.Repulsed (5) - loss 100 adversaries with pressure Repulse.Impaled (5) - defeat 100 enemies with Saber Throw.Stormed (5) - loss 100 adversaries with Lightning Shield.Gripped (5) - loss 100 adversaries with force Grip.Shocked (5) - defeat 100 enemies with pressure Lightning.Grappled (15) - defeat 100 enemies with a grapple move.Bully (15) - defeat 25 Ugnaughts or Jawas.PROXY Won"t be Happy (15) - destroy 35 droids.Rebel Leader (15) - loss 500 Imperials.Bossk (15) - defeat 200 Wookiees ~ above Kashyyyk Prologue.Skilled (5) - earn 250,000 pressure Points top top a single level.Expert (10) - knife 500,000 force Points on a solitary level.Legend (25) - earn 600,000 pressure Points ~ above a single level.Frenzy (5) - obtain a Frenzy x4 bonus.Sith Frenzy (10) - gain a Frenzy x8 bonus.Sith mr Frenzy (15) - obtain a Frenzy x12 bonus.Holocron Collector (75) - collection all Jedi holocrons in the game.Corellian Star (10) - complete all bonus objectives on one level.Force Lightning Mastery (20) - defeat 500 opponents with force Lightning.Force fixed Mastery (20) - defeat 500 enemies with pressure Grip.Force press Mastery (20) - loss 500 enemies with force Push.Force Repulse Mastery (20) - defeat 500 opponents with Repulse.The more difficult They autumn (15) - defeat 10 AT-STs or AT-KTs.Lightsaber litter Mastery (20) - loss 500 adversaries with Saber Throw.Lightning Shield Mastery (20) - defeat 500 adversaries with Lightning Shield.The larger They room (15) - loss 6 Rancors.Cannon Fodder (15) - defeat 150 Stormtroopers.Sith maintain (20) - finish all training Room lessons.Sith Trials (20) - complete all maintain Room challenges and Combat Modules.Additionally there room twelve mystery achievements.Invasion (10) - complete Level - Prologue.Insurrection (10) - complete Level - TIE Factory, action 1.Junkyard (10) - finish Level - Raxus Prime, action 1.Jedi hunting (10) - finish Level - Felucia, act 1.Empirical (10) - finish Level - Empirical, plot 2.Vapor Room (10) - finish Level - Cloud City, plot 2.Skyhook (10) - complete Level - Kashyyyk, plot 2.Infestation (10) - finish Level - Felucia, act 2.Destroyer (10) - complete Level - Raxus Prime, act 2.Redemption (20) - complete Game: irradiate Side.Revenge (20) - complete Game: Dark Side.Worst Day-Shift Manager ever (10) - death 12 Stormtroopers as Vader during the Prologue.TIE Fighter Factory: Clone Trooper helmetWhen you reach the suggest in the factory where the TIE Fighters assault you, over there are steel beams you deserve to bend. Bending the critical one backward and make it a type of step. Jump on the bent part and climate again. Look in ~ the roof that the hallway and also jump there. Over there is a clone trooper helmet on the ground.Unlock Sith mr DifficultySuccessfully finish the game.Unlock Jedi RobeSuccessfully complete the video game with the Jedi ending.Raxis Prime: covert X-WingAfter friend have electrical bombed the initial entrance to the Hyperdrive Core three times, stand encountering away native the entrance and walk come the best slightly. Look into the toxic waster sludge and you will immediately target something. Raise it up with force Grip to view that that is one X-Wing.TIE Fighter Factory: Clone Trooper HelmetWhen you reach the allude in the manufacturing facility where the TIE Fighters attack you, over there are steel beams you have the right to bend. Bend the critical one backward and make that a kind of step. Jump on the bent part and climate again. Look in ~ the roof of the hallway and also jump there. There is a clone trooper helmet ~ above the ground.Lightning GrenadeGrip an enemy, then shock lock with pressure Lightning. Then, force Throw them at various other enemies. The enemy will explode, death all surrounding foes v minimal force Power consumed.Easy force PointsReach a checkpoint that is just before a huge group the enemies. Intentionally die throughout the battle. Every time girlfriend respawn at the checkpoint, her Force allude total will remain intact. Repeat the fight to build your Force suggest total.Lightsaber decision LocationsTIE building and construction YardYellow crystalDamage crystalRaxxus PrimeCompressed red crystalGold crystalCompressed yellow crystalFirkrann strength crystalFeluciaUnstable red crystalCompressed yellow crystalEmpirical LabBlue crystalLorrdian crystalCloud CityUnstable orange crystalRuusan power crystalUnstable yellow crystalKashyyykCompressed blue crystalPurple crystalImperial FeluciaGreen crystalCompressed violet crystalVexxtal crystalUnstable blue crystalImperial Raxxus PrimeSigil power crystalCompressed green crystalUnstable purple crystalDeath StarUnstable environment-friendly crystalKatak power crystalBlack crystalCostume LocationsRaxxus PrimeSith robe costumeKashyyykKento"s robesLightsaber MovesBlock - press .Throw - hold and also press .Lightsaber Lock - press repeatedly.Grapple MovesGrapple 1 - press + .Grapple 2 - push + .Force MovesForce Lightning - press .Force press - press .Force grip - press .Move Gripped thing - press Left Analog-stick and also Right Analog-stick.Impale Gripped foe - hold and press .Zap Gripped enemy - organize and also press .Force litter - hold , relocate object towards target, then release.Counter pressure Grip - push repeatedly.Force Lock - press to enhance onscreen command.Force Repulse - organize and press .Force Shield - organize and press .Force CombosSith Shien - push x4.Sith Saber Flurry - press , pause then push , stop then press , pause then push .Dashing slash - press , .Leaping slash 1 - press , .Leaping cut 2 - press , x2.Leaping cut 3 - press , x3.Leaping slash 4 - press , x4.Leaping Slam 1 - press , then organize .Leaping Slam 2 - press , , then organize .Leaping Slam 3 - press , x2, then hold .Leaping Slam 4 - press , x3, then hold .Saber Blast - press , .Cannonball - push , .Lightning Grenade - press , .Aerial win - hold then press , .Saber Sling - push x2, .Dashing Blast - press , .Sith strike - press , .Sith cut - push , x2.Sith Saber quit 1 - push x2, .Sith Saber smash 2 - push x2, x2.Sith Saber quit 3 - press , , , .Sith Saber quit 4 - push x3, .Lightning Bomb - press , .Dashing Shock - press , .Saber Slam - push x3, .Aerial Ambush - press x3, then hold .Aerial assault 1 - press x3, then hold and press .Aerial assault 2 - press x3, then hold and press x2.Aerial Blast 1 - push x3, organize , then release and press again.Aerial Blast 2 - push x3, hold , climate release and press , .Aerial Shock 1 - press x3, then hold and also press .Aerial Shock 2 - press x3, then hold and press , .Defeating Darth VaderFor the an initial part that this battle, use pressure Repulse or pressure Shield v lightsaber attacks to take it him down. Once he runs into the room with hot red floors, pull an object off indigenous the wall surface and fight him with it before he access time you. After that is hit, pressure Dash over to where he is and get some easy assaults on him. When he jumps on come the platform through you, use pressure Repulse or pressure Shield and also perhaps some pressure Lightning. Shot to block as much as possible; if he hits you that will carry out quite a bit of damage. As soon as he is just about dead, press to start the switch sequence. After ~ a brief intermission succession you will have actually to battle him again, this time without his helmet. This fight is really easy. Simply make sure you stay out of the air. He will shot to use force Grip on friend if you room in the air and also he is not stunned. Use pressure Dash to get away indigenous him and also use pressure Repulse to rest his block. Acquire a couple hits in and also he will certainly not stand a chance. It will only take a couple of Force Repulses to take him out, even under the Sith Master challenge setting. Carry out the switch sequence to loss him.Defeating Maris BroodMake certain that you have your pressure Shield up to level 1 or 2 prior to the fight with Maris starts (depending ~ above the difficulty). Once Maris i do not care invisible, fee up your pressure Shield. If it is in ~ level 2, the arcs that lightning will display where she is. Friend can assault her while the electrical energy has her stunned. If the is no at level 2, try to randomly strike when she is invisible or use the pressure Shield while she is still visible to get easy hits on her.Unlock Sith understand DifficultyComplete the game once.