Don’t usually write-up on Make the efforts posting this in r/starwars but underestimated how easily it would die in new so assumed this would be an ext appropriate.

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I’ve made the so TFU2 is set after the Vader vs Ashoka fight. Vader realises how powerful his previous apprentice had come to be which resparks the idea in his head that ‘If I could train an apprentice properly, I can still use them to overthrow the emperor’. However, the doesn’t want to begin from scratch. He wants to choose up whereby he left off with Starkiller so he thinks ago to the Clone Wars. The clones to be an army programmed to do everything the Jedi, and also eventually Palpatine, wanted. What if he could create a Sith programmed to follow his every order yet this time without the emotional attachments that led to Starkiller to turn in the an initial place.

He also knows that he won’t have the ability to create a clone manufacturing facility of Sith assassins there is no The Emperor finding out, so believe it or not, he goes come him because that his blessing and also tries to basically bullshit his way into this plan. Now Palpatine instantly sees v Vader’s plan. He to know Vader is make the efforts to kill him again. However, he’s likewise intrigued v Vader’s experiment. If Vader can effectively clone a force user, then maybe there’s a opportunity that Palpatine could even clone himself sooner or later if he were to ever meet his untimely demise (boom. Tieing in TFU with TROS).

So the experiments begin... And also of course TFU2 happens and we discover the story of a clone unable to do rogue. So stop skip come the finish of that.

The clone is around to win Vader down however is then struck down by Vader’s brand-new apprentice. His successful creation. Despite the visions Starkiller had seen on Dagobah around how he necessary to uncover Juno, it has only brought about his demise. Starkiller had currently played his part in the galaxy of sparking the very an initial begginings the the rebellion. The force no longer needed the so it essential to sacrifice that in the search of balance.

So Vader appoints his Starkiller as the brand-new Grand Inquisitor (the previous one had been beat by Kanan and Ezra at this point) and is sent out to hunt under the remaining Jedi of the galaxy. Due to the galaxy not being mindful of the cloning experiments, Vader has actually successfully damaged the legacy that Starkiller had once left behind. World no longer see him together a rebel hero but now as a Sith that betrayed the rebellion to offer as a slave to the empire.

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Extra: I chose to go v the Dark ending of TFU2 since it leaves us v less loose ends the the an excellent ending provided us. I favored the idea that Starkiller’s story gift a tragic one as Star wars is a story filled v plenty of that but that only makes Vader’s redemption even much more satisfactory. I likewise like the idea the the Sith Clone would at some point go on to confront Ahsoka in one apprentice v apprentice battle which Starkiller would undoubtedly lose however those are principles I’m still trying out when it involves headcanon. That’s among my favourite things around Star Wars. There’s for this reason much different material that it truly is down to girlfriend what you believe is to be canon or not. The Star battles Story have the right to be whatever you desire it to be.