The square root of 3 is expressed as √3 in the radical kind and together (3)½ or (3)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 3 rounded as much as 7 decimal places is 1.7320508. That is the confident solution of the equation x2 = 3.

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What is the Square source of 3?

The square root of a number is a number which as soon as multiplied by itself, results in the original number. For example, the square root of 25 is 5, as 5 time 5 results in 25. However, you can also have square roots of part numbers that do not result in totality numbers, such together 3. We have the right to express the square source of 3 in different ways

Decimal form: 1.732.Radical form: √3Exponent form: 31/2

Is the Square source of 3 reasonable or Irrational?

Looking at the decimal type of the root 3, we view that it is never-ending -√3 = 1.732050807…….Therefore, we have the right to conclude the Square source of 3 is Irrational

How to uncover the Square root of 3?

Since us concluded that the square source of 3 is non-terminating, we deserve to only use the long-division method to calculate its value.

Step 1: come begin, we create 3 as 3.000000 and also group the 0s ~ the decimal point in bag of 2 indigenous left to ideal as shown below. (for number to the left the the decimal point, pair castle from ideal to left)Step 2: Think the a number which once multiplied with itself, is much less than or equal to 3. In this case, that number would be 1.Step 3: splitting by 3 by 1 through quotient set as 1, we acquire a remainder of 2.Step 4:Drag a pair the 0’s down and fill it alongside 2to do the dividend 200.Step 5: The divisor i beg your pardon is 1 hereis added with itself and also written below. Now, we have actually 2X as the new divisor, and also we need to uncover a value of X that makes the product that 2X × X much less than or same to 200. In this case, 27 is the required valueStep 6: The number 7 is placed in the quotient after ~ a decimal place. The new divisor for the next division will be 2X + X, i beg your pardon is34 in this case.Proceeding in the very same manner and repeating from step 4, we deserve to calculate the rest of the decimals.


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Important Notes

The genuine roots the √3 room ± 1.732.

Challenging Questions

Find the worth of √√3.What is the side length of a square v an area that 10? (Hint: usage long division method)Determine the square source of 33.

Solved Examples

Example 1

John to be wondering whether the worth of -√3 is the exact same as √-3. What carry out you think?


Negative square root cannot be real numbers.-√3 is a genuine number.But √-3 is an imagine number.Hence, they space not the same, and also -√3 is not the very same as √-3.

Example 2

Micheal is travelling under the highway at an average speed that 50√3 km/hr for precisely 1 hour. Exactly how much street does he cover?


We must use the formula street = rate * TimeSpeed = 50√3 = 86.603 km/hrTime = 1 hrUsing the formula, distance = 86.603 * 1 = 86.603

Therefore, Micheal consist of a street of 86.603 km

Example: If the area the a one is 3π in2. Uncover the radius of the circle.


Let 'r' be the radius the the circle.⇒ Area that the circle = πr2 = 3π in2⇒ r = ±√3 inSince radius can't it is in negative,⇒ r = √3The square source of 3 is 1.732.⇒ r = 1.732 in

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FAQs ~ above the Square source of 3

What is the worth of the Square source of 3?

The square root of 3 is 1.73205.

Why is the Square root of 3 an Irrational Number?

The number 3 is prime. This indicates that the number 3 is pairless and is not in the power of 2. Therefore, the square root of 3 is irrational.

If the Square source of 3 is 1.732. Discover the value of the Square root of 0.03.

Let us represent √0.03 in p/q kind i.e. √(3/100) = 0.03/10 = 0.173. Hence, the value of √0.03 = 0.173

Evaluate 14 add to 16 square root 3

The provided expression is 14 + 16 √3. We understand that the square root of 3 is 1.732. Therefore, 14 + 16 √3 = 14 + 16 × 1.732 = 14 + 27.713 = 41.713

Is the number 3 a Perfect Square?

The number 3 is prime. This suggests that the square source of 3 can not be expressed as a product of 2 equal integers. Therefore, the number 3 is no a perfect square.

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What is the Square root of 3 in simplest Radical Form?

The number 3 is a prime number. This means that the number 3 is pairless and is no in the strength of 2. Therefore, the radical type of square root of 3 can not be simplified further.