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Has a brand-new OSRS role clue acquired you stumped? check out our complete guide to all the brand-new Clue role puzzles consisting of anagram solutions, coordinate puzzle locations and more.

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On Thursday, Jagex released a brand-new Treasure Trails expansion for Old institution Runescape (OSRS) players. The expansion consists of a ton of new content, mostly directed at brand-new OSRS players however with some goodies thrown in because that veteran players as well.

Clue scrolls room an enjoyable part of OSRS content and also with the latest expansion, the developers have added a ton of brand-new beginner proviso scrolls, also as brand-new item rewards and also challenges for every clue scrolls tiers. The score for adding the new clue scrolls is to assist newer and also free-to-play players learn an ext about the people of OSRS while enjoying a classic gameplay feature.

There space multiple clue scroll tiers ranging from Beginner to Master, yet most require a paid subscription come the game. The new beginner clues, however, are available to both F2P and also P2P players. The clues added included standard clue scroll puzzles favor anagrams and riddles, also as new task-based puzzles dubbed "Charlie Clues" that assist beginning players learn how to create items and also equipment in the game.

Besides the new Beginner clue Scrolls, the expansion likewise adds several brand-new ciphers, name: coordinates location and anagrams puzzles varying from simple to master level an obstacle for video game subscribers.

Thanks come crowdsourcing locations like Reddit and also Discord, a the majority of these brand-new puzzles have currently been solved. If you"re having actually trouble figuring out a clue or untangling a pesky anagram, we"ve compiled a solution guide for every new puzzle we"ve found so far. As more clues and also solutions are found, we"ll proceed to add to the guide.

OSRS endowment Trail development Guide: remedies for All brand-new Clue Scrolls, Anagrams, Ciphers and also More


Anagrams are among several puzzle species players conference in OSRSJagex

Beginner Clues: Charlie Clues

Charlie Clue: craft Leather ChapsCharlie Clue: I need to fish Charlie a trout - 20 fishing required, life fish troutCharlie Clue: I must mine ore - 15 mining required

Beginner Clues: reservation Scrolls Riddles

Riddle clue Scroll: Always walking around the castle grounds and somehow knows everyone"s age.Solution: Hans - uncovered walking approximately Lumbridge TowerRiddle clue Scroll:Near the desert, ns reside, to acquire past me you have to abide. Walk forward if friend dare, for when you happen me, you"ll be sweat by her hairSolution: talk to Shantay at the Shantay PassRiddle reservation Scroll:In the place duke Horacio call home, talk to a man with a cap dropped by goblins.Solution: Cook - discovered in Lumbridge CastleRiddle proviso Scroll:In a town of barbarians, i am the one who guards the village from up high.Solution: go to the eastern side of the barbaric village. Enter the building, increase the ladder twice and also talk come the barbarian.Riddle clue Scroll:Buried beneath the ground, who knows wherein it is found. Happy for you, a man called Reldo may have actually a clueSolution: speak to Reldo and also he"ll give you the device needed because that the hot/cold locations. Solutions uncovered in the Hot/Cold places section the this guide.

Beginner Clues: clue Scrolls Emotes

Emote proviso Scroll:Bow for James southern of the cool ExchangeSolution: You can bow in ~ the Bond symbol if girlfriend can"t uncover James.Emote reservation Scroll:Cheer at Iffie Nitter. Equip a chief hat and also a red cape.Solution: go to the apparel store in Varrock to uncover IffieEmote proviso Scroll:Blow a raspberry in ~ Gypsy Aris in her tent. Equip a yellow ring and also a yellow necklace.Solution: Gypsy Aris - found in her tent at Varrock SquareEmote clue Scroll:Clap at Bob"s brilliant Axes. Equip a copper axe and also leather boots.Solution: Bob"s brilliant Axes in southern LumbridgeEmote clue Scroll:Panic at Al Kharid mine.Solution: Al Kharid north of Al Kharid.Emote reservation Scroll:Spin in ~ Flynn"s Mace Shop.Solution: Flynn"s Mace market near phibìc entrance of Falador

Beginner Clues: Hot/ Cold dig Locations


Hot/Cold Dig locations are a new type of starting person puzzle in OSRS.JagexFar northwest Al Kharid. Near a fenceWheatfield come the eastern of Draynor Village

Beginner Clues: Anagrams

Anagram (Beginner):IN BARAnagram (Beginner):RAIN COVESolution: VeronicaAnagram (Beginner):SIR re-publishing REDSolution: barber - discovered in FaladorAnagram (Beginner):TAUNT ROOFSolution: FortunatoAnagram (Beginner):AN EARLSolution: Ranael - discovered in Al Kharid. Own the dress shopAnagram (Beginner):RUG DEGERSolution: Gerdruge - discovered in VarrockAnagram (Beginner):CARPET AHOYSolution: Apothecary - found in VarrockAnagram (Medium):I CORDSolution: DoricAnagram (Medium):DISORDERSolution: Sedridor - uncovered in Wizard"s Tower basement

Song Clues

Song clue (Easy): I"d favor to hear some music. Come and see me on the leg in Falador Park and play: record Me If You have the right to - Thanks, CeciliaSong proviso (Hard): FossilizedSong reservation (Medium): cave of Beasts

Medium clues (Riddle, Anagram, Coordinates)

Clue scroll (Medium): How plenty of windows space in Tynan"s shopSolution: 4Coordinates proviso (Medium):17 degrees 39 minute north, 37 degrees 16 minute westSolution: Farming Guild entranceAnagram (Medium):CALAMARI made MUDChallenge role Answer: 6Anagram (Medium):CLASH IONSolution: Nicholas - uncovered at level 5 Piscarilius, eastern of the bankChallenge role Answer: 4

Hard Clues: coordinate Locations and Ciphers Solutions


Coordinate puzzles in OSRS require you to uncover a certain location based on coordinates given.JagexCoordinates reservation (Hard):23 degrees, 1 minute north, 41 degrees, 33 minutes eastCoordinates proviso (Hard): 4 levels 22 minute North, 17 levels 15 minute eastSolution: inside Wildly agil course.Coordinates reservation (Hard):19 levels 9 minutes north, 21 degrees 28 minute eastSolution:Coordinates clue (Hard): 16 levels 45 minutes north, 3 levels 5 minutes westCoordinates Clue:2 levels 16 minutes north, 12 levels 7 minute eastSolution: southern side that CrandorCipher Clue:IWPPLQTPSolution: Gunnjorn - uncovered at the barbaric agility course. The will give you a puzzle box.Cipher Clue:ESBZOPS QJH QFOSolution: Draynor Pig PenCipher Clue: BSOPME MZETQPSSolution: Arnold Lydspor - found in Piscatoris Fishing Colony.

Elite Clues: Cryptic Solutions and also Coordinate Locations

Coordinates hints (Elite):24 levels 15 minutes north, 13 degrees 30 minutes eastSolution: uncovered in Weiss, 3-4 steps below SnowflakeCryptic Clue:More resources than I deserve to handle, however in a really dangerous area. Can"t wait to strike gold!Solution: Dig beside the yellow ore in the source area.

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Cryptic Clue:Observing someone in a swap, under the telescope lies treasure.

Master Clues: Riddle and also Anagram Puzzle Solutions

Riddle reservation (Master):Falo the Bard - It originates from the ground, underneath the snowy plain. Trolls aplenty, with what looks prefer a maneSolution: BasaltAnagram (Master):RIP MAULSolution: Primula - found upstairs in the myths guildAnagram (Master):AN ELF KNOWSSolution: Snowflake - uncovered in WeissFound much more clues and also solutions? share in the comment below!