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"Spill the Wine" is a 1970 track performed through Eric Burdon and also the tape War. It to be released as a solitary in may 1970, backed by the non-album monitor "Magic Mountain", and also was War"s first chart hit.

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I was once out strollingOne very hot summer"s dayWhen I assumed I"d lay myself down to restIn a big field of tall grassI lay there in the sunAnd felt that caressing my faceAs I fell asleep and dreamedI dreamed I was in a Hollywood movieAnd that ns was the star of the movieThis really go out my mindThe truth that me, one overfed long-haired, leaping gnomeShould be the star that a Hollywood movieBut there ns wasI was taken to a placeThe hall of the hill KingI stood high up on a mountaintopNaked to the worldIn prior ofEvery sort of girlThere was lengthy ones, high ones, quick ones, brown onesBlack ones, round ones, huge onesCrazy onesOut the the middleCame a ladyShe whispered in mine earSomething crazyShe saidSpill the wine, dig that girlSpill the wine, take the pearlSpill the wine, dig that girlSpill the wine, take that pearlI might feel hot flames the fire roaring at my backAs she disappearedBut quickly she returnedIn she hand was a party of wineIn the other, a glassShe poured some of the wine from the bottle right into the glassAnd increased it to she lipsAnd just before she drunk itShe saidTake the wine, take the pearlSpill the wine, take that pearlTake the wine, take the pearlSpill the wine, take the pearlTake the pearl, yeah!It"s all goodOh, you obtained to execute itSpill that wine, spill the wineSpill the wine, pour out the wine, pour out the wine, pour out the wine, pour out the wineTake that pearl

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