If over there is one template that seems to inspire an ext music than any type of other, it has to be “love“. Love is a very an effective word and also it finds its way into the title of countless songs. This is definitely not unique to the ’80s decade, yet the decade of decadence of course had its fair share. Not all of these songs room necessarily about love together romantic affection, though many obviously are. Part are around the pain and also heartache that deserve to be resulted in by love. Some are about platonic love, physical love or just describing a solid liking because that something.I to be a sucker because that a sappy love song, however what constitutes a love song deserve to be an extremely subjective.


70. “Soldier the Love”(1989) by Donny Osmond – Fearing that the general public were not going come buy a brand-new Donny Osmond record, his label made decision to relax the single with no point out of who the artist was, and also radio stations advertised it as being indigenous a “mystery artist”.

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69. “Love Me In a special Way”(1984) by DeBarge – This tune was written and produced by El DeBarge and also features his recognizable falsetto and a harmonica solo through none various other than the great Stevie Wonder.

68. “Piece of mine Love”(1988) by male – indigenous the band’s self-titled debut album i beg your pardon really aided to put new jack swing on the map.

67. “Shake her Love”(1987) by Debbie Gibson

66. “You’re Lookin’ prefer Love come Me”(1983) &“Tonight, ns Celebrate my Love”(1983) by Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack

65. “Prove her Love”(1988) &“I’ll always Love You”(1988) by Taylor Dayne

64. “(It’s Just) The way That girlfriend Love Me”(1988) by Paula Abdul – together revealed in mine interview v the song’s writer, Oliver Leiber, both Paula Abdul and also Chaka Kahn acquired this track within a week of each other through different means and Leiber had actually the chance to reduced it through either artist. That made the very counter-intuitive decision come go with the unknown Laker girl which helped change both of your lives.

63. “Real Love”(1989) &“Looking because that a new Love”(1987) by Jody Watley

62. “I Love a merganser Night”(1980) by Eddie Rabbitt – i remember hearne over and over to mine 45 record of this track which went on to with the height spot top top the Billboard hot 100, Hot country Singles and also Adult modern-day Singles charts in 1981.

61. “That Ain’t Love”(1987) by REO Speedwagon from your 1987 album Life as We recognize it.

60. “What about Love”(1985) by heart – The song which went back Heart to importance (giving lock their an initial Top 40 struggle in three years and an initial Top 10 struggle in five years) includes added backing vocals native both Starship’s elegant Slick and also Mickey Thomas.

59. “Jump (For mine Love)”(1984) by The tip Sisters – This tune wouldn’t have actually qualified for this perform if castle went v the initial title of just “Jump”. It was modified to include the parenthesis component prior come its relax to prevent confusion with the valve Halen tune “Jump”, which was released earlier the same year.

58. “I need Love”(1987) by LL Cool J -The only rap track on the list, this really assisted LL and also rap continue its crossover into the mainstream.

57. “Is This Love”(1987) through Whitesnake – This power ballad was composed by vocalist David Coverdale and also guitarist john Sykes and also was originally intended to be tape-recorded by Tina Turner.

56. “Will girlfriend Still Love Me?”(1986) through Chicago – This song was Chicago’s very first Top 10 hit following the leave of Peter Cetera and it featured new singer and bassist Jason Scheff on command vocals.

55. “Love template from St. Elmo’s Fire”(1985) by David Foster – The only important on this list, over there was also a variation on the soundtrack through lyrics dubbed “For simply a Moment”.

54. “One Night Love Affair”(1985) &“It’s only Love”(1985 w/ Tina Turner) through Bryan Adams – disputed briefly in my interview through the songs’ co-writer Jim Vallance. “One Night Love Affair” to be featured in the filmReal Genius.

53. “Love in one Elevator”(1989) by Aerosmith – simply as the title states, Steven Tyler insurance claims the song’s lyrics were inspired by an suffer he had at a hotel, in i beg your pardon he was making out with a girl in the elevator and also they started having sex as the doors opened.

52. “In the surname of Love”(1982) through The Thompson pair – The band’s very first single to accomplish some success ~ above the popular music charts.

51. “Freeway that Love”(1985) by Aretha Franklin – This solitary from herWho’s Zoomin’ Whoalbum became Aretha’s fifteenth peak 10 pop hit in the U.S. (first of 3 to come in the ’80s) and features the saxophone of the late, an excellent Clarence Clemons.

50. “Is it Love”(1986) by Mr. Pops – debated briefly inmy interview through Richard Page.

49. “Turn her Love Around”(1981) by George Benson

48. “Shower Me with Your Love”(1989) through Surface

47. “Love Somebody”(1984) by rick Springfield – After it peaked in ~ #5 ~ above the Billboard hot 100, this was the last Top 10 struggle (of five in the ’80s) because that Springfield who is likewise well known for play Dr. Young name Drake onGeneral Hospital.

46. “Method of modern Love”(1985) by hall & Oates

45. “Sweet Love”(1986) through Anita Baker

44. “I Love rock n Roll”(1982) through Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – The song was composed and first recorded through The Arrows in 1975, but this variation would with the peak of the Billboard warm 100 and also hold that place for seven weeks.

43. “Love Shack”(1989) through B-52’s – The song’s catalyst was a cabin that Kate Pierson lived in about Athens, Georgia, complete with believe roof, wherein the band conceived “Rock Lobster”, a single from their very first album. The heat at the end wailed by command singer Cindy Wilson, “tin roof…rusted,” was initially an outtake yet has end up being the song’s many memorable.

42. “Stop to Love”(1986),“Any Love”(1988) &“There’s Nothing far better Than Love”(1987 w/ Gregory Hines) by Luther Vandross

41. “Tender Love”(1985) &“Love Is A House”(1987) by force MDs – “Tender Love” was written by Jimmy Jam & terrycloth Lewis was featured in the soundtrack because that the filmKrush Groove.

40. “Love girlfriend Down” (1986) by ready for the people from their 1986 album Long Time Coming.

39. “Nothing’s Gonna readjust My Love because that You”(1987) by glen Medeiros – he was just 17 years old as soon as he had actually a hit through his sheathe of this song originally recorded by George Benson in 1984. Find out a little much more inmy interview v Medeiros.

38. “On the wing of Love” (1982) by Jeffrey Osborne indigenous his 1982 self titled debut album after leaving L.T.D. For a solo career.

37. “Jungle Love”(1984) by the moment – This track is featured in the filmPurple Rainand was released top top theirIce Cream Castlealbum.

36. “Don’t autumn In Love v a Dreamer”(1980 w/ Kim Carnes) &“Love Will revolve You Around”(1982) by Kenny Rogers

35. “If friend Love Somebody collection Them Free”(1985) by Sting – This to be the very first single exit from Sting’s solo debut albumThe Dream of the Blue Turtles.

34. “Endless Love”(1981 w/ Diana Ross),“My Love”(1983 w/ Kenny Rogers backing) &“Love Will conquer All”(1986) by Lionel Richie

33. “Higher Love”(1986) through Steve Winwood – This tune which attributes Chaka cannes on vocals through Winwood was his an initial single to reach #1 ~ above the Billboard hot 100 and earned two Grammy Awards (for document of the Year and Best masculine Pop Vocal Performance).

32. “Not sufficient Love in the World”(1985) through Don Henley – it is rumored that it was about Henley’s fairly short relationship withStevie Nicks

31. “Addicted to Love”(1986) by Robert Palmer – This was initially intended to it is in a duet through Chaka Khan but her label at the time wouldn’t give her relax to job-related on it. It functions Andy Taylor top top guitar and also I constantly remember it since of its iconic music video clip and the step inCocktailwhere Tom Cruise has actually the whole bar singing along.

30. “Love mine Way” (1982) by The Psychedelic Furs

29. “Is This Love”(1986) by Survivor – disputed briefly inmy interview through the late, an excellent Jimi Jamison.

28. “Love add to One”(1982) through Haircut 100

27. “I Don’t want Your Love”(1988) by Duran Duran

26. “Making Love the end of Nothing in ~ All”(1983),“Lost In Love”(1980),“All the end of Love”(1980) &“The One the You Love”(1981) by Air supply – The Australian duo that Graham Russell and also Russell Hitchcock have actually made a career turn off of love songs consisting of eight top 10 hits.

25. “Love Touch”(1986) by stick Stewart – This tune is featured in the Robert Redford filmLegal Eagles.

24. “Lawyers in Love”(1983) through Jackson Browne

23. “I’ve remained in Love Before”(1986) by cutting Crew – find out more about this song inmy interview through Nick van Eede of cut Crew.

22. “Look that Love” (1982) by alphabet from their 1982 debut studio album Lexicon the Love.

21. “Love is a Battlefield”(1983) by play Benatar – discussed in my interview with the song’s co-writer Holly Knight

20. “Sowing the seeds of Love”(1989) by Tears for Fears – Curt Smith said this was more than likely the most complete song they’d excellent as much as writing and also production functioning so well together inmy interview v him.

19. “If the Isn’t Love”(1988),“Helplessly in Love”(1987),“Lost in Love”(1984) &“Popcorn Love”(1983) by new Edition

18. “You Can’t hurry Love”(1982) &“Groovy type of Love”(1988) through Phil Collins – Both room cover versions of the 1966 Supremes and also 1965 Mindbenders song respectively.

17. “I want to understand What Love Is”(1984) by Foreigner – The song, written by Mick Jones, to be the first and just to with #1 top top the Billboard hot 100 because that the band and also features backing vocals through Jennifer Holliday, Tom Bailey (of The Thompson Twins) and also the new Jersey mass Choir that the GMWA.

16. “What’s Love acquired To perform With It”(1984) through Tina Turner – This song was a substantial success serving notification of Turner’s comeback and received 3 Grammy Awards consisting of Record of the Year, tune of the Year, and also Best Female pop Vocal Performance.

15. “The Glory the Love” (1986) through Peter Cetera – This was the an initial single exit after the left Chicago to seek a solo career and was featured in the film The Karate Kid component II.

14. “You offer Love a negative Name”(1986) through Bon Jovi – This was the an initial single exit from theSlippery when Wetalbum and became the band’s first #1 (of 4 during the ’80s) ~ above the Billboard warm 100.

13. “Bizarre Love Triangle”(1986) by brand-new Order

12. “Chains of Love”(1988) by Erasure – After much success in the UK, this came to be Erasure’s mainstream breakthrough in the U.S. Peaking at #12 on the Billboard warm 100.

11. “Pride (In the surname of Love)” (1984) by U2 – The first single released from the Unforgettable Fire album, most listeners may recognize was written about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but a small known fact is that The Pretenders’ command singer Chrissie Hynde in reality sings backing vocals on the track.

10. “Greatest Love that All”(1985),“Saving every My Love for You”(1985) &“You Give great Love”(1985) through Whitney Houston – every one of these were on she self-titled debut album through “Greatest Love that All” being the seventh and final single released

9. “Why Can’t This be Love”(1986),“Love walks In”(1986) &“When It’s Love”(1988) by van Halen – The first two space both from the album5150which is the first released after Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth on command vocals.

8. “What Is Love”(1983) &“Everlasting Love”(1989) by Howard Jones – find out an ext in mine interview through producer Rupert Hine

7. “Tainted Love” (1981) through Soft cabinet – This was such a big hit that countless may no realize that this was actually a cover of a little-known song originally released in 1965 through Gloria Jones.

6. “I Love You”(1980) by orgasm Blues tape – disputed thoroughly in my interview through Derek Holt, the song’s writer from orgasm Blues Band.

5. “Lessons in Love”(1986) through Level 42 – Inmy interview with mark King, he shown that castle rushed this track to be released due to the fact that a female German artist to be going to relax her version prior to them and, ironically, the Level 42 version ended being #1 in Germany for seven weeks.

4. “Do You think In Love”(1982) &“The power of Love”(1985) through Huey Lewis & the News

2. “Let mine Love open the Door”(1980) through Pete Townshend – This track came indigenous his an initial totally solo album,Empty Glass, which likewise was his most successful outside of The Who and peaked at #9 top top the Billboard hot 100.

1. “Your Love”(1986) by The Outfield –The second single released from their triple-platinum debut album,Play Deep, that peaked in ~ #6 top top the Billboard warm 100 and has constantly been among my favourite songs that the decade in spite of a subject issue I do not personally called to. Every I must hear is the first pair of notes and also I am instantly transported earlier to 1986 and also that is just one instance of the magic that music.

There’s my list. They space all distinct in their very own way. As usual and also as I mentioned earlier, these are based on my personal preferences and the stimulate could really well readjust a little depending on my mood or nostalgia ~ above a offered day. I’m certain I can have missed some all together. Are there any type of ’80s songs with words “love” in the title the you feeling I have overlooked? If for this reason or if you’d rank any differently, please leave them in the comments section below. There are several songs that just missed gift in the ’80s i m sorry would’ve surely make the list choose “Crazy small Thing referred to as Love” through Queen and also “After the Love has actually Gone” through Earth, Wind & Fire native 1979 or many from 1990 prefer “Cradle of Love” by Billy Idol or “Love will certainly Lead girlfriend Back” through Taylor Dayne. This does not even incorporate the songs about love that don’t use words in the location or the ones using variations of the word favor loving or lovers. Castle say that love provides the human being go ’round. Fine at least now you have over 80 songs from the ’80s that aid prove the is the case when it pertains to music. “Love is a many-splendored thing”, that “lifts united state up wherein we belong” and as the Beatles so eloquently sang ago in 1967, “All You need is Love”. It also goes there is no saying, I LOVE the ’80s.

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Here is a Spotify playlist featuring all 100 songs noted above!

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