“I’m easy prefer Sunday morning”, Lionel Richie nailed it v that an easy lyric. Saturday’s can acquire crazy, in between getting all of your weekend errands done and trying to walk out and have as lot fun as feasible after a lengthy week. Climate comes Sunday….a day of rest, Sunday Funday, a no-pressure day come recharge your energy for the job-related week ahead. Many great party songs have been dedicated to Friday night and also Saturday, yet what are the peak 10 Songs v Sunday in your title? No, “Easy” by the Commodores didn’t qualify because Sunday isn’t in the title but deserves a nod because everyone calls the “Easy as Sunday morning”.

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10. “LAZY SUNDAY” THE LONELY ISLAND among Chris Parnell and also Andy Samberg’s first digital short films top top Saturday Night Live has remained one of the most renowned comedy clips in the show’s history. The video has to be pulled native YouTube however here’s a play-by-play homemade video.

9.  “SUNDAY MORNING comes DOWN” Johnny Cash A legend to sing a legendary song. The “Man In Black” keeps it an easy with an American standard.

8. “SUNDAY MORNING” MAROON 5 two consecutive songs with the title “Sunday Morning”!! Guess nobody loves Sunday afternoon or night? take it your choose on her musical layout with a battle of the bands between two the the all-star coaches from The Voice, Adam Levine and also Gwen Stefani’s bands.


6. “A MONTH the SUNDAYS” DON HENLEY  dedicated to the American farmers whose stays were affected by politics and the mass production of big business. The track was featured in ~ Farm help and showed up as a bonus monitor on Henley’s “Building The Perfect Beast”.

5. “THAT’S WHAT i LOVE about SUNDAY” CRAIG MORGAN little town life and church on Sunday, Craig Morgan take away us back to the basics v an uplifting country hymn because that the ages.

4. “SUNDAY GIRL” BLONDIE among the many underrated song on Blondie’s resume’. You’ve acquired a 60’s girl group vibe combined with their post-punk style. It’s a delicious pop hit that will certainly take you ago in time.

3. “RAINING ~ above SUNDAY” KEITH urban Keith Urban has the best idea in mental here, let’s just “hide under the covers” and “snuggle” together we hear to the raindrops twinkling on the windows.

2. “A SUNDAY type OF LOVE” ETTA JAMES  Queen Etta is the ultimate R&B powerhouse. If you’re a fan of Etta’s “At Last”, you recognize her innate capability to dig deep right into your heart with a torch ballad. “A Sunday kind of Love” is an i can not forget love song for that perfect slow-moving dance through the one friend love.

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1. “SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY” U2 “This track is no a rebel song…..” A job of rest and also Sunday Funday doesn’t really enhance the design template of the #1 tune on the countdown but it’s difficult not to identify U2’s timeless politics anthem at the top of the list. Brother police killing protestors in north Ireland to be the song’s inspiration but the template of polite unrest and also police brutality might not be an ext current today. “How lengthy must we song this song?” It’s become a U2 concert collection list staple and ranks #272 top top the list of top 500 absent Songs the All-Time.

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