Too numerous Questions!

just how do you take care of a girlfriend who begins to feel choose an interrogator?

post March 16, 2017 | the evaluation by Ekua Hagan


Hi Irene,

My girlfriend is constantly asking me questions and I have no idea what her motive is. She inquiry me what meds i take, what mine doctor’s name is, etc. She will certainly ask me when I walk something, what day, what time, was i by myself, what was i wearing? UGH!




Hi Maura,

There are many reasons why someone could ask too plenty of questions. For example, the person can be really anxious and also need to save up conversation. Or the human being may not have actually the society etiquette to know when questions begin to feeling invasive quite than signaling actual interest.

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The person likewise may feel prefer she has actually a an ext intimate partnership with you than you execute with her.

Regardless of why your friend acts this way, I deserve to understand how uncomfortable it could make you feel. It sounds choose she’s asking questions that you nothing feel favor answering.

I doubt a trouble like this may be difficult to resolve. If you desire to preserve the friendship, you deserve to have a talk through your friend and let her understand that she asks too many an individual questions, to the extent that you often feel uncomfortable once you’re together.

If she can not remedy her ways, girlfriend may need to see her less regularly and/or be much more assertive about telling her you don’t want to talk about things that you would fairly keep private.

Hope this helps.




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Irene S. Levine, Ph.D.

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, is a psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the NYU institution of Medicine. She latest book is Best friends Forever: enduring a Breakup with Your finest Friend.


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