Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and largest city. Situated in the very heart that the Balkan peninsula, it is among Europe’s oldest cities. While still undiscovered by many, more and more people are now falling in love through the city’s distinct east meets west vibe.

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For the past 6000 year this city has seen that all. Once dubbed Serdica – an important trade facility in the roman empire. Then dominated by the Bulgarians in the nine century, then overcame by the oriental Empire, climate re-claimed by the Bulgarians and also then a stronghold of the footrest empire. After Bulgaria gained its independence in the late 19th century, Sofia was chosen as the country’s brand-new capital. It’s now been funding for 140 years.

The city’s appereance today has been widely shaped by the twists and turmoils that the 20th century. Up till WW2 Bulgaria to be a parliament monarchy and also Sofia’s style was influenced by the examples of Austrian, French and also German architecture. The second fifty percent of the 20th century saw Bulgaria firmly locked behind the stole Curtain. Therefore, architecture and urban planning was reconceptialized come fit v the brand-new communist ideas. After the fall of the Berlin wall surface in 1989 Bulgaria started its transition to democracy and also is currently a member that NATO and the european Union. All of this create the distinctive blend that is Sofia today.



Sightseeing in Sofia

Sofia’s city center is very compact and most that the city’s main landmarks are positioned withing walking distance. Our best suggestion for any kind of first-time visitor is just one of the city’s daily free wade tours. The tours operation 365 days a year and include every one of Sofia’s most famed buildings and also places to visit. The city tours space both fun and also educational.

Having excellent that, explore further v our Top 10 things to perform in Sofia list.

Museums in Sofia

You already know that Sofia has actually a long and turbulent history. That’s the perfect cooking recipes for every museum lovers. Over there is a wide-range the museums and also galleries in Sofia. Here are few of our favorites:

National Archeological Museum – walk you recognize that Bulgaria ranks third in Europe once it pertains to the variety of archeological sites and findings (after Italy and Greece)? The country’s wealthy archeological legacy is best presented in this museum. Girlfriend will uncover it right in former of the Bulgarian Presidency building in the love of Sofia.Sofia background Museum – located in the structure of the former central public bath, this museum follows practically all historic periods (with the exemption of the socialist period). However’s it’s main focus is the background of Sofia native 1878 come 1944.

Galleries in Sofia

Square 500 nationwide Gallery – girlfriend will discover it right behind Sofia’s most famed landmark – the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The “Bulgarian Louvre” boasts a rich arsenal of both Bulgarian and also foreign art.Sofia City gallery – home to several of Sofia’s finest best short-term exhibitions. It’s the best place in Sofia for all lovers of photography.National arts Gallery & Ethnographic Museum – housed in the former Royal Palace, it’s whereby you’ll uncover some of the good examples the Bulgarian art.



Wondering where to eat in Sofia? that is without doubt a tricky inquiry as Sofia is house to plenty of great restaurants the offer great value because that money.

Best traditional Restaurants

Bulgarian food is no to be missed when visiting Sofia. Going come a timeless restaurant is a should for any kind of visit come Bulgaria. Right here are several of our favorites:

Pod Lipite (Under the Linden trees) – one of the oldest garden-restaurants in Sofia. It dates earlier to 1926 and also is part of the list of Bulgarian cultural Monuments. The name was given by the good Bulgarian writer Elin Pelin. Friend will find it near the key park in Sofia (Borisova Gradina). The timeless meals room prepared based on original old recipes. Countless of the products they use space from their own farm.Manastirska Magernitsa – positioned in the very center that Sofia, this is where you can shot real monastery food. The recipes have been accumulated carefully for many years. Except the an excellent traditional decorations this restaurant additionally has a charming garden, perfect for the warmth sunny days.

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Other Restaurants

Of course, there are many other alternatives if you’ve currently had sufficient of the Bulgarian cuisine:

Aubergine – pairing regional craft beers through it’s meals Aubergine’s talented chefs use their creativity in stimulate to create astonishing dishes. They attract inspiration native the regional traditions, and the worldwide gastronomy. Accommodated in an old home on a quiet street close come the nationwide Palace of society this restaurant offers cozy and warm atmosphere. It additionally has a tranquil garden.Tenebris – a distinct experience because that the adventure search foodies. Imagine letting walk of the visual and also immerse yourself in a fully different world. One full of taste, texture, sound and real person interaction. Girlfriend will invest a couple of hours with your friends in pitch-black darkness, trying to guess what you are actually eating. A visually impaired organize will it is in your guide on this cooking journey, while giving you amazing insights.

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