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My DIL White driver takes what is called a “power sports” battery. About 1/2 the size of a U1. Gained it in ~ auto zone, had actually to placed the mountain in myself. Around $50.
I finished up going come autozone. Just take your battery v you because that the core charge. The power sports batteries room in boxes, battery, acid and mine came with brand-new bolts for the cables.

ns am unable to discover a u-7rs battery in Canada and of food they can"t ship one throughout the boarder. Ns picked this one up and I hope my son can make that fit think from the experts?
I am unable to discover a u-7rs battery in Canada and also of course they can"t delivery one across the boarder. I picked this one up and I expect my son have the right to make the fit think from the experts? Scroll under to check out the measurements.
I recognize princessauto has a bunch of smaller sized batteries because that atv"s/motorcycles/power equipment, girlfriend might shot looking through their net site.
Looks choose it’s 1/4” much longer on one side, 3/8” much shorter the various other side and also 3/4” taller. If the initial is a snug fit it i will not ~ work. Take it the initial with you to match up with new ones.
Find a Walmart store close to you. Easily locate the closestly Supercentre, Grocery, Photo, Vision, tires & Lube refer or other specialty centre. Inspect store hours and get directions.
Find a Walmart store near you. Conveniently locate the closestly Supercentre, Grocery, Photo, Vision, tire & Lube refer or various other specialty centre. Check store hours and also get directions.
My Yard-Man tractor had actually a motorcycle form battery in the ,but a U1R lawn tractor battery would fit in the battery tray ,so I used one of them instead,which has actually a lot much more cranking power and also was $20 cheaper .I don"t understand why manufacturers usage something "different" for no an excellent reason..some tractors you must buy the oem layout battery,nothing else will fit ,and the is discouraging..I uncovered the OEM dimension battery for my Yard-man in ~ Tractor Supply and also Walmart had actually them too--but ns was not going come pay almost $60 because that one once Walmart had the U1R or together batteries because that $22 exchanged..

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I recognize princessauto has actually a bunch of smaller batteries for atv"s/motorcycles/power equipment, you might shot looking through their net site.
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