This thought flamelted across my mind while golfing through a friend. I’m pretty poor at golf. And it proved in my performance.

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I wanted to hit the sphere farther, so I followed my instincts and also swung the club harder!

Makes sense, right? “More initiative = More progress!”

But my instincts were wrong. Putting more “OOMPH” right into my swing made my performance worse.

I was less accurateThe ball didn’t travel fartherAnd I had provided even more energy in the process

I didn’t recognize what to perform around it! Fortunately, I was with an skilled golfer. On the next hole, they told me to slow-moving dvery own my swing.

At first, this didn’t make feeling. (“Doesn’t slower expect less power?”) But I gave it a try.

To my astonishment, it worked! hit the round farther and also straighter than I had hit it all day! By slowing dvery own, I had much better create and also struck the sphere better.

The Paradox of Slowing Dvery own to Go Farther

I think around that day on the golf course frequently. It taught me a powerful lesson: Doing even more isn’t constantly better. If you desire to make more progression, begin by slowing dvery own.

The goal of slowing dvery own isn’t actually to go slower. It’s about taking action in the a lot of efficient method.

Optimizing for the effectiveness of your approach, is vital to making the overall journey much better.

In this case, “slowing down” implies optimizing for:

Quality over quantity: Doing things well rather of doing more points.Sustainability of effort: Doing something you have the right to sustain, gain doing, and desire to store doing.Intentionality over reactivity: Doing what you’ve made a decision you desire, instead of letting others dictate your route for you.Open consideration over attachment: Doing what’s optimal, letting go of attachments to “the means things are” or “the way we’ve always done it”.

The Navy Seals have actually a saying that encapsulates this premise: “Slow is smooth, smooth is quick.”


Slowing down offers you an possibility to consider alternative ideologies. Perhaps there’s a different road that would certainly serve you much better. Maybe you need to get a brand-new automobile. Or maybe, walking would certainly be most efficient course up.

Acting through the concept that “even more is constantly better, so I should carry out more” contributes to:

Anxiety: “How will I ever before acquire where I desire to?”A perspective of scarcity and also impatience: “I’m not doing enough”Fear: “If I don’t develop what I want below, then I won’t be okay in life.”A scattered mind: “So much to do, so bit time!”

Which brings us to ago to the lesson from the golf course: If you desire to make better progress, begin by slowing dvery own.


Slowing Down in the Moment

Slowing down indicates letting go of the urge to do even more. And in doing so, changing your attention to high quality and effectiveness.

In exercise, the basic procedure looks prefer this:

Notice once you endure the thought “I need to do even more or else …”Examine if that’s really the instance. Do you know for specific that doing more is the answer?Let go of the urge to execute more, and instead, proceed mindfully by slowing dvery own.Slow down to re-ground yourself and consider feasible paths forward.Prime yourself for activity.Move forward in the best way: through clarity, intention, and also energy.

Not certain what “slowing down” actually means?

It varies depending on wright here you are and what you’re doing!

To obtain your mind going, inspect out the 8 philosophies below. They work well together, but this isn’t a resolved sequence. Treat them as choices to experiment through.

8 Ways to Slow Dvery own (and Get Better Results)

Physically slow-moving dvery own. Changing your physical body is a great way to transition your psychology. Start by sitting still. Put your tools away. Breathe deeply for a couple of minutes. Sit in meditation. Or, go for a walk exterior. Anywright here from 5-20 minutes can produce a prouncovered shift.Consider different courses forward: What execute you desire here? How have you been approaching it? What are some different methods you might technique it?Set a new intention: Having slowed down and also thought about your method, what execute you want to do now? In the big-photo, what’s most important?Write about it: Thoughts relocate conveniently in the mind. Noting them dvery own on paper slows things down so you can watch them even more plainly. Grab a pen and also some paper and create thoughts as they surconfront in your mind. (Without judging them or needing to perform something around it.)Prime yourself for top quality action: Before taking activity, consider: “What would certainly it look favor to relocate forward in the finest way?” For me, this regularly requires taking a break to transition my state. (e.g. Exercising, having some tea, switching my physical area.) Creating a delibeprice change, even a small one, helps through letting go of the previous method, and also orienting to your new intention.Treat it as an experiment: It deserve to be intimidating to try new approaches. Instead of worrying about what will certainly happen if it doesn’t occupational, treat it as an experiment. You’ll never know what will take place unmuch less you provide it a go!

It’s essential to note that slowing dvery own is NOT around making things perfect. Instead, it’s around improving your performance, also by a little bit.

Beware of the trap of overreasoning your approach. If you uncover yourself trying to get points perfect, change your emphasis to marginal gains. “How might I be 5 or 10% even more effective?”


Slow Down for Better Results

Like the tortoise who beat the hare by managing its power and also maintaining a steady pace, slowing dvery own is about optimizing for the procedure.

The instances you’re in will differ. The certain viewpoints that assist you slow-moving dvery own might change. But the underlying values remajor the same:

Staying intentional, you do what’s most important to you.Focutilizing on high quality, you do things well.Focmaking use of on the permanent, you treatment for your wellbeing and carry out points you can sustain.Letting go of attachments, you reprimary open up to possibilities, so you can carry out what’s optimal.

Mindful is slow. Slow is smooth. Smooth is rapid.

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Where would you benefit from slowing dvery own this week?

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