SkateboardTrick List

This is the skateboard trick list. Rolling and turning are the structures of skateboarding. 

Try the easy and basic skateboard top first. They help you come land every tricks.  When you deserve to ride well shot the ollie. The ollie sit in the center of skateboard matrix to the peak tricks.

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Skateboard upper and lower reversal Tricks

The flip tricks look like magic. Jumping and flipping v your feet.  So cool.

Fakie, nollie, late, big, bigger and with multiple upper and lower reversal rotations are all sports that have the right to be added to this tricks.

Alpha FlipAnti Casper FlipBackside FlipBackside HeelflipBig HeelflipBigflipBiggerflipBigspinBiggerspinBubble FlipBullflipCaballerial FlipCamel FlipCasper FlipDaydream FlipDe ComplyDisco FlipFeather FlipFingerflip540 FlipForward FlipFrontside FlipFrontside HeelflipFront Foot ImpossibleGazelle FlipGazelle SpinGhetto BirdGingersnapGrape FlipHandstand FlipHardflipHaslam FlipHeelflipHalfcabHospital FlipIllusion FlipImpossibleInward HeelflipJesus FlipKickback FlipKickflipKiwi FlipLaser FlipNerd FlipNightmare FlipNo ComplyOrange FlipOllie NorthOllie SouthPlasma SpinPop ShuvitPressure FlipRail FlipSemiflip720 FlipSex ChangeShuvitPop ShuvitSigma Flip360 Flip360 Shuvit360 Ollie Heelflip360 Ollie KickflipToeflipUnderflipVarial HeelflipVarial Kickflip

Grind and also Slide Skateboard Tricks

Grind/slide tricks need an edge to grind on. It can be a ledge, rail, coping, or curb.

Barley GrindBertleman SlideBluntslideBoardslideFrontside BoardslideCasperslideCrail SlideCrooked GrindDarkslide50-50 Grind5-0 GrindFeeble GrindHurricaneLayback GrindLipslideNail SlideNoseblunt SlideNosegrindNoseslideOvercrook GrindOverturnPrimo GrindSalad GrindSlash GrindSmith GrindSuski GrindTailblock GrindTailslideWilly Grind

Grab and Air Skateboard Tricks

Most of these tricks deserve to be excellent on a ramp or turn off the top of one. Some have the right to be excellent on flat or under a drop.

Ramp and Footplant Skateboard tricks

These tricks are done in ~ the top, lip or transaction of a ramp.

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Axle StallBean PlantBluntBonelessCrailtapCreeperDisasterEgg PlantFastplantGymnast PlantHo-HoLayback AirMiller FlipNose PickNose StallNosebluntPivotPivot FakiePull UpRock and also RollRock come FakieSad PlantStaple GunSweeperTailblockPower OllieTail StallTexas PlantTexas Two-Step

Misc. Skateboard cheat List

There room a most tricks the are just random. Here are part to start with:

Acid DropAlley OopBody VarialCasperCavemanCoffinDaffyFirecrackerFlamingoHippy JumpHang TenInvertKickturnManualNose ManualOne Foot ManualOne Wheel ManualPrimoPogoPowerslideRoll InTic-Tac

That"s all I have actually for my skateboard trick list. Contact Me to improve the list.

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