The fast AnswerDo not usage a resources letter for north, south, east, or west (i.e., the points of the compass) unless the word forms component of a name. Because that example: go north climate west. i live in West Ham.

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Capital Letters through North, East, South, and West

The direction north, east, south, and also west must not it is in given capital letters unless they form part the a name favor "West Ham," "The phibìc Pole," and also "South Africa."When used in a name (e.g., east Bridgford), words "North," "East," "South," or "West" is component of a appropriate noun, which room written with resources letters.When provided to convey a direction (e.g., head north for a mile), the word "north," "east," "south," or "west" is typically an adverb or an adjective, which are written with lowercase letters.

Examples with North, East, South, and West

Below are some instance sentences that encompass the point out of the compass. I travel north at weekends. There space no penguins at the north Pole. (In this example, "North is part of the suitable noun "North Pole.") take ten paces East and then dig.
(In this example, "East" is not part of a proper noun. The is one adverb. Therefore, the resources letter is incorrect.) store driving north till you reach the junction and also then head west in the direction of West Yorkshire.

The North, The East, The South, and The West

The geographical areas "The North," "The East," "The South," and "The West" are suitable nouns. They must be created with funding letters. Because that example: i live in The North. (There is a lot of leniency on whether to capitalize "The." few would argue that the region is dubbed "The North" together opposed to "North," but, for many, the capital "T" looks as well unwieldy.)

When"s a name a Name?

The problem of even if it is to usage a funding letter gets more complicated when you have actually a controversy over even if it is the place name is an official title. Because that example, should you write "North Wales" or "north Wales"?Some will argue that North Wales is not a well-known area; therefore, the term can not be a appropriate noun. However, here at Grammar Monster, our position is that such terms space being used as ideal nouns nevertheless of even if it is they are main titles. Also, from a purely aesthetic perspective, "north Wales" look at worse 보다 "North Wales." If girlfriend really want to play that safe, usage terms choose "northern Wales" or, much safer still, "the northern region of Wales."Get much more guidance top top this problem on the "common nouns" page (see suggest 3).
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