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In the novel, The young in the stripe Pajamas, Shmuel is a young the same period as Bruno. In fact, lock both have the same birthday, April 15, 1934.

Shmuel is a Jewish boy from Poland and also is a prisoner of war in Auswitz. In many ways, he...

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In the novel, The boy in the striped Pajamas, Shmuel is a young the same age as Bruno. In fact, lock both have the exact same birthday, April 15, 1934.

Shmuel is a Jewish young from Poland and is a prisoner of war in Auswitz. In countless ways, that is the antithesis that Bruno. They stand for opposite sides of the war: the German “Nazi” side, and also the Jewish side. Bruno is a German, life in a beautiful, comfortable home, through parents who love him. Shmuel is life in a prison camp, put on striped “pajamas,” and also has a Star that David armband. He is separated native his mother, and he and his father to be imprisoned together.

The boys type a friendship and Bruno learns numerous hard lessons indigenous Shmuel. He learns the Shmuel is hungry, the he has no freedom, and that he gets beaten through the soldiers. Top top one occasion, Shmuel is carried into the home to clean glasses since his hands were small. Bruno notices the distinction in their hands. 

“Although Bruno was tiny for his age, and also certainly not fat, his hand showed up healthy and also full that life. The veins no visible v the skin, the fingers no little more than dice twigs. Shmuel’s hand, however, called a very different story.” (pg 167-168)

When Bruno watch Shmuel in the kitchen, he is thrilled. However, sublievenant Kotler finds them conversing and also notices that Shmuel has consumed something, something the was provided to the by Bruno. As soon as Shmuel states that he and also Bruno are friends, Bruno, in fear of sublieutenant Kotler, denies it. 

"He’d never seen anyone look for this reason terrified together Shmuel did at the moment and also he want to to speak the ideal thing come make points better, however then the realized that he couldn’t; since he was feeling simply as terrified himself.” (pg 172)

Shmuel is severely beat, and also Bruno feels very ashamed.

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“He had actually never felt therefore ashamed in his life; he had actually never imagined that he can behave therefore cruelly. The wondered just how a boy who thought he to be a great person really can act in together a cowardly method towards a friend.” (pg 174)

Two boys the very same age, nine, represent two political parties of the war. They were born the very same day and died the exact same day.