VH1"s Basketball Wives debuted its ninth season top top Feb. 9, 2021 and also promised to be unlike any other. According to longtime actors member Shaunie O"Neal, the display will dive right into the black color Lives matter movement, i m sorry she said lugged everyone together. 

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"A lot taken place within the group"s dynamic in the previous year and also I think that rather of tearing united state apart, it might have brought us closer together," she told E! News. The global coronavirus pandemic additionally put a many things into perspective for the group, who "had that light pear come approximately do far better and be better as women and women of color." Shaunie added, "I think this season you"ll check out a different side of a the majority of the ladies, a lot of growth. It"s a significant change particularly for those who have actually been watching united state for years."

This season sees the return of Basketball Wives actors members Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Malaysia Pargo, and Jennifer Williams. Together always, we suppose there will be plenty of drama follow me the way, but as fans prepare because that the latest episodes that the show, they can want to brush increase on these well known basketball wives" an individual lives, including just how they acquired on the present in the an initial place and where that is taken lock after 10 seasons. Keep scrolling to find out who Shaunie"s legendary ex-husband is, how many youngsters she has, and also how numerous millions she needs to her name.

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Shaunie O"Neal to be married to one of the NBA"s greatest players — Shaquille O"Neal. The two wed in December 2002, in Beverly Hills, Calif., but damaged up in 2007 (per People). Despite they reconciled soon after, Shaunie filed for divorce in 2009, citing irreconcilable differences. A few years later, the basketball legend revealed in his memoir, Shaq Uncut: my Story, that his infidelity is what ultimately led to their split. Follow to the Daily Mail, he wrote: "You know and I carry out relationships are around maintaining... It wasn"t the huge stuff, it to be the little stuff, and that"s mine fault." Shaq additionally admitted he "just didn"t understand how" to it is in a an excellent partner.

Despite the divorce, the pair is still an extremely much on great terms. In fact, Shaunie supports she ex and is even "rooting" for his love life, follow to Page Six. In February 2021, she told the outlet she"d love to view Shaq obtain married again, adding that they"ve talked around attending his every other"s wedding. "When I see Shaq through a new woman I"ll be like, "Oh, is this the one. You re welcome let this it is in the one. Like, girl, stick in there — you obtained this"," she said. 

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During Shaunie and Shaquille O"Neal"s marriage, the pair had four kids together: Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and also Me"Arah (per People). The retired basketball player also has a daughter called Taahiral through ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yardbourgh, and also the Basketball Wives star has actually a son, Myles, from a vault relationship. Shuanie and also Shaq have actually maintained a healthy blended family, yet co-parenting wasn"t constantly easy. According to Cheat Sheet, Shaunie revealed things were "really rough" because that the an initial "five 6 years" after their split. However, they"re "great now."

The kids, that were featured top top Shaunie"s reality show, Shaunie"s home Court, which aired for two seasons between 2016 and also 2018, are also talented athletes. In fact, all 4 of Shaunie and Shaq"s children play basketball choose their famous dad, and also we"re willing to bet they"re choose up some tricks to success native their mom too. She"s built a effective career the her own as well, and also has the fortune to prove it. 

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Basketball Wives star Shaunie O"Neal is precious an estimated $35 million, according to Celebrity net Worth. Several of that riches was supposedly earned throughout her marital relationship to Shaquille O"Neal, and also she"s boosted her bottom line through her own entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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The site reports that she"s earn an exceptional salary native her duty as both a actors member and also executive producer of Basketball Wives – a reality display that follows the resides of the wives, fiancees, and also girlfriends that NBA players. Shaunie has actually been a component of the show"s initial cast because 2010, and also has appeared in much more than 100 episodes. She likewise appeared in the 2014 documentary Dumb it Down and has actually been featured top top TV shows prefer The Real, Hell"s Kitchen, and The Wendy Williams Show, according to IMDb. The reality star"s surname is also credited come multiple Basketball Wives spin-offs, including VH1"s Basketball Wives LA and Baller Wives, and also her an extremely own show called Shaunie"s home Court. In other words, this woman is busy!

"I"m just having a ball at every little thing that I"m doing," she told Black Enterprise. "And ns look front to every day and also each difficulty and in ~ the same time I"m learning."