Decatur County farm yard Bureau receives district Awards

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 10:55 am

Decatur County farm yard Bureau (DCFB) got three awards for its volunteer program at the Georgia farm Bureau (GFB) ninth District annual meeting, organized Sept. 2... Readmore| include your comment


Decatur County farm Bureau receives district Awards

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 10:55 am

Decatur County farm yard Bureau (DCFB) got three awards because that its volunteer program at the Georgia farm yard Bureau (GFB) 9th District annual meeting, organized Sept. 2... Readmore| add your comment


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Published 2:11 pm Friday, in march 19, 2010

The many common definition of unified is a state of gift undivided or oneness.

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“Hear O Israel, the Lord your God is one Lord,” Deuteronomy 6:4.

Because God is one, one set of legislations was to apply to both Israel and also foreigners, (Numbers 15:16).

Human history is a story that sin’s disruption of God’s ordained unity.

God’s idea of marital relationship is for one husband and one wife to suffer unity of life; one flesh, (Genesis 2:24).

Sin in the garden bred mistrust and accusation.

Stubbornness the will and hardness that heart continues to disrupt God’s desired unity in marriages, the home and in the church.

In the new Testament, Jesus prayed the his disciples would experience unity modeled top top the unity of Jesus’ experience with the Father, (John 17:11, 21:23). Together unity verifies Jesus, God’s sent out mission and the Father’s love because that the world. Jesus prayer because that unity was realized in the life that the beforehand church.

The first believers were together in one place. They mutual their possessions and also were of one heart and also soul, (Act 2:44, 4:32).

As in the Old Testament, sin endangered the God ordained unity. Because everyone was not on one accord and also was no in unity through God, simply as some of us room not today, us fail to monitor God’s directions. This could cause hurt to the human body of Christ.

We space one body, but many members. The an ext God blesses several of us, the an ext proud, and unthankful and also less sharing we are.

For example, Ananias and also Sapphire in the publication of Acts, thing 5, who sold a possession and also kept back component of the price. After ~ being doubted by the Apostle Peter, lock both lied come the holy Spirit and died. Castle were lugged out feet first.

The holy Spirit led the church in working out an innovative solutions that tested the church come go beyond dissension come ministry, (Acts 6:2-7, 16:35). Paul spoke repeatedly of believers together “one body in Christ.” In the 133rd publication of Psalms, it tells us in the very first verse, “behold, how great and exactly how pleasant it is because that brethren come dwell together in unity.”

If we would certainly take all of these teachings in and also walk in them ours churches, communities, jobs, schools, also our homes would be a much better place. We as a people need to come together. We need to unite in Christian love. We should be able to disagree and still have actually that unified in Christ. Love conquers every things.

As the spirit of God indwells us, we space to be joined for a common reason as Christians. That all need to be focused on satisfaction our father in heaven. Using our various gifts that the Spirit, we have to be maybe to duty effectively together the body of Christ.

The scriptures instructs us to keep the unity of the heart in the shortcut of peace. Because that there is one body, and one Spirit even as we are referred to as in one expect of ours calling.

One Lord, one Faith and one Baptism. One God and Father the all that is over all and also through all and also in united state all, (Ephesians 4:3-6).

As we usage our different ministries to serve, we space being perfected because that the work of the ministry because that edifying the body of Christ.

Jesus is on his method back, and also we space to intend his return. The is why the holy bible tells us to work while it is day because night will certainly come and no male will be able to work. The is law the will certainly of the lord without murmuring and also complaining. We will be judged according to ours works.

We room to pray, research the word of God and approach the Lord through reference, love and also a heart of repentance. That will teach us just how to deal with one one more with love and also unity, i beg your pardon will produce strength. The happiness of the mr is ours strength.

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The lord is coming ago for the church without spot or wrinkle. His born-again believers room the church. The is no coming back for the buildings or the sanctuaries.

We need to remember this chant we song in our churches: “Bless it is in the ties the bind, ours hearts in Christian love, the fellowship of kindred mental is prefer to that above.”