One is no required, by federal law, to store an anchor on board, but it is recommended. If one happens to lose power, in a solid current, one anchor can considerably improve safety. Once dropping anchor, remember never to drop anchor from stern because the weight could swamp or even capsize the boat. Tie the anchor to a bow cleats instead.

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As a general rule, save the anchor line (or rode) 7 come 10 time the depth the the water in i beg your pardon the anchor is gift dropped. One will need even much more rode if in bad or turbulent weather.



Docking is among the most complicated skills because that a boater come learn. Remember as soon as the wind is blowing, in one"s face or in ~ one"s back, it provides a far-reaching difference in how to strategy the dock.

In one"s face: If the wind is in one"s face, method the dock in ~ a steep angle. Having actually the wind in ~ one"s confront gives much more control end maneuvering the vessel. One will want to quickly method the dock, certain the bow, and also then reverse till the stern swings right into place.

At one"s back: If the wind is in ~ one"s back, one will rather need to approach the dock in ~ a shallow angle, stop, and enable the wind to journey the boat into the dock. Having actually the wind in ~ one"s earlier leaves less control.


When navigating a lock, psychic to always follow the lockmaster"s instructions. They will certainly signal once it is time to enter the lock. Military and commercial craft have actually priority. So, one will must patiently wait because that one"s turn. Additionally, one demands to it is in wearing a personal floatation device, at all times, in the lock.

Aids to navigation (ATON):

At the start of this chapter, we learned about the Aids come Navigation device (ATON) which supplies red and also green lateral markers, day-markers, and buoys to help boaters as they navigate the water.


Red Lateral Marker

Always save this marker on the starboard (right) side as soon as returning indigenous sea. Even numbers are shown on these markers and also will increase as one heads more upstream.


Green Lateral Marker

Always save this mite on the port (left) side once heading upstream or return from sea. Odd number are shown on this markers and also will increase as one heads additional upstream.

If a lateral mite is both red and green, it shows that it might be pass on either side. However, the color on top shows the preferred channel.

A good rule to remember is "Red. Right. Returning." This saying help one to remember to store red markers on the right side once returning from sea, which way when heading upstream.


Junction Buoy

This mite is used to suggest the main or preferred channel once a channel splits right into two. One may pass these buoys on one of two people side however the wanted channel is shown by whichever shade is on top. Together an example, the buoy pictured below indicates the the appropriate channel is preferred. Because green is the color on optimal one would keep it ~ above the port (left) side as soon as passing to head up the preferred channel.


Can Buoy

These buoys space green, cylindrical-shaped and display strange numbers. Keep these buoys on the port (left) side if heading in the upstream, or return direction.

Nun Buoy

These buoys are red, cone-shaped and display even numbers. Store these buoys ~ above the starboard (right) side if heading in the upstream or return direction.


Day-markers are indications which might either be red triangle with even numbers or eco-friendly squares v odd numbers. Save red mite on the starboard side and also green equipments on the port side as soon as heading upstream.

One deserve to tell if one is heading upstream or downstream by looking in ~ the number on this markers. If the number are raising as one overcome them, then one is heading upstream.

Uniform State Waterways marking System:

This system of markers is supplied to screen important info to boaters.

Control mite (Circle)

These markers indicate rules or restrictions which use to the area. This controlled locations can have speed limits, to wash restrictions, and also other regulation which should be followed so constantly adhere come the rules within the orange circle.

Hazard markers (Diamond)

These markers show danger and hazardous locations such together shoals and rocks. One deserve to use the information discovered inside the orange diamond to assist avoid this dangers. One have the right to identify this by their orange diamonds.

Informational mite (Square)

These markers provide directions, distances, and locations. One might use the information discovered inside the square to guide navigation. These markers function orange squares.

Keep-Out mite (Diamond + Cross)

These markers indicate a prohibition area i m sorry is close up door off. Because that instance, these locations could it is in sectioned turn off swim locations or locations with fragile wildlife. One of two people way, steer clear and also never cross this boundaries. These markers feature a diamond v an orange cross.

We"ve also covered mooring markers, obstruction markers, safe-water markers, and diving markers which each function with their own shape, color, or patterns. All of these markers give an essential information. So, testimonial the chapter until able to determine them reliably. Remember the a mooring marker is the only kind of mite one may moor the boat to and also that one must steer at least 100 feet clean of a diving marker to it is in safe.

Mooring Markers

These mite are offered to for sure or moor a vessel. These are the just markers which deserve to be legitimate tied come a boat, so save in mind the this marker may be attached come one.

Obstruction Markers

These markers suggest an obstruction i beg your pardon is surprise underwater. Never ever pass between this marker and also the shoreline.

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Safe Water Markers

These mite indicate areas of safe water. This markers aid one through displaying the water i beg your pardon is for sure to navigate and also by marking the visibility of channel entrances, channel centers or landfalls. One might pass these markers on one of two people side.