3 Digit global Remote Control Codes because that Sanyo TVs

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The universal code for many is 049 for a Sanyo TV.

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1. With your global remote you press the password search vital until the illuminates and then friend press and also release the TV key.

2. Next go into the three digit password (3 digit remote password page) and also the indicator light transforms off. 

3. If you go into in the wrong code the light will certainly flash rapidly.

4. Target the far at your tv and press the on/off key.

5. If your tv turns off then you have uncovered the appropriate code!

use this codes for your Sanyo TV : 054, 069, 023, 025.

If those perform not job-related then additionally try: 004, 013, 049, 108, 110, 180, 209

Codes for Sanyo TV utilizing Sony Remote 



Codes for Sanyo TV utilizing Comcast xfinity remote

10154, 10159


Codes for Sanyo TV utilizing Cox remote

0054, 0154, 0088, 0799, 1142


Codes because that SANYO TV making use of one for all remote


Codes because that SANYO TV using one for utilizing DirecTV remote - 

10154, 10088, 10107, 10146,

  10159, 10232, 10484, 10799,

  10893, 11142, 10208, 10339

Sanyo Soundbar Remote control Codes

Program your global remote control to one Sanyo Sound Bar. Use the complying with 3 and also 5 number remote codes.

Sanyo Soundbar 3 digit Remote manage Codes:590611627661683

Sanyo Soundbar 5 digit Remote control Codes:200471015410159100511025020035301893053120081215932059320000200392014921781

The above codes have presented to occupational with Sanyo soundbar models FWSB415E, FWSB405FS, FW405SB, and also FWSB405F.

If this remote codes do not work, try the password search on your CAB or sat remote…

ATT remote RC7X:Program her Sanyo soundbar come the RC7x remote control:Follow the accuse by walk to…-MENU-SETTINGS-SETTINGS & HELP-REMOTE CONTROL-AUDIO DEVICE

With DIRECTV or ATT as your cable with DIRECTV far Control:-Sanyo Soundbar on-Volume up but muted-AV1 or AV2-Press and also hold MUTE and SELECT for 2 blinks-Enter 9 9 1 and also wait 2 blinks-Enter 3-Press and also release VOL UP-Point the far at the Sanyo soundbar and keep pressing and releasing the CH increase key-When the volume changes, press select to lock in code.

If DIRECTV far controls the power of the Sanyo soundbar however not volume, try this:-AV1 or AV2-Press and also hold MUTE & SELECT-Wait because that 2 blinks and release-Enter 9 9 3-Press SELECT

Code Search making use of silver Comcast remote v a red OK/Select button:-Turn on your Sanyo sound bar-Press Aux once-Press and also hold Setup until the key blinks twice-Release Setup-Enter 9 9 1 3-The Aux key will blink twice-Press Power and aim the remote control at the Sanyo sound bar-Press CH+ until the sound bar transforms offNOTE: In the password search mode, the remote control will send IR password from its library come the selected device.

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-Press Setup as soon as to lock in the code-The Aux crucial will blink twice

With a Comcast Xfinity remote v the red yes button:-Press aux climate press and hold setup till it blinks twice-Enter password from perform above(This password will manage the volume)

With a Comcast Xfinity remote through the red ok switch – to lock to the Sanyo soundbar:-Hold setup till it blinks twice-Enter 9 9 3-Press auxTo take it the lock off and make it independent of every device:-Hold setup till the blinks twice-Press 993 climate vol+ once(Now you can select each device you desire to readjust the volume for)

The over CODE find (Remote manage Programming) approaches are composed for Comcast and DIRECTV remotes but can be used and also tried with any type of universal remote. The password search methods over are instances of just how to get your existing remote to manage your Sanyo soundbar.