Adrienne Bailon and also Rob Kardashian were really cute together. The TV stars began dating in 2007 and built a loving partnership that was caught in early episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Showing how serious castle were, they obtained tattoos of one another’s names. Yet unfortunately, they wound up break up.

Bailon later revealed she had begun the tattoo removal process, but there hasn’t been an update since then. So what’s up through Adrienne Bailon’s rob Kardashian tattoo? walk she still have actually it, or is it gone?

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Rob Kardashian and also Adrienne Bailon out together in July 2008 | Valerie Macon/Getty photos North America

Adrienne Bailon’s rob Kardashian tattoo was she idea

Kardashian revealed in the second season that KUWTK (2008) that he and Bailon had actually gone out to obtain couples tattoos — his top top his chest and hers on her butt. Bailon later explained on The Real that it was her idea to gain the ink. “So, as soon as he’s tapping it, he can see it!”

“That component definitely played right into it, friend know, lab songs the were like, ‘Cause that … is mine.’ you know? So, civilization did that, and also that was choose a cool thing to do,” she explained. “I recognize this sounds crazy, however it in reality was my idea to do it there, because in every honesty, i don’t love the watch of tattoos on me. If girlfriend notice, the the only one that I ever before got that’s in black ink. Friend couldn’t see it uneven you to be being intimate through me, which ns liked.”

Unfortunately, they damaged up the following year. The factor behind the split was not immediately known, however Kardashian later revealed top top the show that she broke up v him after the cheated top top her.

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Adrienne Bailon removes her rob Kardashian tattoo

Bailon revealed come Extra in 2014 the she had actually started the remove process, yet she would need to undergo several treatments to get it completely taken off. It appears she ultimately followed with with them, as she said In Touch Weekly in a in march interview, “It is .”

“It’s to be gone for some time,” she continued. “I feeling like, stunner enough, I never ever think around it and also I never ever see it. And also I’m thankful I have actually a husband who really doesn’t care. He’s prefer ‘We had lives before each other, shocker.’ He’s like, ‘I have kids, you have actually a tattoo. No huge deal."”

Bailon, who has been married to gospel singer Israel Houghton due to the fact that 2019, go on to keep in mind that there room just tiny ink “spots” left from her tattoo. “If I just wasn’t therefore lazy and I go one much more it would be fully gone,” she said, noting she desires to obtain it done in the next couple of years. “I absolutely desire to perform it prior to I have children — for sure. ‘Cause i don’t want my children to be like, ‘What’s that’s mom?"”

But then again, she said, “Maybe I carry out want that there. That’s a an excellent … that’s a an excellent learning lesson. The a teachable moment.”

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For his part, Kardashian later got his tattoo that Bailon’s name extended with a portrait of singer Rita Ora, who he briefly dated in 2012. It’s uncertain if he’s made any alterations to it since their split.