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Amanda Tapping (born 28 august 1965) is one English-born Canadian actress and also director. She is finest known for illustrating Samantha Carter in the Canadian–American armed forces science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. She additionally starred as Helen Magnus in the science fiction-fantasy television collection Sanctuary.

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Actress Amanda Tapping and Photographer Dennys Ilic on THE RUSH

Early life


Born in Rochford, Essex, England, she moved with her family to Ontario, Canada, as soon as she was three years old. She attended north Toronto Collegiate Institute, where she excelled in environmental Science and Drama. However, when she finished in 1984, she chose to emphasis her fist on Drama, attending the college of Windsor institution of Dramatic arts in Windsor, Ontario.



After graduation, Tapping continued to research Theatrical art while performing in numerous stage productions. She appeared in numerous television commercials and also played a variety of functions in television and film productions, such as The outer Limits and The X-Files. She likewise formed a comedy troupe, the "Random Acts", with collaborators Katherine Jackson and also Anne Marie Kerr, in Toronto in the early 1990s.


Tapping is best known for her portrayal that Samantha Carter in the science fiction television collection Stargate SG-1, which debuted in 1997. After SG-1 aired its final episode, Tapping reprised the function of Samantha Carter on Stargate Atlantis as the new commander that the Atlantis expedition. In Season 5, however, Tapping"s duty on the display was diminished to that of "special guest-star" with just occasional appearances since she decided to emphasis her attention on the advancement of a brand-new series for Syfy referred to as Sanctuary. The display expanded on an original series of eight webisodes released on the internet in 2007. The mass of the scenery and also characters were entirely green screen and also CGI creations. Tapping offered as both star and also Executive Producer that the show.


Tapping was supposedly working with William Shatner on a 2011 man webisode collection "The Zenoids", written by Alan Dean Foster. Tapping and Shatner voice characters, and Tapping is executive, management Producer.


In 2007, she won a Canadian Comedy compensation for best Actress for her role in the quick film Breakdown.

On 18 September 2012, she was actors as one angel named Naomi on Season 8 of the TV collection Supernatural. She to be a recurring character who appeared in 7 episodes.

She was additionally named together ACTRA"s 2015 mrs of the Year. ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and also Radio Artists) is the national union of professional performers functioning in Canada.

Directing experience

Tapping"s very first directing experience was during the seventh season of Stargate SG-1 on an episode title "Resurrection", created by co-star Michael Shanks. She directed the seventh illustration of Sanctuary season 2 titled "Veritas". She has directed 3 episodes (6, 8 and 10) that Primeval: new World, three episodes (2.12; 3.06; 3.07) the Continuum, and four episodes (5, 6, 9 and also 10) that Olympus and more recently directed episodes of Dark Matter, valve Helsing, The Magicians and also Supernatural. She additionally directed Season 1 illustration 12 that Netflix 2016 Original present Travelers; Tapping directed the season finale that the 2017 collection Anne v an "E".

Personal life

Tapping married Alan Kovacs in 1994. Together of 2004, she resides with she husband in Vancouver, brothers Columbia. She has two living brothers, Richard and Christopher. A 3rd brother, Steven, passed away in December 2006. Tapping has one daughter, Olivia, born on 22 in march 2005.

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Awards and also nominations

Tapping has won 6 awards, out of 13 nominations.