What is life? A rather daunting question to answer. Once you look at around, how would girlfriend categorize what you see? In biology, the broadest groupings space biotic (living) and also abiotic (non-living). This might sound simple, however it is sometimes complicated to decision whether miscellaneous is truly lively or not.Instead of defining life, the is less complicated to look at at certain characteristics. Every living points share life processes such together growth and reproduction. Many scientists use seven life processes or qualities to recognize whether miscellaneous is living or non-living
Distinguish in between living and also nonliving systemsDistinguish:Make clear the differences in between two or much more concepts or items.Living things are the organism, the is alive. Lock are consisted of of a little unit that the structure well-known as cells, which form tissues. Various tissues, in turn, incorporate to type organs and when every these organs duty together together an combined unit, referred to as as an organ system, which features in other that has a life. Castle are person beings, plants, insects, birds, animals, fungi, bacteria, algae, protozoa, etc.​Non-living things describe those things, which are not alive, i.e. The characteristic of life is absent, in them. They perform not show any trait the life, such together Reproduction, growth and also development, respiration, metabolism, adaptation, responsiveness, movement, etc

Organisms are highly organized, coordinated frameworks that consist of one or an ext cells. Even an extremely simple, single-celled organisms are remarkably complex: within each cell, atoms comprise molecules; this in turn comprise cell organelles and also other cellular inclusions
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Living things encompass both the visible civilization of animals and plants , and also the invisible human being . Top top a straightforward level, we deserve to say the life is bespeak . Organisms have actually an enormously facility organization. We"re all acquainted with the elaborate systems that the an easy unit that life, the cabinet .Life can also "work." No, not the day-to-day employment variety, but living creatures have the right to take in power from the environment. This energy, in the kind of food, is transformed to preserve metabolic processes and for survival.​Living points are made up of little self-contained units dubbed cells. Every cell is a collection of living issue enclosed by a obstacle that the end the cabinet from its surroundings. Most cells deserve to perform every the attributes we associate v life. Biology consisting of only a solitary cell are referred to as unicellular. Most of the organisms you are familiar with, however, space multicellular, an interpretation they are consisted of of plenty of cells
MovementAlthough part organisms space pretty much immobile castle will constantly have some level of self-powered movement, be it their entire body or particular body parts. Activity is evolutionarily necessary for organisms since it improves the opportunities of recording food or staying clear of capture because that both predator and prey. Organisms the aren’t able come move freely will normally have strong defenses versus predation or prolific reproduction. Every living things move in part way. This may be obvious, together as pets that are able to walk, or much less obvious, such together plants that have actually parts that relocate to monitor the activity of the sun

RespirationAll organisms use a resource of power for their metabolic activities. Part organisms catch energy indigenous the sun and also convert it right into chemical power in food (photosynthesis); others use chemical power in molecules they take it in as food (cellular respiration).

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Stimulation​All living things room able come respond to stimuli in the exterior environment. For example, living things respond to transforms in light, heat, sound, and also chemical and also mechanical contact. To detect stimuli, organisms have method for receiving information, such together eyes, ears, and taste buds.To respond effectively to transforms in the environment, an organism should coordinate that is responses. A system of nerves and a variety of chemical regulators dubbed hormones coordinate activities within an organism. The biology responds to the stimuli by method of a variety of effectors, such as muscles and glands. Power is normally used in the process.
HomeostasisAll living things are able to preserve a more-or-less consistent internal environment. They store things relatively stable on the within regardless that the conditions roughly them. The process of keeping a stable internal atmosphere is referred to as homeostasis. Human being beings, for example, keep a stable interior body temperature. If friend go exterior when the wait temperature is listed below freezing, your body doesn’t freeze. Instead, by shivering and also other means, that maintains a stable interior temperature.
GrowthLife grows and develops . This way more than just acquiring larger in size. Life organisms likewise have the ability to rebuild and also repair themselves when injured.Living organisms undergo regulated growth. Separation, personal, instance cells come to be larger in size, and also multicellular organisms accumulate numerous cells through cell division. Friend yourself began out together a single cell and also now have tens that trillions of cell in her body. Expansion depends on anabolic pathways that construct large, complex molecules such together proteins and also DNA, the hereditary material.All living points grow throughout some period of their lives.When a living thing grows, it it s okay larger and also then divides,forming two cells.When a multicell organism grows, the variety of cells in its body increases and also the biology getsbigger. Plenty of living things don’t just get larger as they grow. They also develop and change. Humans pass through various stages as they mature indigenous childhood to adulthood. Throughout these stages, the human body changes. Frogs and also butterflies have body shapes that look fully different during various stages that development.
ReproductionA living thing has the capability to produce copies of chin by the process known together reproduction. These copies are make while the organism is tho living. Among plants and straightforward animals, reproduction is frequently an expansion of the development process. More complex organisms interact in a type of reproduction dubbed sexual reproduction, in which 2 parents contribute to the development of a new individual. Throughout this process, a new mix of traits can be produced.Asexual reproduction involves only one parent, and the resulting cells are usually identical come the parental cell. For example, bacteria grow and also quickly with maturity, after i beg your pardon they split into two organisms by a process of asexual reproduction referred to as binary fission.
ExcretionExcretion is the removed of overabundance ions, water, and also metabolic wastes indigenous the body. As in every organisms, excretion in insects offer to encourage the ideal regulation (homeostasis) of the intracellular atmosphere as the vital to organismal well-being and also survival
NutritionIn order because that organisms to survive they need food for energy and also nutrients. Energy and nutrients are essential for growth, survival and reproduction. Numerous living things, such together animals, acquire nutrients by eating other organisms. Other organisms, such together plants, get food and also nutrients from their environment. Plants use power from the sun to convert carbon dioxide in the environment into sugars and their roots absorb water and nutrients indigenous the soil.
Describe the common features shared by organisms within the following main groups.For every group define examples and also their attributes as complies with (details the life cycle and economic prestige are no required):Describe: provide a thorough account or snapshot of a situation, event, pattern or process.Plants -The plants (correctly, ‘green plants’) room all multicellular and are photosynthetic. This renders them autotrophic. Plants:are every eukaryotesare all multicellularhave cell which are surrounded by a cellulose cell wallproduce multicell embryos fromfertilizedeggsexample; flower plants, conifers, mossesAnimals -The pets are multicellular organisms that gain nutrition by digesting organic matter (heterotrophic). The animals:are all eukaryotesare every multicellularare normally able to move aroundhavefertilizedeggs that develop into a ball of cells dubbed a blastulaexample; mammals, fish, amphibians, insectsFungi -The fungi space a group of organisms in i m sorry the body consists of a mycelium – a network of strands referred to as hyphae. Thecytoplasm is surrounded by a wall surface of chitin and the cytoplasm is not separated into cells. That is multinucleate (has many nuclei). The organisms of this kingdom:are all eukaryotesusually multicellular, however some can be unicellularare mainly saprophytic (cause the degeneration of necessary matter)example; mushrooms,penicillinProtoctists -The protoctists space eukaryotes. They room single-celled, except for a minority which space multicellular, Protoctistsare all eukaryotesare (generally) single-celledshow miscellaneous animal-like or plant-like featureshave one of two people autotrophic or heterotrophic nutrition (somephotosynthesizeand ingest prey, part feed usingextracellular enzymes, and some room parasites)example:algaeProkaryotes-
Describe the organic levels of organization​Describe:Give a in-depth account or snapshot of a situation, event, sample or process.
Living things have actually a level that complexity and also organization not found in lifeless objects. At its most an essential level, a living point is created of one or more cells. This units, usually too little to be seen v the naked eye, room organized right into tissues. A organization is a collection of cells that accomplish a shared function. Tissues, in turn, type organs, such together the stomach and kidney. A variety of organs working together compose an organ system. An organism is a facility series of various organ systems
Molecules- Molecules space made the atoms, the smallest unit of chemistry elements. They have the right to be uncovered in every matter, living and also non-living. Molecules comprise the most an easy structures of living beings. Two organic disciplines that emphasis on this level space biochemistry and also molecular biology
Organelles - part cells save aggregates the macromolecules surrounded by membranes; these are referred to as organelles. Organelles are tiny structures the exist within cells. ​Examples that organelles encompass mitochondria and chloroplasts, which lug out indispensable functions: mitochondria create energy to power the cell, while chloroplasts allow green tree to make use of the energy in sunlight to do sugars.
Cells - A cell is the simple unit of life. There are two kinds of cells: plant cells, which have actually a strictly cell wall made the cellulose molecules, and also animal cells, which have flexible cell membranes. Cell biologists think about questions such as metabolism and other questions about structure and function within and also between cells. Some organisms consists a single cell and others are multicellular. Cells space classified as prokaryotes or eukaryotic. Prokaryotes space single-celled or colonial organisms that execute not have actually membrane-bound nuclei or organelles; in contrast, the cells of standard scale do have membrane-bound organelles and also a membrane-bound nucleus
Tissue - In larger organisms, cells combine to do tissues, which are teams of comparable cells transferring out comparable or associated functions. Tissue is made of cell that work-related together to carry out a certain task.Epithelial -consists of tightly packed sheets that cells that cover surfaces—including the external of the body—and line body cavities. For instance, the outer layer of your skin is an epithelial tissue, and so is the lining of your little intestine.Connective -cells rely in an extracellular matrix. In most cases, the procession is comprised of protein fibers like collagen and also fibrin in a solid, liquid, or jellylike floor substance. Connective tissue supports and, as the surname suggests, connects other tissuesMuscle -essential for keeping the body upright, enabling it to move, and even pump blood and pushing food through the digestive tractNerve -involved in sensing stimuli—external or internal cues—and processing and also transmitting information. It consists of 2 main types of cells: neurons, or nerve cells, and glia
​Organs - Organs are collections of organization grouped together performing a usual function. Guts are current not just in animals but likewise in plants.The person body is comprised of several body organ systems the all work together together a unit come make sure the body keeps functioning. There room ten major organ equipment in the body, each of i m sorry plays a different role in help the body work.In one organ, different tissues occupational together to bring out a details function. These room the key organs, and their primary function:The brain controls thoughts, memory and other organs.The heart pumps blood approximately the body.The lungs separate oxygen from the air and also remove carbon dioxide from the blood.The stomach help to digest food.The intestines absorb nutrients from food.The liver removes poisons indigenous the blood.The kidneys filter blood and also produce urine.The bladder shop urine.The skin protects and also contains the various other organs.

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Organ system - an organ device s a team of anatomical frameworks that occupational together to perform a specific role or task. Although we learn about each organ system as a distinctive entity, the attributes of the body"s organ systems overlap considerably, and also your body might not function without the teamwork of every one of its organ systems. In fact, the failure of even one organ system could lead to severe disability or even deathThe human being body is created of 11 different organ systems. These encompass the following:IntegumentaryMuscularSkeletalNervousCirculatoryLymphaticRespiratoryEndocrineUrinary/excretoryReproductiveDigestive
Organisms - An biology is a recognizable, self-contained individual. Organisms can be unicellular biology such as bacteria or amoebae, or multi-cellular organisms comprised of organs and also organ systems. A human being being is an example of a multi-cellular organism.
Population - all the people of a types living in ~ a certain area are collectively called a population. For example, a forest may include many pine trees. Every one of these jaw trees stand for the populace of pine trees in this forest. Different populations may live in the same certain area