As a famous brand in the outdoor industry, Daisy Outdoor has been developing high quality air rifles for decades.

Notably, the Daisy Red Ryder 1938 is just one of the most famous and popular models that the firm has produced.


Many reviews complaining that the leather strap the comes with this gun deserve to be problematic for left-handed shooters.

This is simple fix – either eliminate the strap completely from or usage your appropriate hand to penis the lever while stop the total upward v your left hand.

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When researching this waiting rifle, I found plenty of the contrary reviews around the cocking lever.

Some reviews say it’s make of metal and also others say it’s plastic.

We’ve contacted the manufacturer and Daisy shown that the cocking lever is plastic yet you have the right to purchase a metal one to exchange it with.

They are $3 add to $3.50 because that shipping and also handling.

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This wait gun has actually blade and also ramp front sight and an adjustable rear sight that enables you to use the timeless open sight.

With the functional rear sight, you can raise the rear sight to shoot greater or reduced it come shoot lower.

It doesn’t have windage adjustment however it’s not a big deal due to the fact that the efficient shooting selection is only around 10 yards or less.

(For more on exactly how many types of waiting gun sights out there and which one is suitable for you, see this post.)


The recoil of Daisy Red Ryder is very straightforward.

When you pull the trigger, the barrel move forward an initial (due to the decompression that the coiled spring and the forward motion of the piston) and then moves backward.

This distinctive trait that the gun thus gives girlfriend a clear expertise of just how the air gun functions so you have the right to learn the feel of a genuine rifle.


Unlike various other air rifles, the Daisy Red Ryder gun no require any kind of accessories in ~ all.

No mountain or rifle scope.

However, Daisy walk make some accessories that have the right to be purchased separately such together target breaks and breakable target disks.


Daisy Red Ryder’s uncomplicated and also classic design makes maintain a breeze.

To clean the exterior parts that the gun, friend only require a soft cleaning cloth.

And girlfriend only have to put 1 or 2 oil drops to oil the hole after every 500 -1000 shots.

Daisy Red Ryder 1938 Specifications

Action: bar cocking, feather airSights: blade and also ramp front, flexible open rear.Receiver: Saddle ring v leather thongSafety: cross bolt trigger blockMaximum muzzle velocity: 350 FPSOverall length: 35.4 inchesCaliber: 0.177( 4.5mm) BBStock/forearm: stained solid woodCapacity: 650 shotsBarrel: smoothbore barrelMaximum shooting distance: 195 yardsWEIGHT : 2.2 lbs


This wait rifle is actually an extremely quiet.

It has hundreds the reviews without a solitary complaint around noise level.

With the Daisy Red Ryder, you deserve to shoot comfortably without having to invest money come buy hearing defense like other guns.

Shooting variety and intended use

The Daisy Red Ryder 1938 has an reliable outdoor shooting selection of 10 yards and an reliable indoor selection of 6 yards.

It’s great for target shoot or plinking and also for people living with minimal shooting space.

The short velocity and low penetration power of BB don’t allow you come hunt with this rifle,

But you have the right to use it come scare off the pigeons indigenous pooping on your vehicle or journey away 설 설 from her bird feeder.

It definitely helps, though!

Although the Daisy Red Ryder cannot be offered for searching or pest control, it’s ideal suited for beginner shooters, for veteran shooters who desire to have fun ,

And for anyone who desires to enjoy unlimited hours of entertain shooting and target practice.

Outdoor skilled ZacharyFowler go a funny experiment between Daisy Red Ryder BB total vs The Sparrow Slingshot in the video below:


As the this date, Daisy Red Ryder 1938 has actually a one year warranty indigenous the day of purchase.

Pros and Cons

Classic look and designCheap priceBest worth for moneySuitable because that everyoneEasy maintenanceInexpensive to shootLightweightEasy to cock and also shootHigh accuracyEasy to collection up shooting rangeLow velocityLow shoot rangeNo windage adjustmentAnnoying leather strap (solutions provided in this review)Made in China

Daisy Red Ryder 1938 Price

Daisy Red Ryder is just one of the most affordable wait rifles available, priced at only $40.

There room no accessories as well, so no frills, and the BBs room cheap.

It’s affordable for everyone and is perfect to use as a gift.

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Daisy Red Ryder 1938 customer Rating

There are several customer reviews around the Daisy Red Ryder because it is for this reason popular and also has been well-known for a if not. I’ve spanned all the important components in this review.


Daisy Red Ryder is an ext than what you expect in an wait rifle for only $40.

It’s cheap, reliable, lightweight, classic, popular and also easy to use.

I extremely recommend the for any kind of one who wants to buy a fun shooting waiting rifle for their own use, because that friends or for your families.

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In the last four years i’ve bought to Daisy 1938 waiting rifle BB guns. Castle both room similar, one looks substantially older than the other. The older is stamped the same to the newer looking, except it’s no stamped “made in China”! i seeking information on exactly how I uncover out each period of the 2 rifels and if the enlarge one has an ext value due to the fact that it was no made in China? The wood stock top top the older is much harder wood and also the new stock scratches lot mire easily, maybe also pressed wood, the veneer coating scratches turn off easily.