Okay, time because that a tiny activity, provide your mind a small nudge and also think around all the brand that have triangular logos. Just how many might you think of? Well, once I was asked to perform this activity, I might not think of an ext than one or 2 brands. Nevertheless, no issue how numerous brands one can think of, one point is for sure that not many human being are mindful of the psychology behind these specific shapes the the logos. I mean, who even give much of a believed to the logo shapes. No one right? Well, that’s wrong; all mine graphic designer readers can agree the they can read a lot more than simply a brand surname by looking at the logo shape only.

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In the world full that square and also rectangle logos, triangle logos have tendency to stand the end in the crowd. If circular symbols display unity and square logos signify power, the triangle logos indicate a an ext playful geometry that can make because that an attractive logo.

Here is another mind activity because that you, surname the vessel the holds every little thing together? That’s right; a shape has the tendency to keep every little thing intact. The key thing is the a form gives foundation to your logo design, a simple structure on which girlfriend architect your style further. While most of the developers go because that the safer route and also have your brand logo design in circles or square, just a few courageous brands take the tricky road and go because that the triangle logo and confidently own it too.

Most the the well-known brands prefer Chevron, Delta, and also CAT use triangle forms to screen innovation, momentum, stability and also direction; however, the things space not this simple. Just how you ar your triangle in your logo design says a lot about your brand, nobody can have ever thought around it, right? If your brand put the triangle ~ above its base, climate it shows religion, power and also strength. Tilt it contempt on the side, and also it shows movement, drive, passion and innovation. To provide it a totality new meaning you only have to balance the on the leaf of her logo, and also it would send the end the message of gift bold, daring, edge and also precision.

The meaning behind Triangle logos

You would think it is simply a simultaneous that countless brands love triangular logos; however, this is not the case. Brands love triangle logos because they room the perfect fusion of both square and circle shapes. The the contrary of the triangle is attractive come eyes, greatly when every the 3 sides are the same size. It does not just represent unity (because the the circle), yet it likewise shows a strong foundation (like a square).

Triangle is pretty flexible in designs; you can readjust the whole meaning of your logo only by transforming the orientation of a triangle. The best thing around this form is you deserve to substitute that for various other letters the the alphabet too which consists of “A” and also “V”. That’s a lot of versatility from one form only, therefore let’s take a look in ~ the famous brands making use of the triangle in their logo and see what actually they represent through them.

Are girlfriend excited to explore the definition behind these brand logos? Well, ns am, for this reason let’s relocate forward.


The sharp, bolder triangle shape of the assumption: v logo combined with the bright red colour makes a standout style that sends out the blog post of passion and strength. Every guess fan deserve to see the love through the clothes that castle make. In that is logo, the triangles are integrated throughout from the outline and also the period of the question note in a means that tagline is angled. The stamp mirrors the free-spirited and glamorous aura the the brand because that the target audience.



Partek empowers scientists to make scientific breakthroughs in human being genetics, condition relationships, drug discoveries, diagnoses and condition treatments. A triangle in Partek present compassion and peculiarity the a scientific organization requirements to portray. Its logo design is the perfect representation of strength and stability.


Google Drive

The logo of Google drive manages to portray a many of interpretations in one icon even though that is pretty an easy apparently. Every triangular side is a various colour and also shows among the many features of Google drive. Blue is for Docs, green is because that Sheets, and yellow is for Slides.

Moreover, by making use of the triangle in the circle, Google has concentrated on the trinity of services, it gives while likewise showing exactly how all your info is certain in a safe and also enclosed structure.


Google Play

The logo of Google play has actually undergone numerous changes, however one point that has constantly remained the same is that is signature layout of a triangle on its side. The triangle in the logo shows the play butting i m sorry you would certainly often uncover on Netflix and DVD remotes.

Moreover, Google further helped to push its branding through totting up all the color of the company and now whenever us come across any similar colours; our mind subconsciously connects them to Google. This is the kind of influence Google logo has actually on us.


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Palace Skateboard

If you wish to have a sneak emergence to the 90s pop culture, then have actually a look in ~ the logo design of palace Skateboard, as it takes all the associations of difficult triangle logos and also mixes castle expertly. The logo style of palace Skateboard mirrors the true essence of skating, which is technical, complicated and fun. all our skateboarders can agree with that. The logo does this using an optical illusion to develop a 3D triangle through the help of wordmark inserted at each side.



It is one Italian clothing firm established in 1922, initially they began with the production of the apparel for Alps people only, yet later the brand increased its product category and introduced apparel for all species of people. If girlfriend look at the logo closely, friend will notice that A in the triangular kind shows the durability and also stability that the brand

Moreover, it also shows the softer next of the brand since of the curved corners. Stability and also durability room what all the customers look because that in a brand which FILA provides through its triangle A, see just how much a triangle have the right to do for her brand?



Home and also Garden tv is famously recognized as HGTV is well famed for their garden and home innovation content and not simply on TV, yet you deserve to see their fame top top blog and also YouTube together well.

The triangle top top the logo has made the brand homier and gave that a an ext realistic picture. The blue color of the logo is pretty inviting and signifies intelligence as well.



In this modern-day world wherein we check out all type of negative news top top TV, trusting someone sufficient to allow them remain in our residence is a pretty big deal. The last thing everybody wants today is a theif or possibly a murderer in the house. Nevertheless, Airbnb does simply that, the marketing genius that the Airbnb logo shows strength through the logo. The triangular form signifies strength; however, the rounded corners are pretty inviting. 

The co-founder defined that the symbol intends to send the end the blog post of belonging come the audience. The circular facets in the logo present a sense of community. Moreover, if friend look in ~ the logo closely, you can see a house in the shape of A, which bring the audience ago to the brand mission and also name.



The founder the Reebok readjusted its logo design to a segmented and soft triangle in 2014. Initially the company aimed to reach out to the athletes only; however, when they included the basic public in your audience, lock softened your triangle.

The rounded edges and the squared-off corners room not much of a significant change, however it has readjusted the as whole personality that the brand and also evoke dependability to the buyers.


Spire Holistic Health

If you room Health firm trying to be more welcoming and also trustworthy, then there can not be anything much better than going because that the rounded triangles. One of the many companies that have capitalized top top this ide is Spire. The triangular design of the logo along with the circular bottom provides the form of a leaf which is another an effective symbol in natural and organic medicine.

The green colour of Spire is intimately linked with nature, wellbeing, and calm. The colour of the logo provides a notable distinction to the feel so you need to be sure which colours you are selecting for your logo design as it can affect your logo.



There is no denying come the truth that Toblerone is just one of our all-time favourite chocolate, the many surprising thing about this coco is, that is not famed for the cacao only but for the hidden meaning as well.

The triangular hill on the logo design shows the most famous peak the Switzerland mountain Matterhorn, and also if friend look at it closely, girlfriend can even see a bear hidden inside it cunningly. The be affected by each other in the coco shows the cloak of arms of the city whereby they started the chocolate. Over there is absolutely some visual affect of Toblerone’s mountains.



If you have actually boarded ~ above the aircraft of Qantas, you have the right to see the really brilliance that the logo as that is the precise replica of the tail that Qantas planes. Nevertheless, if you take trip frequently, then you have to be mindful of the exhilarating feeling of walking v the gate of the plane.

The logo of the Qantas evokes the exact same feeling in an individual, just by looking at it, friend would want to book the next flight to your dream destination and experience the thrill again. The triangle form in the Qantas logo is the perfect example of making use of the shapes to beseech a feeling connected with the brand.



The logo design of the CAT is the perfect example of completely triangles into a font. The major slab lettering is adorned masterfully v a basic yet attractive yellow triangle. The key purpose that the firm is to create different equipment for the structure sites, and everybody deserve to agree to the reality that triangles space pretty an essential in architectural design. Combine triangle in the CAT logo is the perfect choice of the shape.

Moreover, the colour likewise matches those used on the hats the constructors wear and also other apparel of the constructors; therefore, that is pretty comparable to those in the target audience of the company.


DLF Building

DLF building logo is the perfect representation of strength, stability and reliability. The organization is all about constructing brand-new buildings and also no one have the right to disagree come the truth that of every the sectors in the human being construction industry has to represent the values of strength and also stability. The triangle in the logo design shows just how brick by brick they build the whole building for your customers. Each triangle in the logo shows their values and also integrity. Triangles are pretty vital in the building sites, most constructers understand that because of this most these organizations prefer including triangles in your logos.


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Even if your brand surname is in some other language than English, friend still have actually many options to showcase its an interpretation such as shapes and also icons. Mitsubishi is the perfect blend of two words Mitsu i m sorry translates into three and Hishi the a Japanese native which defines a diamond shape.

Every diamond you check out in the brand mirrors something concerned the success, reliability and integrity that the brand. every these facets of the brand combine together to kind the famed triangle logo, which can be known instantly.


Delta Airlines

Well, this is among a few airline providers who has undergone 20 changes in the logo due to the fact that the year 1928. But one point that remained in the logo throughout this time is its form which is the triangle. The name of the organization stands for the Delta letter in Greek, a triangle represents it, and the sign displays a jet paris overhead. Merged through the blood-red colour the persuasive symbol shows power, leadership and trust.



There is hardly ever before a human being who is no a crazy fan of the Adidas products; everyone is constantly in awe of the quality assets that sends away the article of power and athletics. You might think the Adidas’ logo was created by chance; however, this is no the case. The sloped triangle offers the picture of a mountain which represents all the hurdles that an athlete goes v in the quest of your dreams.

The credit transaction for this catchy and meaningful logo design goes come the designer that Adidas the spoke the article straight v the logo. Moreover, if you check out it through your keen eyes you would understand the steep slope additionally create the pointer of power and also speed, these are the characteristics that the sporting activities freak look for them in the sporting goods.

Moreover, the colour system of the logo design is white and also black, i beg your pardon is the standard mix liked by everybody; you deserve to never walk wrong v the combo the black and white. The colour scheme makes it less complicated for castle to publish on different kinds the sportswear and also all the devices they sell.



Kenwood is ours go-to brand for our kitchen accessories, it is in it the microwave or automatic washing maker this brand has it all and also most importantly offers top-notch quality products too. Also by looking in ~ the surname of the brand, girlfriend can notice that Kenwood is the combination of two different words.

The name “Ken”, it is frequently a name given to boys both in USA and Japan and the indigenous “wood” i m sorry signifies long life and also durability that its products.

The straightforward sans-serif font is clean looking and contemporary and is pretty convenient to read even if you check out it from afar. Moreover, also by looking at the triangle, you can recognize the brand. This is how a tiny icon have the right to have a significant impact on her logo and how a just logo have the right to have an effect on her audience.



Well the logo of HSBC definitely stands out in the market because of the reality that it does no use only one triangle, yet it is the combination of 6 triangles, which renders a unique and red hourglass icon. Over there is no denying come the reality that HSBC is one of the many identified banks out there, and main credit goes come the brand logo design as it assisted HSBC acquire popularity and brand recognition.

If looked in ~ it with the to crawl eyes, one have the right to see that two out of 6 triangles are inserted in the negative space of the logo. It is one of the many widely used design concepts that make use of blank space to build elements and also is much more noticeable come the audience.


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Who here remembers Alcatel mobile call brand? The 90s babies should be already aware of this brand; that is one more brand the substitutes a triangle because that a letter A. The designer allow his an imaginative juice flowing and also went v the center A only rather of switching both A’s in their name. In return, that has developed a symmetry which screens both triangles secured by the same amount that letters.

Just favor Kenwood, the incorporation of the triangle in the logo aided in creating a distinct logo the is not straightforward to obtain with the continuous typeface, an especially the sans serif fonts that are currently on-trend.



All the crazy bikers must currently be conscious of this famous brand; their bikes space proof of element quality. The existing logo that Ducati each other a shield painted in the dark red tone. The main meaning of this logo design is victory, and the colour is claimed to it is in the top indicator the Italian motorsports and auto sports.

If friend look at it closely, you will notification that the contemporary Ducati logo design is favor a red coloured reverse triangle or a water drop through the smooth rounded corners. The center of the logo shows the Ducati inspiration along with the curve line that reminds united state that this brand’s motorcycles aimed to stand for the speed.


Chicago Bull

Only those who space obsessed with attention to information can understand the real an interpretation of the Chicago Bull logo, the arduous figure of Chicago Bulls is the enjoy of the team eagerness to attain and maintain the success in the lifetime of the uncompromising fight. The bull’s challenge forms the shape of a triangle and also wears a fierce expression. The red blush and also blood-covered horn tips, however, signifies the striving spirit of the team to obtain young blood rather than slaughtering a rival.

The colour combination of black, red and white in the logo display the combination of attributes that makes a pure sportsman which space determination, excellence, endurance, power, vigour and also elegance. The emblem of Chicago Bull is the perfect representation of how logos must be.



If you are a designer, you would agree triangle is one of the trickiest shape to obtain right because that the logo architecture structure. However, when used effectively, that has much more impact 보다 the consistent square. What you should be clear about is that exactly how versatile triangles deserve to be, in part cases more than squares and circles.

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As friend must have gauged already from this short article that how the smallest triangle can have a significant impact and other times it is just the smart usage of the negative space the becomes the central element that the logo. Us hope this article has helped you learn about the brand through their logo meaning and how crucial shapes are in logo designing. Currently that you have an abundance of inspiration, exactly how are friend going to do your logo to stand out from the crowd? Time to placed your brain to occupational now.