Actress and singer Raven-Symone has actually been a small-screen fixture because she was barely the end of diapers, parlaying her an initial major duty on The Cosby Show into a career that"s lasted 3 decades and also shows no signs of stopping. Aside from her celebrated work in the entertainment industry, Raven-Symone has also earned huge bucks v a licensing resolve one that the biggest companies in the world that"s rumored to it is in worth hundreds of millions the dollars.

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From her early on life in Atlanta, Georgia, come working v Ford Models and appearing in commercials because that the likes that Ritz Crackers and Cool Whip, come attending the Park college in upstate brand-new York and landing a life-changing duty after capturing producers" eyes thanks to an not successful audition because that the bill Cosby-starring family members comedy Ghost Dad, Raven-Symone has actually barely quit working. Thankfully, every those year of difficult graft have actually earned her a much more than sizable fortune.

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Raven-Symone appeared as Olivia top top The Cosby Show"s last three seasons, which made her a family name, leading to countless roles including her voice occupational for Disney"s Kim Possible, and also even headlining her own hugely famous show, That"s for this reason Raven, likewise for Disney. More recently, she appeared on addictive fact competition show The masking Singer, and also had a starring function on Black-ish, and also spin-off Raven"s Home, which essentially picked up from whereby That"s so Raven left off (she likewise serves together executive producer top top the show).

Raven-Symone is an achieved singer, too, having kicked turn off her second career as soon as she was simply 7 year old. Raven-Symone originally trained v none other than Missy Elliott, releasing she debut album, Here"s to brand-new Dreams in 1993. She"s got four studio albums total, together with appearing on various compilations and also soundtracks. In 2018, Raven-Symone perfect her degree at the Academy of arts University, having studied all at once with hosting duties on talk show The View indigenous 2015-2016.

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The actress and singer is very smart v her fortune, revealing throughout a recent Instagram Live interview, "I haven"t touch my Cosby money," (via Us Weekly). She still it s okay residuals native the struggle show, too. There"s part confusion over her network worth, however, as provided by Celebrity net Worth, since of a figure floating approximately of $400 million. This source from an unsubstantiated report in relationship to revenue earned indigenous Raven-Symone"s long-running partnership through Disney but, also if she did stand to pocket a sizeable chunk that profits, she would still only get, say, 10% i beg your pardon wouldn"t average a personal net worth of $400 million.

However, she is precious a kind chunk of readjust at $55 million come date, much of which surely came from her numerous Disney projects. Together Raven-Symone said The Los Angeles Times of her decision to companion up v them again, "Disney interpreted me. ...I love them forever for embracing me."