Le 14 juillet (July 14), la Fête Nationale Française (French nationwide Day).Philippe Lejeanvre / Getty Images

Knowing exactly how to talk about the day is important for making reservations and also appointments. Dates are a small bit different in French than English, yet they're not difficult once you find out the rules and also formulas.

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questioning the date

The simple question, "What"s the date?" is an extremely simple:Quelle est la date? (click come hear that pronounced)You can also ask because that a an ext specific date:Quelle est la day aujourd"hui? What"s today"s date?Quelle est la date de (la fête, ton anniversaire...)?What day is (the party, your birthday...)?Note the quelle is the only means to analyze "what"here; you cannot say things choose "qu"est-ce que la date" or "qu"est-ce qui est la date."

saying the date

To speak what the date is, the most necessary thing to remember is that the number must precede the month. Usage this construction:C"est + le (definite article) + cardinal number + monthC"est le 30 octobre.C"est le 8 avril.C"est le 2 janvier.The first day the the month is a tiny different—you have to use the ordinal number: premier(first) or 1er (1st):C"est le premier avril, C"est le 1er avril.C"est le premier juillet, C"est le 1er juillet.Informally, for all of the above, you deserve to replace C"est through On est or Nous sommes:On est le 30 octobre.Nous sommes le premier juillet.If you desire to incorporate the year, just tack it on to the end:C"est le 8 avril 2013.On est le 1er juillet 2014.Nous sommes le 18 octobre 2012.Idiomatic expression: Tous les 36 du mois - when in a blue moon

writing the Short form of days

When writing the short form of the date in French, the is more important than ever before to remember that the work goes first, complied with by the month. This is basic for brothers English speakers, due to the fact that they use the same format as the French, however can be really confusing for American English speakers.

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Asking and also Answering

There space a few different recipe you require to understand in order come talk about the work of the mainly in French.

To answer, simply un-invert one that the verb-subject pairs above and then say the day that the week. Therefore "It's Saturday" deserve to be said: