Transfer data using Wi-Fi on her system.Connect a computer system (Windows/Mac) come an access point, and then attach your mechanism with the computer through the same accessibility point. Her system and also the computer system must be linked to the exact same network.

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Before performing this procedure, you have to do the following:

For a PCH-1000 series system, insert a memory card for the PS Vita system.Link a Sony to chat Network account through your system.Set increase your device so that it can attach to the accessibility point the the computer system is linked to.Connect your computer to the Internet.

Preparing for first-time use

You must register your system with the computer.

Registering your device with the computer

Perform this procedure through your mechanism near the access point.

1.In the content Manager Assistant, permit the Network link Settings.Windows:Right click the content Manager Assistant icon in the notice area of the taskbar, and then select the > > checkbox to set a checkmark.Mac:Click the contents Manager Assistant symbol in the menu bar, and also then choose the > > checkbox to collection a checkmark.2.On her system, choose (Content Manager) > .3.Select (PC) > (Wi-Fi).4.Select .Follow the screens to finish the operation. A perform of computers that have the right to be associated will it is in displayed.5.Select the computer system you desire to affix to her system.On the computer system screen, a number vital to register the computer system will be displayed.6.Enter the number presented on the computer system screen right into your system and also then select .After the computer system is registered, choose to transfer data in between your system and the computer.

Up come eight tools can be registered to every computer and also system. Unnecessary gadgets can be deleted in the complying with ways:

To delete a machine from a computer, select the an equipment you desire to delete top top the screen that perform registered devices under > in content Manager Assistant, and also then click .To delete a machine from your system, pick (PC) > (Wi-Fi) and also then pick (Options) > ~ above the display screen that perform registered devices.

Transferring data

You deserve to transfer data once a computer and also your system are in ~ the variety of an access point. Do this procedure v your system near the access point.

1.On your system, pick (Content Manager) > .2.Select (PC) > (Wi-Fi).A list of registered computer systems will be displayed.If the perform is not displayed, follow the on-screen accuse to register computers.3.Select the name of the computer system you want to connect to her system.When the computer connects successfully, the following display screen appears. Monitor the on-screen indict to finish the operation.Connected to pc screen.

When you have trouble connecting

A firewall or other security measures mounted on your computer might avoid a connection between your system and also the contents Manager Assistant. Communication in between your system and also the content Manager Assistant can be likewise prevented once ports crucial for the content Manager Assistant to run are unavailable because of various other applications mounted on your computer. If such instances occur, the complying with reference info might assist you make a connection.

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Content Manager Assistant connects come your device when the Network link Settings is enabled. The harbor numbers provided by the contents Manager Assistant are:

TCP: 9309UDP: 9309

If you require to set your firewall or other security software program to do an exemption for the contents Manager Assistant, right here are the default places where the regimen is installed:

Windows (32bit): C:Program FilesSonyContent Manager AssistantCMA.exeWindows (64bit): C:Program records (x86)SonyContent Manager AssistantCMA.exeMac: /Applications/

In addition to the information detailed here, top the for your network devices and the documentation listed with software.

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