The instance of the Violent Vest

Advertising executive, management Herman Albright is in the wrong location at the dorn time attract the dorn clothes. This mistakes cost negative Herman his life in a case of mistake identity.

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Few points pair much better with watching television than a huge bowl the potato chips. There space dozens of choices out there. You want "em thick or thin? Barbecue, sour cream & onion, or salt & vinegar? Ridges? Kettle cooked or baked?

That gift said, dozens the brands have come and gone end the decades. Frankly, this list might go on because that ages, what through all the small local friers pumping out tins that potato chips ago in the day. They came in cans, they came in boxes. Today, you deserve to still find these lover cult brand tucked away approximately the country, like Herr"s, Humpty Dumpty and also Granny Goose.

We"re going to stick with more national brand here. Perform you mental seeing this — or also eating them? What execute you miss out on the most?

1. Tato Wilds


The Keebler elves gained X-TREME like many post–Mountain Dew brands in the 1990s with Tato Wilds. "Rip right into something wild!" the advertising dares, as if eat a bag that snacks to be akin come surfing the phibìc Shore. Just how wild to be they? They were waffled!

Image: Keebler

2. Crunch Tators


The desired snack that Kevin McCallister, Frito Lay moved this new product in Home Alone. He had a bag that Mighty Mesquite in the movie, yet there to be a Hoppin" Jalapeño top top offer, too, as soon as these things were ~ above the shelves in the late-"80s, early-"90s.

Image: Home Alone / 20th Century Fox

3. O"Gradys


Like lock thick? O"Gradys were for you. Girlfriend could practically flip these choose a coin. The cheesy Au Gratin flavor to be a specific favorite.

Image: YouTube

4. Ozark


Beloved by those living in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and other central states in the 1970s, Ozark chips lugged sweetness and spice. And also grease.

Image: neatocoolville / Flickr

5. Dittos


Laura Scudder"s introduced this Pringles-like chip circa the early on 1970s. You deserve to tell through the truth that Jamie Farr and Tom Bosley space two celebs in the ad. Like, Pringles, they were made indigenous potato flakes and also stamped right into the very same shape, therefore the name.

Image: Yesterdish

6. Chipos


Hey, this cross-hatched chips were doing Tato Wilds two years earlier and not being so braggy about it.

Image: general Mills

7. Hostess Grape, Orange and also Cherry Potato Chips


Blame Canada. North of the border, Hostess is a significant player in the chip game. In the 1970s, briefly, the company boldly launched fruit flavors, which to be akin come dumping a packet of Kool-Aid in her bag. Unsurprisingly, castle flopped, yet some still insurance claim to it is in haunted by the aftertaste.

Image: Hostess

8. Planters


The peanut people got right into the chip biz through this tall can of Pringles clones. "Now there are two stack potato chips in town," the advertisement boasted. In fact, they had nuns take it a taste test. "It"s taste much more like the potato I supplied to get ago in Donegal," one ireland sister declared.

Image: Planters

9. Blue Bell


Potato chips in a box! they don"t acquire smashed! Brilliant!

Image: Vintage Adventures

10. Muhammad Ali Potato Chips


The greatest tried come launch a line of snacks in the early 1990s. Lock were not the greatest.

Image: eBay / dogscountry

11. Daddy crisp


For several reasons, you will not check out a comeback of this brand. Most of all, due to the fact that it supplied the oily tagline, "Love her daddy."

Image: YouTube

12. O"Boisies


"O"Boisies space o"boisterous!" the solder proclaimed, upping the vocabulary level of the mean commercial break.

Image: Keebler / YouTube

13. Joey Chips


General Mills threw some corn into the batter v Joey Chips in 1967.

Image: basic Mills

14. Chipsters


Nabisco had its very own processed, boxed potato "snack," too.

Image: Nabisco

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O"Grady"s loaded Thick Cut...I think all of theirs are...were the ballz. With a huge grilled Reuben, the thick cut...jeeezus.
ns loved Ozark BBQ chips as a boy in Indiana. Grippos is an extremely similar, sad they space not sold in Florida.
10 years back , we might buy "Old Dutch" , a full pound that potato chips in a crate of 2 half pound bags because that under a buck , Why every the greed ?
together a fruit fanatic who all-time favourite potato chip is the Lay’s “Do united state a Flavor” contestant mango salsa...which should’ve won and also become standard...I in reality really desire to try #7. :3
O"Gradys (the continuous flavor) were terrific chips to dip in french onion, usually nation Fresh or Dean"s.I miss out on the old layout Pringles rippled thick crisps. The closestly I"ve discovered today to that flavor (but not the rippled texture) space Lays Stax regular flavor. Store telling mine kids, "This is what Pringles used to taste like."
That"s no Tom Bosley in the DITTOS ad. L to R Stanley Adams, Jamie Farr, ?, Mike Mazurki, Len Lesser.

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It"s the actors from "The Chicago Teddy Bears". You"d think a site that was all about classic TV would have actually known that.
Absolutely correct! Tom Bosley never appeared in the series. He was doing Shasta Soda commercials in the early 1970s when that bomb that a series aired.

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The case of the Violent Vest

Advertising executive Herman Albright is in the wrong place at the dorn time attract the dorn clothes. This mistakes cost negative Herman...

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