Medically reviewed by Elaine K. Luo, M.D., specialty in inner medicine — written by kathleen Davis, FNP top top February 28, 2020

A stye is a painful red bump that establishes on the top or reduced eyelid, close to the eyelashes. Styes, or hordeolums, room a kind of abscess.

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Bacteria cause most styes. The majority will resolve on their own within 1–2 weeks and do no require medical treatment. The said, applying a warmth compress may aid speed increase the stye’s healing.

In this article, learn an ext about styes, consisting of their causes, symptoms, and treatment options.

Share ~ above PinterestIt might take 1–2 weeks because that a stye to settle without treatment.
Without treatment, a stye often tends to last because that 1–2 weeks, till it resolves on its own.

However, treatment provides it possible to get rid of a stye a couple of days sooner. This involves applying a warmth compress to the stye to assist it drain quicker.

Styes are not contagious. Lock can affect anyone of any kind of age, yet it is not possible to record a stye from another person.

Styes build due to regional inflammation that the oil-producing glands in the eyelids.

A stye usually establishes over a couple of days. The often begins with pain and redness in ~ the sheet of the eyelid.

After around a day, a little bump appears. The bump may soon become an extremely painful. It might look favor a pimple v pus inside.

There might be tearing, light sensitivity, and a scratchy feeling, as though there is something in the eye. Over there may additionally be redness and swelling the the eyelid.

Typically, the bump will pop and release pus after ~ a couple of days. This relieves the pain, and also the bump will go away.

It is necessary to note that a stye have to not cause changes in vision.


Staphylococcus aureus is the bacterium normally present on the skin. It additionally causes practically 95% the styes.

The insides and also outsides that the eyelids have countless oil glands. The oil help lubricate the lashes and also is part of ours tear fluid.

Sometimes, this oil glands can come to be clogged through dead skin cells and also bacteria. This leader to inflammation and also infection, producing a stye.

Some components that can cause styes include:

touching the eye after wiping or cleaning the nosetouching the eye with unwashed handsputting in dirty call lensesusing old cosmeticshaving high cholesterol levelshaving belpharitis, or swelling of the eyelidshaving diabeteshaving skin conditions such as rosacea or seborrheic dermatitis

Another kind of stye is an interior hordeolum. This occurs when the meibomian gland, under the eyelid, i do not care infected.

Treatment options

The following treatment alternatives may help alleviate the symptoms and eliminate a stye quicker.

Warm compresses

Applying a warmth compress because that 15 minutes 4 times per day is the best method to get rid of a stye quickly.

Once the stye starts to drain, a human being should save using a heat compress until the bump is gone.

How to apply a warmth compress

Wash the hands v soap and water to remove all dirt and also bacteria that can worsen the stye.Wet a clean washcloth with warm water and also hold it over the stye.When the washcloth cools, reheat that with warmth water and also put it earlier over the stye.Continue to apply the warm compress because that 15 minutes.Remove the compress and also gently massage the eyelid v a one motion. Make sure that the fingers are clean. Dry the area v a clean, soft washcloth.

When a person uses a heat compress to a stye, the bump will temporarily obtain bigger, before popping chin in a couple of days. This relieves the pain, and the bump will certainly then go away.

Pain relievers

Over-the-counter pains relievers such together acetaminophen and also ibuprofen can help with symptom of pain.

However, doctors tend not to recommend topical antibiotics.

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Other tips

It is necessary to never squeeze or try to popular music a stye. Popping it have the right to spread the epidemic to other locations of the eye. The stye will ultimately pop top top its own.

To aid speed up recovery, do not use eye assembly or call lenses until the stye is gone.