Older gamings are enduring a comeback and also are popular among retro gamers using emulators. Emulation allows them come play gamings like Pokemon Emerald, and also use cheat in them. However, through so many cheat password to select from, what have to you use?

We gathered some of the best Pokemon Emerald cheats below for you. Some of these have distinctive requirements and may not job-related well with other cheats, though. While making use of cheats can be risky, over there are methods to stay safe indigenous corrupted files and crashes.

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Choose your GBA Emulator

Other than modified video game Boy Advances, you deserve to play Pokemon Emerald or other video game Boy title on a game Boy advancement emulator. GBA emulators deserve to be downloaded because that free, though some have actually paid versions as well.

The best complimentary GBA emulators you can download right currently are:

mGBAVisualBoy AdvanceNo$GBA EmulatorBatGBAHigan GBA EmulatorOpenEmu

mGBA and also VisualBoy advancement are amongst the ideal GBA emulators friend can gain right now. The latter gets continuous updates and also fixes, and it operation on practically anything.

We recommend VisualBoy development because the runs every GBA gamings under the sun, including Pokemon Emerald, there is no issues. ROM hacks are one more issue entirely, however standard GBA ROMs all work-related properly with VisualBoy Advance. Friend can likewise enter cheat codes v this emulator and also many others.

mGBA is our next pick because of its simplicity and also how it enables for ROM patches. Setup it increase takes very tiny technical expertise.

OpenEmu is the finest GBA emulator for macOS. The others space unavailable top top Mac, therefore you’ll have actually to get OpenEmu come play Pokemon Emerald.

Armed through your GBA emulator and ROM the Pokemon Emerald, you have the right to start inputting cheats. Your GBA emulator should have actually a cheat’s tab whereby you have the right to copy and paste lock in.

Best Pokemon Emerald cheats for use on a GBA (or GBA Emulator)

Before we obtain into utilizing cheat codes, below are some points you must know about them:

Don’t usage Too numerous at Once

Using too many cheat password at when can result in crashes or even file corruption. In the best-case scenario, you only have to disable them because that the game to job-related again. Sometimes, girlfriend may have to start your video game from the beginning due to a corrupted file.

Save her Game prior to Using

If you conserve your game prior to using cheats, you can come ago to your development later. It provides some insurance, and you don’t risk shedding your data.

Turn off Cheats After utilizing Them

If you offered cheats to get specific items in any type of game, including Pokemon Emerald, you have to turn them turn off to stop the chances of crashing. Doing therefore ensures that your items remain in your inventory in a worst-case scenario.

With these out of the way, let’s take it a look at the cheat codes.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: understand Code

Before you enter other cheats, you should activate the understand code for the rather to work. Several of them, favor the grasp Ball cheat, don’t need a understand code. However, it would aid if you had it energetic all the same if you desire to move cheats.

The master code is:

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5

A86CDBA5 19BA49B3


The an initial one needs you to activate the cheat and also then looking in ~ your pc in Pokemon Emerald. The following one asks the you examine the nearest Pokemart instead. For both, you have to deactivate them as soon as you’ve finished gaining Rare Candies.

The very first item in either of the locations should be a rarely Candy. If not, you can enter the cheat and shot again.

If you store the cheat on, your Bag and PC will swiftly fill up through Rare Candies, and you won’t have the ability to get various other items. That’s why friend shouldn’t keep it set off for also long.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: EXP

There’s an unlimited EXP cheat if friend don’t want to usage your limitless supply of rarely Candies. It offers you 9,999 EXP every battle, and with it, you have the right to level any type of Pokemon up in a portion of the time you generally need. Keep fighting wild Pokemon come max out your roster.

The cheat consists of five currently of code:



Once you’re excellent walking with the walls, you must go back to a constant location and turn the cheat password off. There’s no telling what will occur if you continue to be out of bounds and also then deactivate the cheat.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Shiny

Shiny Pokemon room individual Pokemon that a particular species that have a different appearance. However, they’re an overwhelming to encounter. The possibilities of detect a shining Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald room 1 in 8912 encounters.

If you don’t desire to “Shiny hunt,” together the neighborhood calls it, you deserve to use this cheat to make all the Pokemon you uncover Shiny. They’re not inherently superior in terms of abilities, however they look at unique.

The code is:

F3A9A86D 4E2629B4

18452A7D DDE55BCC


The very first one makes every little thing in Pokemarts cost-free Master Balls, while the other one makes only the very first option a understand Ball. It still shows up as one more item but buying it for no money tho nets you grasp Balls.

When you have enough, you need to turn the cheat off. Friend don’t desire to have actually too many at once and not have the ability to pick anything else up. Once you run out, girlfriend can constantly use the cheat again and also buy more.

The best GameShark Cheats for Pokemon Emerald

Other than a couple of of the cheats we discussed, there room other good GameShark cheats for Pokemon Emerald. They have the right to let friend encounter legend Pokemon or do various other things no ordinarily possible.

The cheats because that walking through walls and also getting glowing Pokemon already mentioned are GameShark codes. Here are a few more:

Code because that Encountering Deoxys

Here’s a password to get encounter Deoxys anywhere:

25214170 0AB256A2

FFA6733C EE552E68

2E7B7A58 D0781742

798A3738 3F94DB5D

Code because that Encountering Charizard

To uncover Charizard anywhere, use this code:

25214170 0AB256A2

547D682A C32E071E

2E7B7A58 D0781742

D52902CA 343CF38A

Code because that Encountering Dragonite

If you desire to record Dragonite, this code helps:

25214170 0AB256A2

EF4835B3 519FF2C8

2E7B7A58 D0781742

D52902CA 343CF38A

Code for complimentary Daycare

Breeding Pokemon costs money, yet if you’re a little short on Poke, use this code:


Code for fast Egg Hatch

This cheat allows you hatch eggs quickly:










Code for limitless Safari Time

You have the right to stay in the Safari for as lengthy as you desire while this cheat is active:


Code for countless Safari Balls

With this cheat, you have the right to use as many Safari Balls as you great to record Pokemon:


Code for recording Safari Pokemon Easily

When you require to record ‘em all, usage this code:



Everything Is also Easy

With cheats, Pokemon Emerald becomes a laughably simple game. You deserve to wipe noþeles out v cheats or get countless Master Balls. It’s a fun way to mess approximately in this video game if you have actually the time.

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What room your favorite cheats in Pokemon Emerald? have actually you ever discovered a negative Egg? Tell us in the comments ar below.