Most of united state born in the so late 1990s to beforehand 2000s have the right to not only recognize the Phineas and also Ferb theme song, however can likely sing the word because that word. Surprisingly though, the band that sang the iconic tune is extensively unknown.

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The theme song, title "Today is Gonna be a great Day", was initially written and also performed by Bowling for Soup, a pop punk band began in 1994. They went on to reach mainstream success in the beforehand 2000s with their 4th album, Drunk enough to Dance with a Grammy nominated song "Girl all the poor Guys Want". Your success ongoing to rise with that of the pop punk genre together a whole during the early on 2000s, together with bands such as sum 41, Blink-182 and basic Plan.

Since 1994, Bowling because that Soup have actually released 10 studio albums, 4 compilation albums and also 2 live albums. Their sound has remained fairly consistent throughout your career, in addition to a specialized fan basic of end 3 million monthly Spotify listeners.

If you choose the Phineas and Ferb theme tune or just want to check out an ext of this good band, below are few of my favourite songs:

“A really Cool run Song” is Bowling for Soup’s hilarious effort at producing a track with popular music roots come appeal to the shift from pop punk’s popular to popular music in the late 2000s. While, i think, succeeding in developing a more pop centric song, they additionally make funny of it, with lyrics like “who the hell room we foolin'? This isn't what us really do...But it's gonna be yes, really funny, 'cos this tune will it is in number one”, implying that their transition towards popular music is every in great fun.

Their most popular song, with nearly 200 million theatre on Spotify, “1985” lives up to its first-place status. Including fun lyrics v a most 80s references, this tune really stop up among several generations that fans. Told from the view of a middle-aged woman wanting to protect against time and also asking questions favor “when did Mötley Crüe become classic rock” or “when walk Ozzy become an actor” to shot and navigate the beforehand 2000s.

Much prefer 1985, “Getting Old sucks (But Everybody’s law It)” tells the story of not wanting to flourish up and get older, but this time from the view of the tape members. Make mentions the going to bed early, having children and fading tattoos. With a hopeful spin and also upbeat sound, this 2021 release mirrors that Bowling because that Soup still has what that takes to make an excellent music.

“Four years, friend think for sure, that's all you've acquired to endure” ...nope. In this tune Bowling because that Soup defines life after ~ high college as unchanging, to compare celebrities come high school archetypes. Another upbeat, catchy tune that would make a good addition to any type of playlist.

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Describing an unattainable cool girl, this standard storyline has, of course, on-brand optimistic silly lyrics. I imagine listening to this tune live native a mosh pit, screaming, jumping and also singing along. The chorus "If you were me, climate you'd be screamin', "Someone shoot me!" as I fail miserably tryna acquire the girl every the bad guys want" invites you to scream along, with the beat structure up come what would be a fast-paced and epic mosh pit.

Bowling for Soup are often overlooked because that the Phineas and Ferb template song, but since their emergence in 1994 castle have yielded consistent, great music (including the iconic design template song). Whether you to be rocking out to "Today is Gonna be a great Day" together a kid (or now, no shame) or you're in search of some brand-new music, examine out Bowling because that Soup and also give them the acknowledgment we should have as children watching Disney channel in the at an early stage 2000s.