To tell girlfriend the truth, it’s a tiny scary come take little talk come the following level. Questioning a male dirty concerns will gain the flirting started right away.

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You should understand that therefore many people Google this to find the best dirty flirty inquiries to questioning a guy! i was surprised to discover that there to be some obvious questions and also some that surprised me.

In this post, girlfriend will discover the height dirty questions to ask her boyfriend. In this list, friend will find deep and interesting concerns that will store the conversation flowing.

Now, space you all set for part freaky questions? Let’s go!

Here space flirty personal questions come ask a guy


1. What’s your idea the the perfect date?

2. What carry out you look because that in a girl?

3. Do you know just how handsome friend are?

4. Space you a good kisser?

5. Wherein is her favorite point out to be kissed?

6. What’s her type?

7. Perform you think about me once we are not together?

8. What do you wear come bed?

9. What is the hottest thing a lover have the right to say in bed?

10. What is your favorite position?

11. What perform you fantasize about?

12. Boxers or briefs? (Then look the up and down)

13. Would certainly you ever before take a shower through me?

14. Carry out you think you room attractive?

15. Have actually you thought around me intimately?

16. Do you choose a sundress or yoga trousers on me?

17. What’s the an initial thing you noticed around my features?

18. What provides a woman attractive to you?

19. Have you ever before had a one-night stand?

20. What’s your greatest turn-on?

21. What should a girl perform to admire you?

22. Might you guess my favorite part of her body?

23. How numerous tattoos carry out you have? Where?

24. What article of clothing do you prefer that girl wear?

More Dirty concerns to asking a Guy

1. What’s your favorite fantasy?

2. Space you awkward or outgoing, in the bedroom?

3. If you could have one girl in the world, who would that be?

4. Room you a boobs or butt guy?

5. Carry out you favor foreplay?

6. Have actually you ever had a one-night was standing that came to be more?

7. Space you good with her hands?

8. Have the right to I kiss you?

9. Deserve to I touch you?

10. Room you a giver or receiver?

11. Exactly how do friend feel around oral?

12. Execute you have a fetish?

13. Perform you prefer adult movies?

14. Where space your favorite places to it is in touched?

15. Where room your favorite areas to it is in kissed?

16. Execute you choose to usage your tongue?

17. What perform you think is your best physical feature?

18. Would you dance through me?

19. What would certainly you carry out if I want you ideal now?

20. Have actually you ever thought about ripping my apparel off?

21. Have you had a dirty dream about me?

22. Do you choose dirty speak over the phone call or on Facetime?

23. Would you think about being friends v benefits?

24. Just how do you define the difference in between s__ and making love?

25. Carry out you choose intimacy so late nights or beforehand mornings?

26. Have you ever before been to a naked beach?

27. Have actually you ever been captured doing the deed?

28. Which swim stroke describes your preference? Backstroke, breaststroke, or sidestroke?

29. What is the kinkiest point you’ve ever done?

30. Space you a spanker, hair puller, or both?

Dirty concerns to asking a guy- Couple’s Edition


1. Is laughing in the bedroom okay, or it needs to be serious?

2. What perform you desire me to be wearing appropriate now?

3. What is the dirtiest point you ever thought about me?

4. Once you return home after a long day in ~ work, exactly how would you desire to relax?

5. If you had actually a pair of x-ray glasses, what would certainly you look in ~ first?

6. Have you ever tried to photo me naked?

7. Execute you want to perform it in a publicly place?

8. What’s your favorite color lingerie?

9. Have actually you do the efforts edible underwear?

10. Deserve to I taste you?

11. Do you like lip biters?

12. What is your greatest turn-on?

13. Carry out you like the lamp on or off during lovemaking?

14. What perform you like to be called during nooky?

15. Do you prefer a screamer or execute you choose it quiet?

16. Execute you choose talking dirty?

17. What is the wildest point you’ve done erotically?

18. Can you provide me a massage?

19. Have the right to I give you a complete body massage?

20. Can I sit on her lap?

21. Would you quite kiss or cuddle?

22. Would you choose to carry out it in ~ the beach?

23. Perform you like me on top?

24. What games do you favor to beat in the bedroom?

25. Carry out you want to beat dirty reality or dare?

26. What type of music do you favor in the bedroom?

27. What’s your best turn-off?

28. Ever function play? If so, who were you?

29. Carry out you prefer lip biting?

30 do you choose lap dances?

31. What sports best describes your s___ life?

32. If her body to be a plant, how plenty of times a day would certainly I need to water it?

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Dirty concern to asking a male Over text

1. Want to clock me strip?

2. Deserve to you tell me if girlfriend think mine bikini waxer walk a great job?

3. Can you undress me with just your mouth?

4. Want to come over and watch “love” on mine flat display mirror?

5. Can you taste me on your fingers?

6. What shade is your underwear?

7. Once will be the following time you tear my clothing off?

8. Have you had any type of naughty dreams around me lately?

9. Have you have dirty pictures on your phone?

10. Would certainly you gain watching me touch my body?

Dirty concerns to asking a man -Funny Question

1. Is it hot in here, or is it simply you?

2. Quite pants, deserve to I test the zipper?

3. Ns heard kissing burns calories, desire to assist me exercise?

4. My bed is broken, deserve to I sleep in yours?

5. Are you a camera? because every time i look at you ns smile.

6. Is her name Google? due to the fact that you are everything I am searching for.

7. Is your name WiFi? since I am feeling a connection?

8. Aside from gift desirable, what do you carry out for a living?

9. Can I sit on your face?

10. Deserve to I watch it?

11. Have the right to I be quarantined through you? (Flirting in 2021).

12. Holiday Edition: Let’s obtain on Santa’s cheeky list and get laid underneath the mistletoe.

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13. Room you The Hulk? due to the fact that I desire you come SMASH!

14. Is my human body snow? due to the fact that I desire you come plow!

15. Can I loaned a kiss? i promise I’ll offer it back!

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