To identify, define, and use prefixes and also words common to medical Terminology (Dematology)

adipose tissue
fatty tissue
albinismCondition the no colors in skin, hair, and eyes (white skin).

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causalgiaIntense burn sensation in the skin (due to nerve damage).
electrocauteryWires used throughout surgery come burn with tissue.
dermatoplastySurgical fix of the skin.
dermatologistSpecialist in illness of the skin.
epidermisOutermost layer of skin.
dermatitisInflammation the skin.
dermabrasionA operation procedure to remove acne scars, tattoos, and also fine wrinkles. Skin is scraped away; sandpaper or mechanical approaches are offered on frozen skin.
subcutaneousPertaining to in ~ the skin
epidermolysisLoosening that the skin.
diaphoresisCondition the profuse sweating.
ichthyosisAbnormal problem of dry, scaly skin (fish-like skin).
keratosisAbnormal condition of thickened locations of the skin (horny cells accumulate).
leukoplakiaCondition of white plaques top top the skin.
anhidrosisCondition of absence of sweat.
erythematousPertaining come redness of the skin.
erythemaCondition of redness of the skin (flushing).
lipomaTumor (benign) the fat tissue.
liposuctionRemoval that subcutaneous fat tissue with a blunt-tipped cannula (tube) with which suction (aspiration) is applied.
melanocyteCell that forms melanin and is discovered in the epidermis the the skin.
melanomaTumor (malignant) the melanocytes.
dermatomycosisAbnormal problem of fungal infection in the skin.
onycholysisSeparation of pond plate from the nail bed in fungal epidemic or after trauma.
onychomycosisAbnormal condition of fungal epidemic of nails.
paronychiaCondition of inflammation and swelling (infection) the the tissue approximately the nail.
seborrhea"Flow that sebum"; disturbance the sebaceous glands marked by rise in the flow of sebum.
squamous epitheliumPertaining come scale-like cells the cover the outside of the body (epidermis) and also line the inner tube of the body.
steatomaMass, tumor arising from sebaceous glands; sebaceous cyst.
trichomycosisDisease that the hair because of a fungal infection.
subungualPertaining to under a nail.
xanthomaFlat, slightly elevated, rounded plaque or nodule usually discovered on the eyelids.
pilosebaceousPertaining come a sebaceous gland and hair.
dermatophytosisAbnormal condition of fungus (plant) epidemic in the skin
pyodermaCondition that pus (infection) within the skin.
xerodermaAbnormal condition of dry, turbulent skin.
albinismCondition the no colours in skin, hair, and also eyes (white skin).

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leukodermaWhite skin (absence of pigment in the skin—acquired in vitiligo and congenital in albinism).