for a time, a 3rd movie was planned. It was to be called Percy Jackson: The Titan"s Curse and actor Logan Lerman was set to reprise the command role.

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There have been plenty of excellent book-to-film adaptations in recent years, including most of those within the Harry Potter franchise, and The Hunger Games collection of films. For fans the the novels, these movies have actually proven to be very popular. However what around Percy Jackson?

author Rick Riordan has written five books in the Percy Jackson series, however only two of them have been realized on screen. 2010 experienced the relax of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, and in 2013, there was a sequel; Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Both performed moderately well at the box office, with the first grossing $226.4 million and the second grossing $199.98 million. Admittedly, the 2nd movie didn"t view the exact same returns, but there was still some audience interest in the character. Yet that was then and also this is now, and to date, over there hasn"t been a 3rd entry in the Percy Jackson movie franchise.

This could be surprising, especially when considering the popularity of the Harry Potter films. Yes, the publications are better, but the wizarding hero still conquered multiplexes everywhere during his ten-year operation in the movie world.

So, will there ever be a Percy Jackson 3? Or has he suffered the very same fate as other fictional teen heroes, such together the recent Artemis Fowl, who room unlikely come return in a follow-up movie? Well, sorry to say it, but a 3rd movie is unlikely to materialize. Here"s why!

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negative News because that Percy Jackson Fans

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because that a time, a third movie was planned. It to be to be referred to as Percy Jackson: The Titan"s Curse and actor Logan Lerman was collection to reprise the lead duty again. Sadly, the movie never happened, and it is unlikely that it ever will. Lerman also said as such in 2014 once he to be interviewed by MTV News. As soon as speaking about the films and also the opportunity of a third in the franchise, the gibbs said:

"It"s been a good experience because that me. It"s opened up up a many doors for me, yet I don"t think it"s happening."

that was numerous years ago, and there has been no native on a 3rd movie since. Lerman would certainly be as well old come play the character at this suggest anyway, the course, so the would require a brand new actor in the role. Still, it"s fairly easy to understand why The Titan"s Curse didn"t, or ever will happen.

because that one, we require to think about the box office takings of the very first two films. While both entries make a profit, castle failed to gain the rewards of similar fantasy franchises. The first in the Harry Potter collection made $974.8 million, because that example, and the very first entry in Peter Jackson"s Lord that The Rings trilogy earned $871.5 million. When the very first Percy Jackson movie made a respectable $226.4 million, it plainly didn"t have actually the very same appeal together those other franchise starters the secured a fortune because that its makers and also stars.

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We require to take into consideration the reasonably poor evaluate the Percy Jackson films received too. The two films in the franchise stand at 47% and also 42% dong on Rotten Tomatoes, with many critics commenting the the movies are watered-down version of the novels they were based on. The critic at metro UK likened the 2nd movie to a "Poundland Potter," for example, i beg your pardon is fixed high praise.

climate there is the view of author Rick Riordan, that is far from pleased through the 2 Percy Jackson movies. In 2009, that slammed the studio for transforming the character"s period in the an initial movie. In the books, the character age from 12 to 16, but in the an initial film, that is currently aged 16. Follow to the author, this do the opportunity of follow-up movies impossible, due to the fact that the character would end up being too old. He additionally had this to say:

"The script as a entirety is terrible. I don’t simply average that it deviates native the book, despite certainly, the does the to point of being virtually unrecognizable as the same story. Pan of the books will be angry and disappointed. They will certainly leave the theatre in droves and also generate dreadful word the mouth. That is an absolute offered if the script goes forward together it stand now. However the bigger problem is that even if friend pretend the publication doesn’t exist, this script doesn’t occupational as a story in its own right."

So, short box-office (compared to other franchise starters), negative reviews, one alienated author, and ill-advised character changes, room all reasons why a third movie was never destined come happen, regardless of hopes because that a longer series. However, it"s not all poor news because that Percy Jackson fans.

great News because that Percy Jackson Fans

if a third movie is unlikely to happen, us do know that a Percy Jackson television collection is in the works over in ~ Disney Plus. While over there is no news of casting or a release day yet, we do understand that stack Riordan is excited around the upcoming show and also that he will certainly have an ext input ~ above the collection than he did on the movies. This is good news since if the collection is much more faithful to the novels, it might be that the collection is as good as the publications on which it will certainly be based on.

fans will definitely be excited at the series announcement, therefore here"s hoping because that something together mythical together the novels, and also not something together cursed together the fail movie franchise.


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