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How much does pea gravel cost?It costs around $310 to install pea gravel for a usual 200-square-foot project. If the cost of installation pea gravel can range from around $240 come $380 for 200 square feet, the average 20-by-20-foot driveway can expense upward the $1,500. Ultimately, pea gravel price will rely on the square clip you space covering, the form of gravel you choose and where your house is located.

Table the Contents:How much does pea gravel cost?How much does pea gravel cost before installation?Where is pea gravel typically used?What space the pros and cons the pea gravel?How much does it expense to professionally install pea gravel?

Installing pea gravel have the right to be a labor-intensive process, involving lots that heavy-lifting. Friend may likewise need her old concrete or grass removed and also the land prepared for the pea gravel. To ensure her yard or driveway look at beautiful once finished, the a an excellent idea come hire a see contractor.

Pea gravel might be humble, yet its price efficiency, all-natural appearance and endless uses have actually made the an ever-popular landscaping choice for home advancement projects. The stones are called for their eco-friendly pea-like shape and tiny size, which normally ranges native ⅛ inch to ⅜ inch. Most commonly, pea gravel is watched in a spectrum the grays, going from almost pure white to tool gray to almost black. However it’s also easily accessible in a range of various other colors, including plenty of tones the brown and also brighter shades like blue and also red for funny pops of color in the garden. These tiny flow rocks room rounded to rid castle of the sharp edges that crushed stone, make them best for a wide variety of applications and styles.

How much does pea gravel cost before installation?

Costs the pea gravel operation from $30 to $50 every ton for plain pea gravel, or native $4 come $6 per 0.5-cubic-foot bag. Grave for decorative purposes commonly costs much less than gravel because that driveways or playgrounds. For brightly fancy stone, expenses can be over $75 per ton or $8 per bag. If she buying in bulk, or more than 10 loads at a time, to buy pea gravel straight from a gravel distributor or see supply agency can lower the price to $15 come $20 every ton. A good rule of thumb to store in psychic is the one ton of standard pea gravel will typically cover a tiny over 100 square feet at a two-inch depth.

Where is pea gravel typically used?

Pea gravel has many different applications. The is most frequently used because that landscaping features and also is an excellent choice because that paths, patios, playgrounds, flower beds and walkways. You can even use pea gravel in one aquarium.

Driveways: Pea gravel is a usual option because that affordable driveways, because it stays clear of mud and smooths out the driving surface. To stand up to the weight of cars and trucks, the gravel should be set up at the very least six inch deep and also then compacted.Walkways: Pea gravel for walkways can aid eliminate weeds and also provides a low-maintenance surface for foot web traffic that’s attractive and fairly cost-efficient. A four-inch great of pea gravel generally eliminates most weeds.Playground Areas: because pea gravel is an reliable drainage surface ar for rain, it stays clear of mud from forming. The smoother edges of pea gravel — contrasted with other materials such as crushed stone — also make it safer than part other products for children to pat on.

What room the pros and cons of pea gravel?

While pea gravel is one attractive and reasonably affordable landscaping material, it additionally comes with its downsides. Review on to discover if pea gravel is best for you.


Natural appearance that blends in with almost every style and type of the end spaceDrains fine after hefty rains, limiting soil erosionRelatively affordable and also low-maintenanceSuppresses weeds


Requires edging to keep it in placeDifficult to eliminate if you decision to readjust your landscapingCan sink right into the soil, therefore it must be changed or refreshed every few yearsCompresses the soil and retains heat, so it’s not appropriate for farming plantsHow much does it expense to professionally download pea gravel?

While some people install pea gravel themselves, it is a heavy material and is regularly bought through the ton. Because that a big project, purchasing and installing lots of pea gravel can prove difficult. A landscape designer can help install complex, decorative designs. Hiring a skilled could add anywhere indigenous $15 to $70 per hour to the full project cost. Small jobs can usually be perfect in two hours. When estimating labor costs, think about layout as well as the size and depth of your task area.



The more complicated and thorough your preferred layout is, the more challenging it will certainly be to download pea gravel. Straight, rectangle-shaped or square shapes are less complicated to install. A winding garden path, one patio or any other rounded or arched forms will be much more time-consuming to install. Sloping floor can add another aspect of an obstacle to a project. In instances like these, the is way to hire a skilled who specialization in hardscaping.

Size and Depth

The bigger the pea gravel project, the more difficult it is to take care of purchasing and also delivering the pea gravel through yourself. One installer or other experienced can aid order and also receive the delivery, in enhancement to installation the pea gravel. Depth varies depending on the use of the to plan project. A pea gravel driveway must be lot deeper to take it the weight of cars, while a little walkway could need just an customs or two for foot traffic. The ingredient of the floor underneath likewise determines drainage and prep needs. If you have actually questions about depth, soil composition or measurements of her area, her contractor should have the ability to help.

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Since pea gravel move around, it’s essential to edge approximately the whole area whereby the pea gravel will certainly be installed. Edging comes in a wide variety of materials, consisting of wood, metal and plastic. Your selection of product will also determine cost.