People “American Chopper” Star Jason Pohl Trashed His Custom develop in This epos Meltdown

If you choose custom bikes, Discovery Channel shows, or memes, you’re probably a fan of Paul Teutul Jr. Also if you didn?t clock the present American Chopper, you have virtually certainly viewed the iconic, oft-memed image from the show, commonly known together the “American Chopper Argument” meme. And, if girlfriend haven?t, then you have to not have the internet, which method you room not reading this article.

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But, besides being a meme superstar, what is Paul Teutul Jr. Up to these days? We?re glad you ask! Let?s take it a look at what Paulie has been doing over the years.

Paul Teutul Jr. On American Chopper and also Beyond

For a variety of years, Paul Jr. Functioned alongside his dad Paul Teutul Sr. And younger brothers Michael Teutul, a.k.a Mikey, in ~ Orange ar Choppers. Starting in 2002, Junior was featured on thereality television collection American Chopper, yet in 2008, he made decision to leaving his father’s motorcycle business, and eventually began his very own design and also fabrication agency called Paul Jr. Designs.

The big, blowout hit that brought about Junior and his dad parting means was documented on the hit reality TV show, and also that taking place fight fueled the very popular “American Chopper Argument” meme.

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In 2009, Teutul draft a dog park in Montgomery, new York. After that, his shop?s an initial design was a facelift for a — north roll, please — Coleman Grill. Later in 2010, Paul pitched a collection of dog playthings to a firm called Bamboo Pets.

If you?re wondering why Teutul didn?t jump right into running his own shop, it?s since he has to wait the end a one-yearnon-compete clause from his contract with OCC. ~ the contract was up, Teutul automatically began structure bikes in ~ Paul Jr. Designs. Paul?s brand-new company is currently in competition through Paul Sr.’s Orange ar Choppers shop. He?s even poached some previous OCC employees. In American Chopper: an elderly vs. Junior, i beg your pardon aired top top the discovery Channel native 2010-2012, we gain a look in ~ the competition in between father and son, though they end up reconciling in the end.


In 2014, PJD built a bike for the World that Warcraft video clip game, which showed up in-game, together well. And, in 2016, PJD built two bikes for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: out of the Shadows. The builds were both awesome custom motorcycles.

In June 2020, small and an elderly reunited because that a two-hour American Chopper one-of-a-kind calledThe last Ride, but, apparently, points did no all go according to plan.

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“I was hoping we were gonna get creative share in this thing, and also it didn’t happen,? Paul Jr. Said complying with the episode’s airing. ?I was hoping us were gonna occupational together ~ above it, and it didn’t happen…but I’m still obtaining in a room v my father.”

On the personal side that things, Paul Jr. Married his girlfriend Rachael Biester in 2010. They were both featured ~ above the TLC display Say Yes to the Dress. In 2015, Paulie and Rachel welcomed their son, Hudson 7 Teutul.

You may additionally be wondering just how well Teutul Jr. Has done for himself because leaving American Chopper. Currently, his net worth sit at an estimated $2 million. So, not too shabby!