After the 49ers" loss, the 1972 Dolphins are still the only perfect team; here" who else has come the closest

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The 1972 Miami Dolphins remain the just unbeaten team in the 100-year history of the NFL, a feat they maintained when the san Francisco 49ers shed to the Seattle Seahawks Monday night. The 49ers were the league" last unbeaten team with an 8-0 record before the loss, gaining only halfway to the historical milestone, not counting the playoffs. 

While the Dolphins are the just team to it is in perfect, they aren" the just team to have a perfect constant season. The 2007 brand-new England Patriots finished the constant season with a 16-0 record, however they room not the only team various other than the dolphins to have actually a perfect consistent season in the NFL. The 1942 Chicago Bears started the season 11-0, however lost the NFL Championship game to the Washington Redskins. Amazing enough, the 1934 Bears started the year 13-0 v a perfect continual season, but fell to the brand-new York Giants in the NFL Championship Game.

There room a few teams the finished a season without a loss: The 1920 Akron advantages (8-0-3), the 1922 Canton Bulldogs (10-0-2), 1923 Canton Bulldogs (11-0-1), and also the 1929 eco-friendly Bay Packers (12-0-1). Those teams likewise had a tie on their resume, unequal the 1972 Dolphins. Five teams finished a season without a loss, but only one remained perfect. 

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How impressive was the feat the 1972 dolphin accomplished? take it a watch at all 32 NFL teams and their ideal unbeaten starts to the season, prove why equivalent the feat that the 1972 Dolphins shows up unparalleled:

TeamBest unbeaten begin to a season

Arizona Cardinals

7-0 (1974)

Atlanta Falcons 

8-0 (2012)

Baltimore Ravens

4-0 (2006)

Buffalo Bills

9-0 (1964)

Carolina Panthers

14-0 (2015)

Chicago Bears

13-0 (1934) *Lost NFL Championship

Cincinnati Bengals

6-0 (1988)

Cleveland Browns

14-0 (1948, perfect season in All-American football Conference), 11-0 (1953, NFL)

Dallas Cowboys

8-0 (1977)

Denver Broncos

13-0 (1998)

Detroit Lions

10-0 (1934)

Green only Packers

13-0 (2011)

Houston Texans

5-0 (2012)

Indianapolis Colts

14-0 (2009)

Jacksonville Jaguars

5-0 (1998)

Kansas City Chiefs 

9-0 (2003, 2013)

Los Angeles Chargers

11-0 (1961)

Los Angeles Rams

11-0 (1969)

Miami Dolphins

17-0 (1972) *Perfect Season

Minnesota Vikings 

10-0 (1975)

New England Patriots

18-0 (2007) *Lost supervisor Bowl

New orleans Saints

13-0 (2009)

New York Giants

10-0 (1990)

New York Jets

3-0 (2009)

Oakland Raiders

4-0 (1968, 1977, 1983, 1984, 1990, 2002)

Philadelphia Eagles 

 7-0 (2004)

Pittsburgh Steelers

7-0 (1978)

San Francisco 49ers 

10-0 (1990)

Seattle Seahawks 

4-0 (2013)

Tampa only Buccaneers

5-0 (1979)

Tennessee Titans

10-0 (2008)

Washington Redskins

11-0 (1991)

The 1948 Cleveland Browns did finish with a perfect season, yet in the All-American soccer Conference, 2 years prior to the NFL linked with those teams. The an initial year the Browns completed in the NFL to be 1950. 

The Dolphins achievement what might be the most impressive feat in NFL history. Probably one NFL team will end up with a perfect document in the following 100 years.