One Chicago is amongst NBC’s most famous franchises. Since 2012, it has debuted several reflects that monitor the stays of specialists in Chicago.

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Fans that watch Chicago Med, which concentrates on clinical personnel in ~ the fictional Gaffney Chicago medical Center, space no doubt acquainted with actress Torrey DeVitto. She plays Dr. Natalie Manning, and she has showed up inChicago P.D. and Chicago Fire together well.

However, not many world know around who DeVitto is exterior of her job-related on TV. If you’re curious around DeVitto’s career and also life exterior of Chicago Med, review on listed below to learn much more about her.

Torrey DeVitto’s early on life


Torrey DeVitto | Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images

DeVitto to be born on June 8, 1984, on long Island, brand-new York. She currently had some celebrity connections farming up as her father, Liberty, was Billy Joel’s drummer. Meanwhile, her mother, Mary, to be a close friend of Stevie Nicks.

“We invested every Thanksgiving in ~ Billy Joel’s house,” DeVitto told CVLUX. “I grew up through his daughter, Alexa; it was a the majority of warm, happy memories.”

She also learned to play the violin after being amazed by a violinist the Joel had actually on tour. DeVitto even got come showcase her talent in ~ Christie Brinkley and also Peter Cook’s wedding in 1996.

When DeVitto was 15 year old, she started modeling because that a couple of years, appearing in magazines like TV Guide and Bello.

Torrey DeVitto’s career

In the beforehand 2000s, DeVitto ventured into acting v minor roles on shows favor Safe Harbor,Noah to know Best,Drake & Josh, andScrubs. She was additionally a main actors member on the ABC family members seriesBeautiful People, which lasted from 2005 come 2006.

In 2008, DeVitto landed a recurring role as Nanny Carrie ~ above One Tree Hill. It enabled her to obtain recognition as an actress, and also she go on to show up on other series like Pretty tiny Liars and also The Vampire Diaries. She to be a main character in the seventh season ofArmy Wives together well.

Since 2015, DeVitto has been play Dr. Natalie Manning top top Chicago Med. She has likewise appeared in the same duty on crossover episodes of Chicago P.D.andChicago Fire.

What Torrey DeVitto does outside of her exhilaration career

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DeVitto has a the majority of things the she safety time on as soon as she is no acting. For example, she still has a large love for music. In one interview through Cliche Mag in 2015, DeVitto common that she would certainly love to showcase she musical talent for fans one day.

“I certainly would love a possibility to marry my exhilaration world and my music civilization together, and I might be able to do that at some point so that’ll it is in exciting,” DeVitto said. “My castmates Nick and also Colin Donnell both song or beat the guitar. Nick and I keep talking about making aChicago Med band, for this reason we’ll view if that happens.”

Additionally, philanthropy is important in DeVitto’s life. She is an support for several causes, including animal rights. She has worked with PETA, the shelter Pet Project, and HSUS to encourage pet adoption and pet welfare. DeVitto is a vegetarian together well.

“I love gift a vegetarian,” DeVitto told better Nutrition. “I really feel prefer it’s a enjoy of my whole belief system. I shot to make everything that I placed on mine body and in my human body cruelty-free. I do eat dairy, therefore I try to it is in conscious about where it’s coming from.”

DeVitto has also worked v a variety of other organizations, such together the nationwide Alliance top top Mental disease (NAMI), the Rape, Abuse & Incest national Network (RAINN), and the nationwide Hospice Foundation.

Is Torrey DeVitto married?

In 2011, DeVitto married gibbs Paul Wesley, who she operated with top top the filmKiller Movie and also the showThe Vampire Diaries. However, the two of them break-up up in 2013.

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DeVitto is currently not married, yet she has dated various other stars prefer Rick Glassman, Artem Chigvintsev, and Jesse Lee Soffer.