I took the test and the guy above me speak the "cost" or everything it says, is no right. I read the section it said me whereby i might find the ideal ubraintv-jp.com. It to be a little confusing, no gonna lie. So my ubraintv-jp.com can be just as wrong as the other guy. However as least now you understand its 100% no that one.

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Halogen Laminated Products company began business on January 1, 2021. During January, the following transactions occurred:


Cash (Dr.) $115,000

Common stock (Cr.) $115,000

Purchases - list (Dr.) $30,000

Accounts Paubraintv-jp.comble (Cr.) $30,000

Prepaid insurance (Dr.) $1,800

Cash (Cr.) $1,800

Accounts union (Dr.) $11,500

Sales Revenue (Cr.) $11,500

Cash (Dr.) $25,000

Notes Paubraintv-jp.comble (Cr.) $25,000

Salaries price (Dr.) $5,500

Cash (Cr.) $5,500

Cash (Dr.) $9,500

Sales Revenue (Cr.) $9,500

Accounts Paubraintv-jp.comble (Dr.) $14,500

Cash (Cr.) $14,500

Cash (Dr.) $5,750

Accounts unification (Cr.) $5,750

Utility price (Dr.) $1,000

Cash (Cr.) $1,000

Rent price (Dr.) $1,750

Prepaid rent (Dr.) $1,750

Cash (Cr.) $3,500


Trial Balance :

Debits :

Cash $128,950

Accounts receivable $5,750

Inventory $18,000

Prepaid rent $1,750

Prepaid insurance money $1,800

Salaries price $5,500

Cost of goods Sold $12,000

Rent cost $1,750

Utilities expense $1,000

Total : $176,500


Accounts Paubraintv-jp.comble $15,500

Notes Paubraintv-jp.comble $25,000

Revenue $21,000

Common stock $115,000

Total : $176,500

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While Silk Soymilk engages in environmental scanning and analysis, the agency is much more likely to readjust its products and also marketi
jolli1 <7>

ubraintv-jp.com: reactive

Explanation: Reactive marketing refers to the planning done by one organisation because that marketing purpose, by taking into consideration the potential competition in the future. In simple words, it concentrates on fixing the problems prior to it happens.

In the offered case, the agency is changing their occupational structure to it is adapted to the changes that may develop problems in future.

Thus, native the over we can conclude the silk soymilk has actually an reactive approach.

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Alternate Outputs native One Day"s job Input:
Alika <10>


4 ubraintv-jp.comrds of Textiles


Opportunity cost is the revenue forgone, because that earning the present revenue, it is basically not any kind of kind of financial cost however it is the price in terms of loss of revenue in choosing the existing revenue generating transaction.

Here when we room calculating the opportunity expense for wheat = 1 bushel in India we will compare that with chance foregone in India only, and not that USA.

Therefore opportunity expense of 1 bushel in India =

= 4 ubraintv-jp.comrds the textiles for 1 bushel that wheat.

Opportunity cost of a unit bushel wheat in India is 4 ubraintv-jp.comrds textiles.

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Suppose you have two options when investing money in the share market: share A and also stock B. The return on both space dependent on
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a. 14%

b. 5%


Expected return is the weighted average of the return on a stock offered the state that the economy.

Economic boom is twice as most likely as an economic downturn.

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Boom probability = 2/3

Downturn = 1/3

a. Supposed return of share A

= (16% * 2/3) + (10% * 1/3)

= 10.67% + 3.33%

= 14%

b. Supposed return of share B:

= (9% * 2/3) + ( -3% * 1/3)

= 6% + (-1%)

= 5%

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On the declare of expense of items Manufactured, price to manufacture is added to __________ (Beginning or Ending) work in Process
Amiraneli <1.4K>


Beginning and also Ending


COGM stands or termed as cost of items manufactured, which is provided in the managerial accounting, it refers to the statement, which shows the accumulation production expenses of the agency or service during a particular duration of time.

In short it is the accumulation cost which is occurs to manufacture the products and transfer the products into the finished items inventory for the purpose of retail sale.

The formula to advice the COGM is:

COGM = price of Manufactured items (involve direct Materials Used, manufacturing Overhead and Direct labor Used) + beginning Work in process (WIP) perform - ending Work in process (WIP) Inventory

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