Quantum of Solace Star Regrets she Bond Girl function Gemma Arterton, that played Strawberry fields in Quantum the Solace, regrets taking the function as she reflects on what the really way to it is in a shortcut girl.

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Gemma Arterton regrets taking the role of link girl Strawberry areas in Quantum of Solace. The second film in Daniel Craig"s collection of James bond films, Quantum that Solace came the end in 2008. Arterton starred as among two Bond girl in the film, alongside Olga Kurylenko"s Camille Montes, who had a much bigger role. Quantum of Solace is widely pertained to as the lesser film in Craig"s bond repertoire, through both Skyfall and Spectre being more formidable follow-ups to Casino Royale.

In the film, Arterton"s appearance is brief. Together Bond walk rogue (again), Arterton"s Strawberry fields is tasked through intercepting shortcut in Bolivia and bringing him earlier to MI6. Naturally, shortcut resists Fields" orders. That goes on to seduce the character prior to leaving on an additional mission. When he returns, M (Judi Dench) is in ~ the hotel, and also Fields is found murdered in her room, she body spanned in oil.

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Arterton ultimately expressed regretting taking the role in an interview with The Sun. Arterton says that, as soon as she took the role, she was young and had a ton of college student loans to pay off. Together she flourished older, though, Arterton claims she realized what to be wrong through Bond women. She said:

"I still gain criticism because that accepting Quantum that Solace, yet I was 21, I had a student loan, and you, know, it to be a link film. But as I obtained older ns realised there to be so lot wrong with Bond women. Strawberry should have just claimed no, really, and worn flat shoes."

link girls have long to be a legacy of the James shortcut franchise and also while they have actually been rightfully scrutinized throughout time, the evolution of them has been stagnant. No Time come Die, Craig"s 5th outing, might be looking come rectify that, with new Bond girl Ana de Armas saying the her personality is empowered and also realistic, but one empowered shortcut girl does not erase a background of females being needlessly eliminated at the cost of the franchise"s hero. In fact, an ext Bond girl have passed away than there have been actual bond films.

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Bond films have never been recognized for their capacity to pass the Bechdel Test, but it"s high time that us reexamine the methods in which women are portrayed in the films. Spectre came the end all the method back in 2015, prior to Hollywood"s continued reckoning v the way women are treated in former of and also behind the camera. V Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) possibly taking end the 007 mantle, No Time to Die might be ushering in a brand-new era for the franchise. Still, there"s a long method to go prior to Bond important reconciles the way it has treated the female personalities with more modern sentiments. Quantum that Solace may be a relic the its time, and also Arterton might regret her function but, hopefully, the new film is a step forward for the long-running series.