1. How did Lise Johansen die?

In a automobile crashOf a childhood diseaseShe was run over by NazisShe was shot

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2. Exactly how do the Rosens keep from being caught by the Nazis?

They hide in the Johansen"s apartment till the battle is overThey create false identitiesThey runThey escape to Sweden

3. Why do the soldiers prevent Annemarie ~ above her means to Uncle Henrik"s boat?

They are in search of escaping JewsAnnemarie look at like small Red Riding-HoodTo find some food for your dogsShe is running also fast

4. What need to Ellen eliminate to save the Germans native guessing the she is Jewish?

Her yarmulkeHer Star of David necklaceHer yellow star patchA sweater her mother offered her

5. Why does Henrik require the handkerchief in the packet?

Because plenty of of the fisherman had captured coldsTo save the infant quietBecause the keeps the German dog from smelling humansSo the he have the right to signal the people who will fulfill him in Sweden

6. Just how did the Rosens find out that the Nazis had actually their surname on a list?

Through the rabbi in your synagogueIn the The cost-free Danes newspaperDuring an announcement in a publicly squarePeter Neilsen called them

7. Why walk the Germans near Mrs. Hirsch"s store?

They essential the buttons she sold to make uniforms for the armyTo store her from hiding escaping JewsMrs. Hirsch is JewishSo that she could go ~ above a picnic v her family

8. How did Mrs. Johansen store the soldiers from opening the casket?

By saying the her aunt had died of typhusBy nailing the casket shutBy distracting them v her cookingBy telling the soldiers that it was the Danish legacy to save the casket shut

10. Whereby did Lois Lowry obtain the title of she novel?

From one old Jewish saying: "He who would pass over the ocean must count the stars"From a psalmShe made the upFrom a Danish children"s song

11. Why must Mr. Johansen remain at home when the rest of his family members goes come Henrik"s?

To complete work top top a tranquility proposalTo store the Rosen"s apartment cleanSo the he can bring their belongings as soon as they have settled inTo save the soldiers from being suspicious at their absence

12. What go Peter inquiry in the letter that writes before he dies?

To have his guts donatedThat Mr. And also Mrs. Johansen will never ever tell Annemarie how he diedTo be hidden next come LiseThat Annemarie do a necklace the end of the seashell he offered her

13. Why is Kirsti upset once Ellen leaves?

Because Ellen left during the night if Kristi sleptBecause Ellen was an alleged to do cupcakes because that KirstiBecause Ellen was her best friendBecause Kirsti is worried that Ellen will not prefer Sweden

14. Kirsti erroneously remembers fireworks going turn off on her birthday. What really happened?

The King bespeak the Danish navy to it is in destroyedThere was a vast thunderstormCopenhagen to be bombedKirsti had a really high fever that resulted in her come hallucinate

15. Exactly how does Henrik keep his Jewish passenger hidden?

He puts lock in a dingy behind his boatHe costume them in fish-skin clothingHe hides castle under the deck that the boatHe leaves during the blackest part of the night

16. What go Peter provide the baby prior to they leaving for Henrik"s boat?

A sweaterA kiss and also a blessingHis Star the David necklaceMedicine to do it sleep throughout the trip

17. Where are the Johansens when Denmark is liberated?

In SwedenOn their balcony in CopenhagenAt Peter"s graveAt Lise"s grave

18. What well-known story do the girls turn into a game?

The Adventures that Huckleberry FinnThe story of tiny Red riding HoodGone with the WindMiddlemarch

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